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gsstar 24th May 2011 19:53

Any Cebu Pacific Crew here ?
HI , can you please tell me about expat F/O at cebu pacific on a320 ..can it be renewed after 6 months and can it be permanent? is it true they upgrade at 1500 hrs on type at cebu ?...all info is welcomed

chai ja 25th May 2011 11:09

Also would be interested to hear from Cebu guys, why are they now recruiting expats? Is life in Cebu any good?
Currently in South Asia working for a national airline, who don't pay their cheques according to the bills.
Thinking of going there, but unsure how much longer after the 6 months expats would be kept on and if there any upgrades available?

Hows the roster?

Last Q : How is the interview?

Cheers CJ

ReverseFlight 25th May 2011 11:39

Any company email for applications please ? Thanks.

five iron 25th May 2011 13:38

A320 & ATR Pilots
Applications for positions with Cebu, contract & permanent:

Good luck

gsstar 26th May 2011 17:38

cebu crew ?
hi ...any cebu crew here ? can u give us some insides scoop as in terms of work and contract and up grades please

winglet777 26th May 2011 23:44

Not recommended to go cebu pacific
Defenitely there is no upgrade for expat. Only locals and company regular line FO's are slated for upgrade to right seat. No upgrade even if have 5,000 A320 time. there is no permanent contract. Expats are on a temporary basis (3 or 6 months subject to renewal) and a stop gap measure only while addresing the shortage of pilots in the line due massive resignations of locals. Philippine law states expat employment of 6 months or less will not be subject to income tax. But beyond 6 months of employment, a 32% tax will automatically apply. So staying beyond your contract term of 6 months is not advisable.

Expect average of 90 hrs roster in a month.half or the roster is alloted in flying redeye and the rest are mixed domestic and international. Flight schedule are tight, hectic and stressful. 8 days off is guaranted in the contact but is not being followed. To cite you this, After terminating from a 5 am red eye flight, the time from 6am to 12 midnight which is supposed to be my rest rest day is being treated as day off instead of rest day.so in reality, 8 days is printed in your schedule but half of it is only the actual day off, the rest being a rest day not a day off. Even if you are on day off, the scheduler will sometimes call you at the hotel for flt upgrade due crew situation reason. The company will try to maximize your availability for every dollars they pay you.

Most of the runways being operated on the domestic route are very short and narrow.average of 1,700 mtrs length by 30 mtrs width.
The locals are nice to work with. They are accomodating and not as racist
like the middle east and other asian airline. Better crm and good cockpit
Turnaround time for each flight is only 30 minutes, so expect heavy workload in each turnaround. Pay for FO is around US $ 4200 net with free hotac and shuttle service to hotel and office.

So for me, its not advisable to come to cebu pacific. The working schedule is a
shit. too stressful and too tiring. There a problem too with the way management pilots are running the show. No wonder that most of the locals are tranferring to other airlines. Its better to go to other asian airlines like vietnam, china and india where better pay and roster awaits you:eek:

So What im suggesti

Config3Landing 27th May 2011 23:38

Turnaround time for each flight is only 30 minutes
Only 25mins in AirAsia....:}

gsstar 28th May 2011 10:54

Winglet 777..thank you very much for the info....much appreciated...this is what we all are looking true and unbiased point of view ..thank you

chai ja 29th May 2011 12:02

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Winglet777 - You saved me. The agency had said it was a fixed pattern roster and that upgrades available " very fast"


gsstar 29th May 2011 20:37

i was told the same ..upgrade in a year or two

gsstar 1st Jun 2011 05:11

No more Hotac - transport for Cebu
HI , does Cebu use Clark or Ninoy as a pilot base..where should i find a place to live if i move there ?..they are no longer providing Hotac - transport .
pls suggest ..thx

St. Ex 14th Jun 2011 01:00

"i was told the same ..upgrade in a year or two "

The upgrades are reserved for direct hire local permanent residents. There is a seniority system in place based on company ID number which is in turnbased on hiring and regularization date. This is practically the only policy that the company respects.

