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737 ng typed ... whats next?

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737 ng typed ... whats next?

Old 6th Aug 2014, 17:29
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haha.. its funny how some of you get so worked up about this stuff! RELAX TWOTIGERS! this is a forum to discuss stuff... not get all hyper about someones lack of experience or choice. Youve clearly been too long in this scene so i think a holiday wil do you good.

Apache : nahh.. pessimism never bothers me. Im in this for the long run.

And for everyone whose so worried about how i got my two types..firstly thats not the point of this thread. Secondly , u dont know nothing about indian aviation so lets leave it at that. Make peace people, not war!

Lets all be civil here & help if we can okay
Female Flyah,
Here is some free advice; no need to pay me.....
1. I would avoid the text speak as in u, ur, cuz, shld, etc....It comes off as rather unprofessional and you come off as lazy spoiled brat because you can't be bothered to spend an extra second to type correctly.
2. TwoTigers has probably been in this industry for quite some time. He has seen the ups and downs with this industry, and the T&C go to shyte....So he knows what he is talking about...But I guess you with your 500 hrs TT and 3 type ratings know more than him.
3. A lot of us do understand Indian aviation, and the corruption and nepotism and the BS involved. We also understand there are 7000 unemployed fresh/new/wet CPL Indian pilots trying to find that elusive job. The desperation causes them to spend money on a TR only to realize that they need time on type. So they pretty much end up agreeing to any conditions to get that time (little to no pay, p2f, etc). So yes, it does degrade the industry. Not only does it diminish T&Cs but the deserving, hard working, intelligent, Indian CPL holder that should be in that 737 isn't because he was beat to the job by those that had the means to buy a TR, and then spend another $50-60K on a line training program. This is not only true of Indian "fresh" CPL holders but also of the Europeans fresh "frozen atpl" holders.
4. I think a lot of us would like to know about your two other types. Makes one wonder about your decision making skills or lack thereof. Please do tell. Were you furloughed from your past employer, or did you quit because you were to good to be flying for your past employer, or did the 100-200 hour line training program run out.
5. oh yeah, and BIH, AFAIC, ur welcome for da advice. But B4 i go, if u need any more advize, cuz ur such a BAC lemme know cuz i will try to help. B4N, AMBW. laters.

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Old 6th Aug 2014, 19:17
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That's how Shakespeare felt when he first heard American slang

Just kidding.

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Old 7th Aug 2014, 02:40
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No worries, no offense taken
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 06:11
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p.s. flyboyNZ equitable split? 50/50?
Yes sounds good to me.

But I guess femaleflyah will probably opt for another rating instead or will she opt for line training? and on which aircraft? Or... she is really a he who is being a troll? The suspense is more intoxicating than an Indonesian soap opera.
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