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The Outbound CEO

Think he is still in the Abode. Whisphers are that he is headed for a new Asian start up, maybe based in SIN.
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Props are for boats!
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I noticed Brunie have advertised in FI website. They are looking for F/Os with 3000 total 500 on type and posess a UK issued JAA ATPL, no exceptions.

So whats happened up there? Have even the Kiwis lost their flavour to the locals. I thought it was NZ and UK ATPLs only Brunie. Or am I missing the point.

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Does anybody know the new and improved contitions for the Airbus fleet?
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Pilots "under pressure to take risks"

Reading the Daily Telegraph ( of August 20th travel section with the above headline. The reporter writes that "Commercial demands attacked after spate of air crashes"
Charles Smith goes on that another airline had been fined by its CAA "for offences ranging from pilots not getting sufficient rest between flights" etc.
As the Brunei DCA seems unwilling to police the excesses of the RBA rostering dept, is it now time that we started to copy our rosters to other watch dogs, ie the CAA's of UK Germany Oz and NZ. In fact the situation is and has been so bad for years now that it warrents newspapers attention.
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Apologies for dropping this in here but I have been trying to send a resume to RBA via the email address in last weeks flight but it keeps getting bounced back at me.

Is anyone else having this problem and does anybody know the correct address?


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Flight International Advert for Pilots

The ad reads "work patterns and rostering largely in accordance with CAP 371" Ho Ho Ho must have a different version to us. No wonder they print largely in accordence.
Generous leave is correct but you cant get it as there is such a shortage of crews, ah the reason for the ad no doubt.
Over the last 2-3 years the terms and conditions have been slowly cut, that and the weak $ cutting 40% off the pay packet. The latest allowance to try and improve the package is not permanent, and does not count towards the gratuity.
The company employment regulations can be changed with 30 days notice, and this has been done to change school allowances, house rent allowance etc etc over the last 2-3 years.
Be warned 95% of what you read in the posts here are true.
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Employment With RBA

Anyone going to the 767 fleet, be warned its still a nightmare. The rostering system is as out of date as the dinosaurs. CC tried to bring change but he lost his nerve.
Pilots are not represented by the management. The Fleet Managers have no ears. Any complaint brings the title of trouble maker upon you. They should know that you are A MESSENGER. When you are FATIGUED there is a message to be learnt.
When senior crew leave for airlines to be FO's, there is a message.
And its not just the pay and the conditions, poor, corrupt and unethical managers is a major reason for pilots leaving.
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Writ Of Summons Against RBA

This doc seems to be making the rounds of the pilot population here.
If any of you ex's would like a copy, just PM me.
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Hello again everyone,

Just a few points,

Sheep Guts.
If you are interested in working for RBA you really should learn how to spell the name of the country.
Why did the advert not invite Kiwis or Kiwi Licence Holders ?
I think this is mainly due to the fact that we have had an awful lot of Kiwi and Oz pilots join us over the last few years. While this in itself is not a problem, the experience levels of these joiners is.
They have nearly all been 'first job on a jet' pilots, coming off of turboprops such as Metros. As such the overall experience levels on the Boeing Fleet in particular has dropped to an undesirably low level.
By not inviting applications from Kiwi licence holders, I think the management guys are hoping they will get more applications from JAA Licence holders who will have some jet experience.

There is also the paperwork problem of having to deal with two licencing authorities. Perhaps only dealing with one authority, the JAA, is the intention of the company in the future.

Terms and conditions on the Airbus.
Expect to take home about BND$11600 per month.
Plus a free house.
Plus after three years a gratuity in the vicinity of BND$50 000. One contract leave ticket a year (Business class) for you and your wife and up to three children back to your 'home'.
One F.O.C. ticket once a year (Business Class) for you and your family to any destination on the RBA network.
Plus unlimited ID 90 tickets (also Business Class, also for you & your family).
You also get minimal education assistance ($2100 per year per child if you educate them at an International School in BWN, $12 000 if you board them in Oz, $14 000 if you board them in UK).
Expect to fly about 65 hours per month.
Home nearly every night. never away for more than one night (some might say that's a bad thing).
Most 'night stops' are 'Split Duties' so that means fly to destination (SIN, KUL, SUB) spend 4 - 6 hours in a hotel, fly home. That's two days work.
Leave plus 'Off Roster' days add up to 57 days leave a year.

Expect to work a lot lot lot harder on the Boeing.

14U, BWN & Having a Blast
You are absolutely correct.
The Boeing boys are working flat out.
Three European long hauls a month are common.
Fatigue is a very real feature in the lives of some of the Boeing pilots.

On the topic of fatigue, I offer no defence for the company, they don't deserve it.
Remember last year's CRM Course was all about fatigue ?
Remember they were very particular to spell out the legal definition of 'fatigue' as opposed to just being 'tired' ?

