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If you like

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If you like

If you like working all day long with people so limited in English they barely understand sentences like “Can I please have an orange juice?”,

If you like sitting in a cockpit with a fellow pilot who cannot answer/challenge the normal check lists in English,

If you enjoy that so-called “instructors”, with a 50% of the time occurrence, drop the gear down when you are at the controls at 5.000 feet without letting you know their idea beforehand and just because they are constantly panicking to be to high on profile,

If you appreciate that almost half of the company e-mails you receive have the word “punishment” in the subject,

If you can bear that the “punishment” threat is about things not allowed in the cockpit like reading newspapers etc. while half of the company instructors read newspapers, smoke like chimneys etc. in the cockpits,

If you find acceptable that covering 100% of the cockpit windows with newspapers takes place on every single flight implying that you have to navigate around cb’s without basic visual clues,

If you can take Beijing’s pollution which never goes below the highest levels of any western city and can go up to ten times (yes ten times) the alert levels,

If you can sleep in company accommodation similar to what you would have experienced in the army 30 years ago,

If you can refrain from google, facebook, gmail, local newspapers from your country because all these are simply blocked on the internet in China,

If you find normal to be “trained” during over a year in order to join a company in a position you have occupied for over two decades in previous airlines. Training meaning sitting on a jumpseat or right seat or left seat randomly depending on the “qualification” of the pilot(s) you are assigned with that day,

If you can take the risk of being medically rejected at a rate of 50% even if you are in the shape of a marathon runner,

If you are pleased to undergo countless medical checks like ECGs, stress ECGs, brain MRI (yes, you are reading well: brain MRI), heart, kidney, thyroid echographies etc. all at the risk one small parameter going slightly out of the norm and then the only thing you will know is that you stop flying (and being paid) for weeks, months, years or ever, no one telling you exactly what is possibly wrong with your health,

If you like your roster being hidden from you until one day before the 15 days period it applies to and then again and again never having a clue of what you are doing for more than 15 days ahead and eventually one day only ahead,

If you count on fly long-haul as per your curriculum and life so far and you accept you end up flying up and down legs across China,

If you enjoy that a bunch of young secretaries take hold of every aspect of your professional life and the implications it has on your private life simply because they are the only ones in the company speaking some English,

If you appreciate that the results of this situation are that you are being treated like a school kid by people 20 years younger than you and having no clue to what a pilot environment is,

If you enjoy junk food in aluminum trays with plastic fork and knife,

If you think it is normal you have a sim session and then sit in the debrief room waiting for the instructor and the guy simply does not show up having left without even saying good-bye,

If you prefer to travel in packed economy class on a ten hour flight when your “colleague” pilots don’t want to grant you the empty business seat left over (3 pilots with 2 business seats for rest),

Then Hainan Airlines is your recommended next job
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Do you have the email for Recruitment Departmant?
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oh gawd somebody shoot me pls!! i cant stop laughing...
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If you can fill out an application.....! There are tons of jobs right now, if you are that miserable then leave...!
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same as me...
only difference is i am in another asian country and probably get a third of what you get mate.
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Thanks for that! I have many friends asking/telling me about the great money and jobs in China. Instead of going through my normal song and dance and they don't believe me anyhow, I will refer them to your thread as my reference! Hit the nail on the head as we say
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The scary part of that is it all seems perfectly "normal" to me now....I think you can insert the name of any Chinese airline.
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I can only concur with the above, unfortunately!
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The sim instructor leaves without a debrief? That's a win, I'm going.
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Latest is that the expats will not be allowed to fly international flights anymore...
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Just came back from their screening.
Holly crap! I didn't know it's possible.
The "international" airline, as they call themselves, with well over 100 airplanes, they are clueless! Have no idea how to recruit pilots. Unorganized, nobody speaks English, not even the ones who say they do. What an eye opener.
There is a good reason they offer so much money.
Whatever the first guys said! Thruth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
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now they ask you to wear 3 stripes during your extended line training. don't trust the guy who recruit you, full of lies....
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But it is all going to change now:

From now on, what is waiting for you is an brand-new HNA-Overseas:
u New contract
u New benefit
u New environment
u New insurance
u More selections of the commute
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Old 7th Oct 2014, 14:53
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The reason why the expats would not be allowed on international flights appears to be that the local pilots earn extra money on such flights... Nice atmosphere
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Lightbulb I would rather

Fly in an environment where people speak my language, the Cathay Pacific stringent policy of not accepting applications from Chinese Citizens is no coincidence, they DO NOT belong in the cockpit, the can hardly sustain a conversation, and the synergy of flying diminished if not dull.

