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Bamboo Air

Old 29th Apr 2019, 13:43
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This is all sounding a bit dodgy to me. Maybe best to avoid the bamboo!
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Old 1st May 2019, 12:24
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Originally Posted by Dogged View Post
On planet "SIGNED CONTRACT" I suppose.
Contracts are about as valuable and as legally enforceable as toilet paper in Vietnam.
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Old 2nd May 2019, 07:46
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Originally Posted by umop apisdn View Post
Contracts are about as valuable and as legally enforceable as toilet paper in Vietnam.
I can validate this statement. It works both ways too. Additionally, there is no such thing as a type rating, predicated on a contract, unless in a third world police state, ie The PRC or Nam. Even then, your license can be held in bureaucratic limbo, but you still have the certificate. Unless you’re in Rwanda, then they physically take your license if you’re PNG’d or terminated. The respective CAA can then refuse to validate your certificate to a requesting body. IE a perspective employer. In which case your new employer or CAA will see this as a confirmation of your job history and HR will receive confirmation as to why you are seeking employment at airline XYZ in said nation. Or, rarely, the job in question is in another police state and managed by morons. In which case, their heads will explode that their request for your validation was denied. Then they’ll call you up and say something like “my, you weren’t kidding where you”?, or “we are unfortunately unable to validate your experience at this time”, followed by stamps, official forms in triplicate, a head bobble or suspicious glances.
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Old 15th May 2019, 13:16
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Does anyone know anything about this company?
I've heard some rumors regarding salary and benefits. Is that true that they dont provide acomodation and flight ticket for foreingers? Any info would be appreciated, thanks
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Old 16th May 2019, 03:10
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No Vietnamese airline provides accommodation. VNA are the only ones that give free, business class, tickets home on rostered weeks off.
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Old 6th Jun 2019, 22:52
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Originally Posted by Therealmoose10 View Post
The 787 course is cancelled again.. they advised the pilots to resign and join the GS course in april. Then may 20th. After that june 17th.. and now again postpone till mid July..

Pilots have resign their current employers and have make arrangements to come to HANOI with tickets and apartments (pay by the pilot not Bamboo or agency)

They seem to play with pilot's lifes. Encouraging them to resign, leave proper jobs and now they are jobless and without any further sign of responsibility from Bamboo..

As well the have change conditions reducing salary 25% of what they advertised. But agencies still announced GS courses and full salary which is a scam.

people actual resign from a 787 paying job to join an airline with no 787 planes?

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Old 24th Jun 2019, 12:39
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Apparently a pilot from the unmentionable airline in the Middle East is joining (has joined?) as B787 fleet manager, initials SS. This pilot was a 737 only pilot who joined the Boeing CCL contract to be an instructor on the 737. He was type rated on the 787 and flew a total of 2-3 flights from an operating seat before joining the unmentionable airline with a magical 400-500 hours of PIC time in type. Liars like that have no place in aviation. If this is true, Bamboo should get rid of him quick before his lack of integrity and honesty adversely affect the airline.
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Old 25th Jun 2019, 02:01
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Wouldn’t surprise me, would join the long list of fakers in VN.
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Old 27th Jun 2019, 06:48
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Has anyone received start dates for the A330?
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Old 28th Jun 2019, 18:26
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TruthSeeker2, Please keep him
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Old 14th Jul 2019, 15:52
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Last week's Skype interviews were cancelled, seems if you want to join this company the best thing is your already unemployed, don't leave a airline to join there.
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When CEO of Bamboo Airways EDDY DOYLE was presented with recruiting contract breaches and misrepresentations, he immediately blocked my Linkedln profile from Bamboo.
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Old 15th Jul 2019, 13:23
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Eddy Doyle, sounds like a used car sales person.
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Old 15th Jul 2019, 14:37
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Replaced/fired VP of Ops Air Canada....rumor has it had much to do with handling of multiple flight operation incidents and near disastrous Air Canada Flt 759 SFO
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Whats up with the hand over heart BS? Swearing a legion to the company?
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