Perhaps you don't, a lot of the Boeing guys fell asleep during the worst presented lecture I have ever had to endure.

But the point is, the management know the problem exists.

So what are they doing about it ?
The bottom line is
(a) as long as the flights are departing with crews, the gods higher up aren't interested.
(b) unfortunately, however crappy your roster is, as long as it is legal
(1) the company can roster you to do it.
(2) you cannot refuse to do it because it is "too tiring"
(3) complaining to the Brunei DCA or any other CAA, CASA etc will be met with points (b1) and (b2) above.

Finally I think the current round of recruitment is all about replacing those who have left and gearing up for a possible expansion or fleet replacement rather than alleviating any fatigue issues among the pilot force. While fatigue might be a reason for leaving, money has been the easiest thing to highlight to the gods, so that has been addressed in some small way.


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Writ of Summons Against RBA

This case was brought to the High Court in Brunei by a popular and highly experienced Capt who was dismissed without reason. He became the victim of vindictive managers when he resisted lower safety standards and highlighted the issue of fatigue. As other posts have noted, it was a disgraceful state of affairs.

I have no wish to comment on the case or give advise on this forum. However, it is known within RBA that he wanted no whitewash or brushing under the carpet. The managers will now have the pleasure of a much wider audience than antisipated.

Intimidation and fear have almost been included in the terms and conditions. Already tired pilots are rung at the last minute to operate long haul night flights. Not doing so is like putting your head on the block. Fleet managers like to include in the conversation your desire to renew your contract. We have all experienced this intimidation. Even in my selection for command, I had to swollow the bitter medication dished out by managers who lack any integrity.

The point I make is that he was not alone, I guess he just stood up at the wrong time. Fatigue and inexperience is almost certain to be the cause of an accident or incident that even the trainers talk of when not if. Already having one of the above (inexperience) to avoid having both is like playing cat and mouse.
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Court case against RBA

More docs have appeared on the scene. Currently circulating around the flight crew here are:

1. Writ of Summons against RBA

2. Statement of defence from RBA

3. Plaintiff's reply to defence

If anyone is interested in the above, just PM me.
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Hi Guys:

I'm lookin at RBA for the 767. Is the package and take home pay on the Bus the same for the Boeing guys?

Also, does the 67 just do Europe or is it the whole network? And finally, sorry to be a pain, what's the average trip length?

Appreciate the info.


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Airbus & Boeing Conditions

Both the same GF. Life style though is chalk and cheese.
Check the RBA web site for routes and times
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Thanks for that. I take it by lifestyle you mean disrupted roster, time away from base etc? It does seem quite a good wedge though, especially since I don't have kids. I do have the wife so the time away would be a potential issue. How do they feel about the wife coming with you on a layover?

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Wives On A Lay Over

No probs as long as its not more than 4.
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I only take number 1 wife on trips anyway...
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767 fleet is not the place to be. You are worked too hard and run (not managed) by a fleet office that tries to intimidate you into flying whilst fatigued so that the chosen few can have the lifestyle that they want at your expense. The credibility of those that purport to "manage the fleet" is in tatters and totally irrecoverable. But they dont care so long as they can have their long Sydneys, Aucklands and they get the time off that they want when they want it.

Promotion is mainly based on how well you can kiss @rse rather than ability and has forced a lot of the more experienced and more able line captains and FOs away with more to follow.

The worm is turning and I have taken great pleasure in ensuring that an application from one of the so called managers to join another outfit is about to be rejected.

The jobs market is freeing up and you would be well advised to leave RBA well alone.
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Thanks Albert. I'm not short on experience so might give these guys a miss. As you say, I've never seen so many jobs available at the moment so I'm sure something will have to give with RBA.

Might be time for a suntan and a camel ride......

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Intimidation Within Royal Brunei

Morale at an all time low, imtimidation at an all time high.

There is both real and passive intimidation, and it takes many forms. Rosters, leave, lack of days off, etc all affect morale and lead to a fatigued flight deck.

A simple request brings exasperation to the eyes of the 767 managers who have yet to realise that their job title is to assist in the well being of their crews.

Impromptu interviews on the way to staff travel, and the general trashing of rules and regulations, have brought a lack of respect to the fleet office.

There is a vital piece of furniture missing, a Trolly.
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I hear that Singapore Airlines appreciate the value of such furniture and are shortly to add a Trolley to their own inventory. SIAs gain is RBAs loss, as is the case with the many other good guys who have left to join SIA, KA, EK, Etihad etc recently.

In any decent airline management would look at what was causing so many people to leave and address the problem. Thats a bit difficult in RBA because management IS the problem.

I am also told that other 767 operators (offering a commutable package to Australia NZ) have recently improved their Ts&Cs by another 1500US$ pcm on average and that the job vacancy section of Flight International will make particularly interesting reading for the next few weeks.

Time to update the resumes guys.

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