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V2+30 Flaps Up 18th Jul 2009 16:30

Does anyone know, now with they hiring starting again, if Rishworth and Euro-Pacific are also offering the reduced (10%) contracts for the first year?

Jimmy Do Little 19th Jul 2009 07:32

35 hrs a month??? are you kidding? if not, please donīt call it work.....
The Fokker fleet flys less!

insert_name 20th Jul 2009 10:16

Hi Jimmy and all.

I missed the Fokker window late last year :ugh:. Its all about timing. Is there any chance of getting on the Fokker soon this year? I have been wanting to get into VAC for a few years. I realy want to move on from where i am ASAP.

Duh 20th Jul 2009 14:52

6 and 2
5 and 3
4 and 4
These are commuting schedules ???
Where would you commute to ???
Especially if you lived in madrid, London or even Los Angelos.

varigflier 20th Jul 2009 15:21

No, this is not a commuting contract although you might be able to do it depending on where you want to go.

volare_737 20th Jul 2009 23:42

Just two questions please ( I am new to this contract flying ). I might get an offer for an Fo slot on the 777. Do you also get full pay when it is your off rotation or only when you are on roster.
Is there any change for an upgrade once you started as an FO?
Thanks for any help !!!!!

Duh 21st Jul 2009 04:39

Volare, I've been trying to get a straight answers on many questions there(VAC) and all you get in return are short quips and half answers. From what I understand, if yor on a 6 and 2 schedule you are not paid for the "2" weeks off. I think that is why you see the word "Pro Rata" for per diem, housing allowance etc etc. As to my question for commuting, if it's NOT a commuting schedule then why do they provide a positive space ticket at the end of each rotation? Duhhhhhhhhhh :ugh:

UALSIC 21st Jul 2009 06:23

The contract companies can explain it to you if you don't understand........DUUUUHHHH :ok:

TANUA 21st Jul 2009 07:43

Volare 737 & Duh

In the 35 pages on this thread you would have answers to your questions many times over-its been covered time & time again. That is why you now get half answers & quips-people are weary of answering the same thing over & over again!

As far as a commuting contract goes-that is what most people consider it is- but depending on where you home is it may not be practical to get home in a 2 week break. That is for each individual to decide. You will have a confirmed return ticket anywhere on the VAC network for each 2 week break-if you want to use it.

You are paid a monthly salary which takes into account the time you have off-the salary is the same every month-if you take leave or not. This applies to all the different contracts available ie: 6/2 or 5/3 or 4/4.

Good luck & any information you want about VAC or life in Vietnam is contained in this thread.:p

Duh 21st Jul 2009 13:05

Thxs TANUA. Seemed pretty quick n easy to answer. And without a fuss.

As far as reading an entire thread and sift through all of the whining for a few questions....No thxs
I'm sure your CRM skills are as evident and snide as your posts. Jaggoff.

Dream Land 22nd Jul 2009 15:28

i.e the 5 grand or so US$ every month for 777 fo.Thanks in advance
tornsparr, here's an example for an ATR Skipper from the RAL contract, I don't have the 777 numbers handy.

Standard roster pattern:
6 weeks ON duty, 2 weeks OFF duty
$8,335 per month
You will commence your contract with the standard roster pattern above. There is the opportunity to
change roster patterns once on contract to Option A or B which is subject to approval by Vietnam
Option A:
5 weeks ON duty, 3 weeks OFF duty
$6,946 per month.
Option B:
4 weeks ON duty, 4 weeks OFF duty
$5,557 per month
Just to be clear, you will notice the 4/4 schedule, $5,557 USD per month, this pilot will receive 12 of these payments per year, in essence like making 11K per month.

Cheers, D.L.

jumpdrive 22nd Jul 2009 16:02


on ATR u also can get

8x1.............+/- $9,8
10x1...........+/- $10,1
9x3.............same as 6x2

jumpdrive 23rd Jul 2009 03:21

both per diem & house allowance are part & included in the monthly salary
you will get it no matter what you do
on your 4 weeks of at home you'll get your full salary
if you go or don't go sim you'll .................get per diem
if you do or don't do overnight................get p/d
the salary will come always with the same figure which incl. p/d & h/a

Dream Land 23rd Jul 2009 12:41

how do you mean in essence its like making 11k month?????
Well let's see:

One year time period- Working in Vietnam - 6 months, salary = $66,684.00

$66.684.00 divided by 6 = $11,114.00

And don't forget the free ride home if your home is within their network.

Cheers, D.L.

youwantmetodowhat 23rd Jul 2009 13:52

Hey Duuuuh, Tanua answerred your question...whats your problem. He was trying to help, by not giving a "half answer or a short quip" by stating the obvious. Sure it's a long thread but there actually is some very informative and at times quite entertaining info on it. Your snide remark and lack of "CRM" is whats at question now. Maybe staying "by the river in your van" is a more appropriate place for you to go..you did at least say thnx.

Lost in Saigon 23rd Jul 2009 14:07

Originally Posted by Duh (Post 5073823)

Thxs TANUA. Seemed pretty quick n easy to answer. And without a fuss.

As far as reading an entire thread and sift through all of the whining for a few questions....No thxs

I'm sure your CRM skills are as evident and snide as your posts. Jaggoff.

Vietnam is for easy going pilots who can easily adapt, and "go with the flow"

If you are the type of person who continuously gets caught up in the little details, you might find life in Vietnam is not for you.

B204GT 1st Aug 2009 03:43

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me how Vietnam Airlines defines your type rating currency? I recnetly applied to their 777 FO position through DPI. Right now I'm unemployed but my last actual flight on a 777 is within 6 months and my last simulator & line check both within 12 months, and I meet all the requirements they listed. Then 2 days after I submit my application, DPI got back to me and said Vietnam Airlines rejected my application because I am not current?? :confused:

AirMargarita 1st Aug 2009 06:57

I believe the only "currency" they understand and recognize is an actual PC check within the last 6 months! Anything else does not compute for them.

Unfortunately, this inflexible mindset could have them passing up on some very well quailified and experienced pilots. That just seems to be the way it is here, but others can correct me if this is not so? Perhaps, you could pay on your own to jump in a sim somewhere and be given a PC check?

shak 1st Aug 2009 19:49

hey guys, can anyone give me some info on how a regular 777 roster looks like at VN .......i am considering.....tnx


Jimmy Do Little 3rd Aug 2009 09:30

only "currency" they understand and recognize is an actual PC check within the last 6 months
Absolutely correct

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