Definitely no upgrades for expatriates.

gundam 27th Jun 2011 21:04

Wow...Miss Caroline of Parc Aviation wrote me just that almost all the ex pat pilots have been upgraded captain recently......thanks for the news

winglet777 28th Jun 2011 12:19

Gundam and to all other interested expats:

There is no truth on what Ms caroline of parc aviation is sayings. There are no expat FO's being upgraded and there will never be upgrading at all. Forget that word if you're an expat fo. Upgrading is only for locals.
Parc, Contract Air, DPI are so desperate that they could not get expats and they are presenting unreliable facts and promises that will never happen. The truth is, most of the expats presently working in the company are leaving and not renewing their 3 months contract. An italian and spanish guy already resigned and left without completing their contract terms. I and Most of the guys here are just waiting for the contract completion and will be leaving anytime.
I only have this piece of advise for all interested expats coming here:
The pay is low, the rostering is horrible 5 days on 2 days off, there is no straight days off more than 2 days,mixed of 5-10 red eyes and 4-6 early a.m.
Flights a month, there is no commuting contract, Working condition is so miserable and too tiring, company policies too stressful, everyone including the
management pilots is submissive to the wishes, whims and caprices of the
Irish Chief operating officer Marc Breen. Thats why most of the
locals are leaving. Expat recruitment here is not due to airline expansion but
primarily because of local pilot shortage due to this pilot exodus.
There are more better offer in the other part of the region, a better pay, a better roster, a better working condition, a humane company treatment for pilots, and a commuting contract provision. I and other expats here had made a wrong decision coming here. We regreted it and we learned our lessons well.
These are the real facts on hand. Its up to all of you continue applying as an expat. There might be expat here you have worked before in other airlines, ask them for second opinion and veracity of the facts presented here and come up with a wise decision. But i will assure you, that in case you still want to go here, you will regret coming and working here and will surely believe in what im saying.
Good luck

rostering, better working conditions,

gundam 28th Jun 2011 21:56

hi winglet thanks for your advise, very interesting, I take your suggestion and remain in my nice piece of shit in the desert, at least I konw my chickens until I find something really good, anyway I think I will do the skype interview just for fun, I want to see how much this people is able to lie.

see you bye and thank again

Skymaster337 29th Jun 2011 00:35

>>>>The pay is low, the rostering is horrible 5 days on 2 days off, there is no straight days off more than 2 days,mixed of 5-10 red eyes and 4-6 early a.m.
Flights a month, there is no commuting contract,<<<<<<

So when you took the contract you were unaware of the pay?? Also, the roster was not made available to you?? You didn't bother doing a little due diligence and investigate before signing the contract?

winglet777 29th Jun 2011 01:35

Yes i read all the pertinent provision of the contract and it clearly states the pay, a fixed roster and a guaranteed 8 days off. The problem here is there is no country rep of this agencies representing you with the concerns of the pilots with the company. The scheduler will roster you to maximum flt hours with a minimum day off and in between rest period of mixed red eye and early moring flts. We have raised this concern to contract air to no avail, up to the point of seeking a dialogue with COO Breen wherein he slammed his office door for us telling that our issues is not within his level and better raises it to the agency. Theres a breach of the terms of the contract and thats the reasons other expats decided to leave immediately and not honor the contract anymore

9ball 29th Jun 2011 05:53

hey winglet

what's this rumour about Lance matching the salary of the pilot group with that of AirAsia so as to stop the exodus. any truth to this?

Airbus_a321 29th Jun 2011 10:55

Sad but true. Don't expect any help or assistance from Contractair. Especially from the lady-boss and definitely not from her clerks. It's just another :mad: agency. They don't take care about their pilots. Not at all. You have to fight either alone, or with the other fellow cebu pilots. Or - vote with your feet. All the best.

ATR72-500 29th Jun 2011 12:15

Roster is terrible 2days flight and 1 day off or flying every other day.
No flight give or exchange allowed now.
No block day offs, so once expat come to Philippine, He canít go home for 6 month.:eek:
76 pilots resigned this year and more in the future.
And all of them have a better job now.

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