Work for a company that has transparency, communicates effectively and provides attention to detail for its workers. HNA-Overseas was created to portray some innovation, but failed so far to achieve any positive results, their success rate so far this year on recruitment is less than 5%, another shameful attempt to rescue the bad image of this Chinese travesty.

Get one bird in hand, than two in the bush; most of salary issues are subject to an array of possible attempts from the airline to confiscate your signed agreement, and imposed the same fear this communist regime impose on young people's with innovation, example, Hong Kong student protests

Live in a clean environment, China is a sewer, a world factory of cheap labor and now the English level 2 pilots want to risk their international operation accross the pacific and Europe, where they cannot simply communicate. They have hired foreigners to fill domestic slots, which are forever long with unsustainable delays, restricted weather, and hopeless ATC control.

Continue the quest for the right job, Seek, and ye shall find. Stay away from main land china jobs, unless you have little respect for your quality of life, family, and universal principles of decency and respect. Any Chinese made agency including the renegade province and HKG are contaminated with corrupted strategies from lying and deception to robbing your peace of mind.

Human verification, CMD-A, WS737, you have shared spot on issues of dismay about this part of the world. Only The Dominican and few other seem to be blinded, maybe considering new horizons and trying to keep a low profile, I suggest they go back to their F/O positions or bimbo Gaijin employers, and keep dreaming they would one day be given command on an aircraft ageing, and little Yens to spare.
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Compared to a "dream" legacy job? Well, lets see.

1. Stuck for 2 hours on the taxiway in LaGarbage or ORD behind other aircraft while inhaling their exhaust.

2. Flying with FA's so old, they call me "sonny" (I am over 50). And that is when they are in a good enough mood to acknowledge my existance.

3. My take home pay is 1/2 what it was in China.

4. My instructors insist on showing up for debriefings,and then expect me to listen.

5. My 50 year old FO is unhappy that he is still an FO and likes to share that with me all 4 days of the trip.

6. Me and my 50 year old FO flip a coin each leg to see who gets to run through the terminal to find a McDonalds' so we can eat.

7. My chief pilot keeps sending us "punishment" emails about why we don't wear hats.

8. The company management can't wait to go bankrupt again so they can cut our pay and benefits in half. Again.

9. Winter storms in ORD.

10. Showing up at the employee parking lot at 4:01 am in the above mentioned snow storm in ORD, and the next employee bus doesn't come again until 4:30.

Every job has its ups and downs. FWIW, I can't wait to get another Leave of Absence so I can go eat bad food, have my poor english speaking FO cover the windows with newspapers, and take home 23k a month.

BTW, the flight attendants in China carried my belongings up and down the jetway and crew bus, cleaned the lavatory before I used it every time, and fought over who got to share their favorite blend of tea with the flight crew.

Sim debriefs? Yeah not so much. IF dinner or lunch happened to be during a sim, we took an hour out of the sim.

Did I mention the 20K+ a month?
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USMC Congrats on rescuing a thread that was descending into a series of racist rants. There has to be balance and you brought it. Nothing worse than someone who believes there is one side to every story. Well done sir!
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Wish there was a "Like" button for that post USMCProbe!! lol....
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There appears to me some people in this forum confuse the facts with rants; there is no money in the world that can pay for transparency and fair play. Either you live in denial or accept the reality, pretty much like the "lose face" mentality so common in the Far East; One may wonder why we all losers end up here on the first place, it is nothing but a rat race, comparisons are by norm not applicable, you have accepted to become part of the system for 35 coins of silver, you are hereby notified
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I guess Probe is all about the money. I'll take half of what he is making plus my 50 year old first officer and cabin crew over all the bs that humanverification just described any day and twice on Sundays. At least I can count on my 50 year old f/o when sh!t hits the fan! Inhaling fumes for a couple of hours while on takeoff queue vs sucking on that high quality chinese air of yours 24/7? Come on, man!
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