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Vistara India

Old 30th Jun 2018, 00:57
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Vistara India

Anybody got any info about Vistara Airline in India.
On paper it seems a very good option outside China. Any info about general conditions would be great !!!
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Old 30th Jun 2018, 08:44
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Drop Proctor Aviation an email and ask, they've just started sending out unsolicited emails for A320 so the game's on.
Could be other agents but certainly Proctor.

Main thing for Vistara is they're supposed to have made a decision by end of June - today! - whether to go Neo's or roll over to Max's, muddied the water by ordering 8x787's and no one's willing to take bets who wins narrow body....but the interest by local pilots in the final decision is very high.

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Old 31st Jul 2018, 08:48
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It is most definite that they will be starting international operations at the earliest. FLYJET it seems you have fallen victim to a combination of an Unscrupulous agent & Indian Red tape. As far as the IBIS hotel you are speaking about, if it is at New Delhi airport then it is about 2 years old & not that bad but a 2 star hotel much like any Ibis in the world, along with a standard coffee shop menu.

On a separate topic Vistara opening up International with the 787 would mean a Europe play & if they were to fill in the gap for a US play with say the SQ 380 fleet that would definitely take a large chunk out of the ME carriers that are taking forward a huge segment form India to the US. AI fills in the lower part of that food chain but Premium Economy & Up is wide open for non stops flights to JFK, Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, SFO, LAX & other points on the MAP that are being hogged by ME carriers. Would be really interesting.
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Old 7th Aug 2018, 13:21
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@flyjet. Maybe get off your high horse for a minute.
I am an expat who works in India.
I joined about 8 months ago, yes it was a shock to adjust to India but no where does it warrant your racist attack.
first off all the ibis is a 4 star hotel, same as a lot of airlines around the world provide.
if he doenst like it, he can always complain to the agent and asked to be moved.
the dgca is a pain, as it is in any country. The airline or the agent would accompany you to dgca and if you Have all your documents correct and you will breeze thru.
which makes me wonder the authenticity of your statements.
just for your info 4 of us cleared our air law exam on the first try, you just need to prepare for it.
again people like you is why white ppl are faced with racism as people don't want to deal with this attitude in this day an age.
if you dont like it, don't take the job. If you do take it. Try an make an adventure out of it.
now go take some carbon tablets for that delhi belly.
kind regards
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Old 19th Aug 2018, 01:34
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@fly. Good morning first of all and hope you are well.
the company official will accompany you to dgca as it's an requirement by the companies. You can't just walk into dgca.
As you were implying that my company paid under table money, I can guarantee that they didn't. We were told what books to study and we spent good three weeks self studying.

we have had pilots who have failed the air law exam more than 3 times and who have failed the oral fata interview too.
again I say, have all your documents in order and prepare a bit and you will breeze thru.
my recommendation is have all your documents saved on your phone, if need be you can always print it and give them.

I agree India is a third world country, some places are dirty, some systems makes you wonder why they are present in 21st century but an educated person like you should know all this before you move here. It's all part of the place, the good and the ugly. That is is experience.

I see you are complaining on behalf of your friend about the hotel, as your first statement was they put you up in a dirty hotel. I just replied back saying that's the standard accommodation for most airlines as it's a 4 star.

I agree we should warn others If the employer is shifting goal posts but surely stick to that rather than country bashing?

If the company has been violating his contract, he should be able to sort that with ease with the agent.
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Old 22nd Aug 2018, 09:29
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flyjet123 is sounding very disturbed. It must have been a very very close friend aye

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How many hours are you guys flying, what is the salary looking like at this time?
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