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lilflyboy262 20th Jul 2011 12:12

ITI Aviation
Anyone here know much about ITI aviation?
Pay. Schedule. Conditions. Hours flown per month?

Any help would be greatly appreciated:O

alloverthesky87 20th Jul 2011 12:42

for everyone who have applied, have you received an answer?

frag.ile001 2nd Aug 2011 14:41

easier if you know someone on the inside or someone that worked for the group.. usually an endorsement can get you in..

alloverthesky87 2nd Aug 2011 23:32

Could you provide this one via private message?

skykaiser 22nd Aug 2011 13:15

they are still looking for pilot? Could someone give me an insight? thanks

twobitbob 31st Jul 2013 19:02

Gone Quiet but Popped up again.
This thread has gone quiet...they've popped up again offering 150hrs King-Air "training and observation" as a "second officer" on a "twin room sharing" basis...$14K in 3months then a "fist officer" MAY be open. Even if there was a spot its $1.6K a job. Philippines... Chief Pilot using a yahoo email...!?

Seems no one has said anything but funny to note it almost 2 years old this thread?


If by any chance you're legit, I don't mean to be libelous for my comments, I guess all I can say is good luck.

flier_parinesh 9th Sep 2013 09:16

ITI AI Aviation,cebu,philippines.
Hi.Any one know about ITI AI Aviation,one at mactan-cebu international airport, lapulapu city.cebu-6015,philippines.twobitbob???

P40Warhawk 9th Sep 2013 20:51

I also found this via a job site. So can anyone tell how this airline is or having any experience with these guys?

I just want to fly. I don't care on what plane. And since I don't see any minimum requirements, I think this is a nice job to start your career with. And build up some useful hours. So could anyone tell something about this?

It will be well appreciated ;) .

flier_parinesh 10th Sep 2013 07:28

they are asking $12000 for rating on D0228 and then they are offering u job.Not sure if they are fake or genuine.

flyer787 23rd Oct 2013 09:51

Im in the same situation, they offered me that also, and still dont know if they are a swindle or a real nice starting job....?also baffles me that the chief pilot use a yahoo mail, but it is the same as shown on their website, but none of his key people is on linkedin...


ANY advice?

Speedy737 23rd Oct 2013 20:48

How does one apply to this outfit?? Nothing on their website.

pilotchute 24th Oct 2013 06:59

Have you noticed none of the aircraft have company markings or any rego visible? They all seem to be photos ripped straight off the net and put on to the website.

Its a scam. Stay away.

flyer787 24th Oct 2013 08:46

OK i think is the best option.....

yano 29th Oct 2013 03:44

The company is Legit .

They have regular flights, so building flight time is excellent.

Not sure if though if they are offering pay-to-fly scheme right now.

Best way is to contact them directly, not through a middleman/recruiter.

AND dont ever send payment until you have visited their hangar in manila.
sorry for the confusion.

this is the real ITI aviation:

Welcome to Island Transvoyager Inc!

aryancool52 29th Oct 2013 06:00

but there base is cebu not manila?

pfvspnf 29th Oct 2013 06:17

Why would this company have a designation for the "Head of International Pilot Recruitment"?

It is to get cash from people like yourself. The contract is a joke, the safety standards are probably horrendous , you are asking for trouble.

aryancool52 29th Oct 2013 07:16

well thts all right....but the way your talking i guess ur probably a pessimist.
i am sorry to say but if u know nothng abt the company . i mean u can also be wrong my dear frnd....

i am not saying u canot be right. but i believe in evidences.. not talks...

yano 29th Oct 2013 07:36

sorry for the confusion.

this is the real ITI aviation:

Welcome to Island Transvoyager Inc!

ITTI (2 T's)
ITTI Corporation | ITTI Corporation
I have doubts on this company, i dont think they exist.

pilotchute 29th Oct 2013 11:34

Has no one on here seen a scam before?

A company should never require you to pay them money for a sim/visa or anything else if they are legitimate.

These forums are littered with people who sent money to someone for a job and the job never appeared.

Oh and will all you guys from India stop coming into my head office and telling the CP that you will pay to fly or fly for free!! I like getting paid but if enough of you guys turn up he might actually start giving you jobs cause your stupid enough pay to sit up front.

billboard 29th Oct 2013 12:44


he might actually start ..............
Now why would you say that knowing how eager these duckling are to ruin it for everyone including themselves? errr ... especially themselves!

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