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BarajasGuy 24th Jan 2004 05:34

Which are the requirements to join Royal Brunei?
Hi all of you!!

I am looking to apply to Royal Brunei Airlines and was wondering which the latest requirements in terms of F/O recruitment are.

I probably donít meet their criteria since I donít speak Malay. Just English and Spanish (both fluent).

My current qualifications are as follows:

- JAA Frozen ATPL(A) licence. ME/IR and FI(A) ratings.
- MCC Certificate.
- 530 hrs TT of which 110 hrs are multiengine time.
- EU Citizen.
- No criminal records.

Do you think I have any chances at RBA? Does anyone know the HR email address to send them my CV and covering letter?

Thanks for the help mates!!


Wings 24th Jan 2004 07:22

RBA are recruiting on the B 767 and Airbus 319 / 320 fleets.
You need to be type rated and for the Airbus, experienced on type.

To further your enquiries contact either

Director of Flight Operations
Captain John Caborn


Chief Pilot
Captain Khalidkhan

Flight Operations Department
Royal Brunei Airlines
P.O. Box 737
Bandar Seri Begawan
BS 8671
Brunei Darussalam
South East Asia


BarajasGuy 24th Jan 2004 07:53

Thanks for the reply!!

What if I self fund my type rating? Does RBA consider that option?

Check "www.ppjn.com" I got all the info from there!

Do you fly for RBA? If so, which fleet are you in? Just curious.

topman999 25th Jan 2004 06:04

Barajas Guy,

Generally speaking airlines do not look highly on self funding as after it you essentially have no proper line experience. Added to this that there is a deemed "status" associated with recruiting FO + Captains from the larger airlines with the "better" reputations. Its deemed that anyone can buy a type rating, but a 2 or 3 yr clean track record with an active airline is deemed the better option. Its really not worth the investment at all.

NoseGear 25th Jan 2004 09:40

No idea I'm afraid
Topman, you have no idea what the hell you speak of, again. Why do you think then that Ryanair and Easyjet and all the other budget airlines subscribe to the self funding idea? Nothing to do with proper line experience, all to do with saving money. In fact at RBA you won't get a job unless you turn up with a rating. Also, where are these "status" captain and F/O's coming from? Not the better airlines I can tell you. Why leave one of them to go to a budget airline? If you have 2 or 3 years with a airline, you also have 2 or 3 years seniority, so why leave?
I await your enlightenment:E :E

ronnie123 25th Jan 2004 10:44

Ok so I get a Type on either A320 or B767, I have FAA 1200TT ,500 multi.
How sure am I to get the job after spend all that cash.?
Any Help !:confused:

HEALY 25th Jan 2004 11:37

It is my understanding that a JAA license or NZ ATPL are accepted and the oz one isn't. Not one to depair having a OZ ATPL but could can you apply for a NZ ATPL license thru the Trans Tasman Agreement for license recognition, do the type rating then apply.

Is there any TT or Multi requirements needed for RBA.

Cheers in advance.

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