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Pay to fly a320

Old 20th Dec 2018, 22:22
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I canít wait to fly with you AMN, so I can re-educate you
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Old 22nd Dec 2018, 08:59
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Originally Posted by morno View Post
I canít wait to fly with you AMN, so I can re-educate you
Good luck with that. You will be waiting a long time to ever fly with this Ace. Not even a pilot, let alone a professional one.

AMN previous posts-:
13th of April 2016 looking for Pilot training organisations.
21st Feb 2017, claims he resigned from Gulf Air as a Captain in 2015. He resigned over a year before he was looking for a training organsiation.

The Village he comes from is looking for him. They want their idiot back and he is rumoured to be the best on the Sub Continent.
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Old 23rd Dec 2018, 02:40
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Originally Posted by luai View Post
I'm looking for a company who accept pilots with low hours ? And company doing a320 line training with job offer ?
try and go look somewhere in Cambodia and be prepare to have at least USD.125K GOODLUCK!
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Old 23rd Dec 2018, 20:02
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Originally Posted by jrmyl View Post
luai, what we are all trying to say is this. NEVER, EVER, pay for your job. Let them pay you. There is enough of a shortage of pilots now that these companies need to learn they have to provide proper compensation if they expect to do business. Making pilots pay for their position is ridiculous and demeaning. Don't demean yourself. Shop around and find a job that pays you to be there.
This is good advice. Flying is fun but it's still a job. If you pay for a job you will regret in the long run I promise and it will be a stain on your resume. Your fellow pilots will resent you for it and future employers will think the you're a safety issue, especially in today's hiring environment. Save your money and invest it in property stocks, whatever. Or, if you don't have the money don't put grandma's house or your credit on the line, it's not worth it and can go badly for everyone if it doesn't work. The flight hours and experience will come if you really want it, fly as much and as often if you can. Even if you're only flying a 172 you are still gaining experience and that counts. A door will open, I promise, then that will lead to another and another. Just make sure you're ready, stepping up to a bigger airplane is always tough. I survived in the US on $15,000 a year as a CFI from 2008-2012 and worked part-time jobs to make ends meet, and now I'm making 6 figures on a widebody. I'm not rolling in the dough or dancing with glee, I do enjoy the job but you are just trading one set of challenges for another. I have and still am considering going back to GA, I want to sleep in my own bed, spend more time with family and be well rested, if I can only find a job that pays commensurate. I'm so happy I didn't fall victim for a P2P.

Be safe and Happy Holidays.
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Old 23rd Dec 2018, 23:42
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As HVYMETAL also states...

Recruiters aren't stupid, and nor are reputable Airlines, they can spot a P2F RHS a mile off when applying for a position and they will be bottom of the pile, not because they paid for their previous employment but because they are usually of poorer quality than other (non P2F) candidates as has been the experience of the airline concerned, and good airlines want good candidates with good known quantity backgrounds.

Not to mention liability... if you are involved in an accident and somebody digs.
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Old 24th Dec 2018, 12:09
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I have never even paid for a type rating in my life, but I can tell you that all reputable airlines in the EU/middle east have MANY pilots who started with p2f.

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Old 2nd Jan 2019, 08:35
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Originally Posted by morno View Post
I canít wait to fly with you AMN, so I can re-educate you
CRM? With that attitude you shouldn't be in cockpit.
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Old 22nd Jan 2019, 07:07
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PM me, I can help to do it in Cambodia
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Old 22nd Jan 2019, 13:36
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If you ask me if I would have ample money to pay for P2F described here, I would rather spend it on flying for non-profit like MAF or pick some poorly paid pilot job somewhere to gather experience. This is what I think is the best use of money planned fot P2F.

On the other hand - how come there are people (especially in developing countries but also in 'The West') who can afford 0-ATPL program including all these hours, then type-rating, then some P2F and in the same time be able to maintain some minimal level of life. 0-ATPL, even in Poland is at least $60k, then life itself like $24k (minimal approx 2 yrs expenses in PL). Then $30k Type Rating, then P2F - next $50k.
We're over $150k.
So, how long it will take you to make this money in paid position of FO in some 'mid'level' airline?
I think my question is - leaving all the emotions I can see in this thread - is it worth it? Before you answer - think of, say, medical school? How much it costs you, how long it takes you to be a doctor, how long it takes you to be a really financially independent doctor? (the catch - in PL and in Europe in general I think, medical studies are almost free).

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Originally Posted by azoff View Post
PM me, I can help to do it in Cambodia
p2f and Cambodia, a receipe for success indeed 😂
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Originally Posted by xano View Post
CRM? With that attitude you shouldn't be in cockpit.
Thanks for the opinion mate. Iíll be sure to add it to the list of useless things Iíve heard in my career so far.

Iím no professor on CRM, but Iím definitely going ok with mine
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Originally Posted by azoff View Post
PM me, I can help to do it in Cambodia
I thought you lost your money in Vietnam? And now you arrange things in Cambodia?
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Old 21st Oct 2019, 06:13
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Does anyone know how much is the cost of A320 type rating cost at L3 Harris in the UK?
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They day pilots stop paying for TR the day airlines start paying for it.
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No more pay to fly available
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