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focault 14th Sep 2011 07:48

What is going on in KAL Airbus sector?
Dear Ppruners,
I want to share my shocking experience in KAL few months ago.
First of all I want to clarify that I don’t consider myself an above average Captain. Let’s assume that I’m average. So what follows it is not an attempt to justify my “failure”.
Everything in my training went ok except for the length of the course, which was very slow, until my first recommendation check.
I thought it was ok but the korean examiner told me I wasn't ready yet so I had to pass through some additional training, which I did, and finally I passed my second recommendation flight.
The last check with MLTM was a no event flight, I mean everything was fine, uneventful. After parking the plane at the end of the flight the MLTM examiner and the KAL instructor, that until that moment were very friendly and easy, became suddenly angry and awkward and told me that I did fail the check and I need some more training.
From that moment I knew it was a setup. A board followed and they stated that I was finished because after two failures it is over.
4 months of physically, mentally and psychologically (couldn’t never visit my family) hard work done by me and many good KAL people who did a great job, sent to hell only because of 2 or 3 characters that maybe had some personal or union reason to spoil everything up.
This is happening only on the Airbus sector. As far as I know the only A330 Cpt who started 1 month before me received the same treatment, also the other Cpt who joined with me and also 2 of the 3 A 330 Cpt who started the course 1 month after me. 5 A330 Cpt out of 6 received the same treatment in three months.
I cannot do anything about it because all the check forms are reporting the reasons for the failures but are written in korean and probably are reporting not real events.

KAL is a good place to stay, but be aware of wild cards, there are many.


B737NG 14th Sep 2011 21:01

Wild Card?
Dear Focault

I am sorry to hear what happened to you and the other Lad´s.....

Now my Question to all who consider to join: Do You really think that the threads about KAL are just made up? Do you all think we are jealous about the new joiners? We warned several times in this forum about the unfair treatment during the training in [B]ALL [B] Fleet types. Times back 7 out of 8 B777 Pilots failed in one course..... and and and

People read the thread and think it want happen to them, thanks for coming forward and speak up. Yes You are right that all is in Korean and set to get be secure against any further review. The board is a fake, preset minds, appeal impossible. The tip of the iceberg is all what you get here, after beeing thru the hoops of all and if you have the knowledge from the other side of the fense then you know: You better have avoided it and stayed where you where.

Fortunatly there are a few other jobs out but mostly in Asia as well, burned once, who want to be burned a second time?!

Fly safe and land happy


Ace Springbok 15th Sep 2011 00:09

B737NG, did you bail out of KAL?

It looks like the A330 fleet expats' turn to be on the chopping block has come again; full circle from 1999!

Slasher 15th Sep 2011 05:58

KAL is a bloody nightmare for expats and I've heard just far
too many horror stories the past 20 years to ever go near the
buggers. This is just another one of 'em.

If they really like you you'll fail the final sim check, so as to
kindheartedly spare you further financial and career dramas.

There's no embarrassment for "failing" with KAL focault, the
entire industry knows how these bloody characters operate. I
dare say it could be a blessing in disguise, as your next job
will be more civilised, enjoyable and far more professional in
its attitude compared to Korean.

ekolbregit 15th Sep 2011 07:14

The other side of the coin
In contrast, I have found all at KAL to be courteous, professional and obliging in every possible way.
Salary on time, rosters on time, days off as requested.
Just my experience. No complaints whatsoever. :ok:

Ace Springbok 15th Sep 2011 08:13

In contrast, I have found all at KAL to be courteous, professional and obliging in every possible way.
Ha ha ha, that's all dandy until you run afoul of their " system " or someone put in a secret report against you! The secret report can come from anywhere, your f/o, the cabin crew, the ground staff, the flight masters, the Korean bus driver, the hotel staff in Korea or slip stations overseas, the station managers or traffic staff overseas, etc. Then you won't know what hit you; you will be rostered for difficult flights with difficult Korean captains who will try to screw you at every turn. Well, I am too old for all this shit and I bailed out suns ago.

Barney Rock 15th Sep 2011 22:35

Good on you Ace. I walked away several years ago too. I value my health, dignity and security of my family too much to be too enamored with the " lfe style " the Korean Air commuting contract offer.

There will always be fellas who get into the " big league " for the very first time of their lives and really go gaga over the Korean thing. We had toadies who tried to ingratiate themselves to the Koreans by using Korean in their PA's, setting up bogus charity funds ( all very self aggrandizing self promotion ), virtually brown nosing and so on and so forth. Well, they do get few words of praise but the dignity lost was a very high price to pay.

Vel Paar 15th Sep 2011 22:48

I value my health, dignity and security of my family too much to be too enamored with the " lfe style " the Korean Air commuting contract offer.
Just what do you mean by " the security of my family "? I thought it's a commuting contract without your family being based in Korea.

Barney Rock 16th Sep 2011 06:21

It's indeed a commuting contract. What I meant about security of my family was their financial security should, God forbid, I were to be annihilated in a prang on a flight commanded by the increasing number of fakers whilst deadheading to/fro duty. I was pretty sure the insurance companies will not pay if in their exhaustive investigations they found a faker had commanded the flight.

Poster 25th Sep 2011 07:50

KAL Foreign Pilots treatment
There has been enough WARNINGS about this charade airline and people still continue to test their luck....


Recruits have not a chance to succeed because they are not welcome by the locals and at this time they have control and say of who passes and who fails. Unfortunately the checkers are not as professional as they think they are...they don't care if you are a good pilot...they are just evil and racists! Yes they are.

You are solo in this venture, nobody can do anything to help you.

And look at the expat guy in the office that just did a runner, the guy with a belly as big as his ego, pretending to help and care for the foreigners... what a HYP-O-CRITE. I hope KAL follows him to Seattle and torpedo him as I heard his disappearing act was of poor taste and left a credit card tab behind for KAL to take care of. I thought Boeing would screen their candidates better.

Do we need to say more?

gerago 25th Sep 2011 09:13

Most of the expats at KAL do have clouds over their history. RK the runner is one of the many. Ever heard of the froggy who left ek with a huge cloud over his head; now he is a big time auditor! Then the faker, a dunnunda shipshagger,who is a great pal of rk; both were b747 classic fakers who conned kal years ago. How about the willy feely now with va who was a faker on the A300-600. Then I heard from a former insider now with aax that a lot of dakers have made it into the ranks of instructors and check airmen; holy mackerel! Kal is one huge mess, looking very good with all the glitzyglossy cookbook flying, but the shell gonna crack soon.

ekolbregit 25th Sep 2011 12:43

To the moderator
It offends me greatly that someone, aka poster, who knows nothing of me or my career would be allowed to post such slanderous and foul accusations.

My positive experience is as valid as every negative experience stated here, and I have a right to state my views without fear of being ridiculed.

My previous post stands.

Poster 27th Sep 2011 09:28

I know you well enough I am afraid...
Oh I know you all right MS... You are the one that walks around the Hyatt bowing your head to everybody after doing the emarty run (like you call it) singing the same song that everything is perfect and that you are having the best experience of your life.

Instead of being a cry baby and complaining to the moderator, how about taking some calcium pills and growing up some backbone so you can stand up straight and tell things the way they are. This could of help some of your compatriots that were harassed or sent home for no other reason than having strong social skills instead of sucking up like you did to get through.

Oh, one more thing....I stand by my comment on the colour of your nose!

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