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Old 27th Aug 2013, 21:10
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Ridiculous Terms

Got invited for an interview with this clowns.

First you have to pay for travel and hotel during interview out of your own pocket.

1) After Check you can expect 11,000-12,000 SGD a month= $USD $8870.00.00-$USD $9677.44 a month (Yearly) $106,451.00- $116,129.00 USD
2)Base pay per month $5,700 SGD= $USD $4596.00 USD
3) $72.00 SGD per hour = $58.06 USD
4) Average hours per month 75-85

Now for the training bond, if you don't have a B-777 rating you will have to pay for it
1) either $9,000 SGD paid upfront, or the will take 3,000 sgd from your pay each month.
2) then $400.00 SGD for each month until the rating is paid for which the total will be $33,000 SGD

Then add to this rent for an apartment in Singapore that will run around 2500-3000 USD a month.

No Staff travel.

I said no thanks, no way.

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Old 28th Aug 2013, 01:14
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Just curious is this for captain or first officer?? And what's your experience, sounds like very very low pay
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I'm guessing this is for F/O
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hi storpikk,

Though you are an experience pilot,i guess you have not keep track with the aviation industry as of today.

The day of getting free ticket and hotel for interviews or getting a type rating for free is long over.

Flyscoot is a sister airline of SIA, one of the most reputable airline in the world and they are now in the " save cost " mode to ask even experience pilots to pay for rating.
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Old 28th Aug 2013, 05:45
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Storpikk well done for showing some self worth and integrity however there will always be some cheaper pilot willing to prostitute themselves.

lingdee said
the day of getting free ticket and hotel for interviews or getting a type rating for free is long over.
Exactly what managers want hear from pilots. It's that sort of attitudes that allows companies like scat to rip you off. Funny enough emirates still pays for tickets, hotel and type rating.
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Old 28th Aug 2013, 14:48
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Free typerating? no such thing you enter a bond normally. I think there is plenty of companies left as u said flyhardmo. Unfortunately with the growing number of P2F's and the like Airline's will probably take advantage and that number will dwindle. Why not if some pillock wants to pay I probably would take advantage to save cost's as well if I was an HR guy.

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I would think it is best to approach these jobs with current type ratings. That said, the expense of living in Singapore (especially with a family) is prohibitive on these salaries.

I would not be surprised if Scoot actually sourced its pilots from experienced Singapore-based Jetstar Asia or Silkair pilots already on local terms who aspire to fly shiny 777s and 787s someday. Scoot should not expect to attract many well-qualified former EK or QR drivers with that package - and I think they know that. They probably assume that paying a "premium" for very experienced pilots from the ME is not necessary given the local pilots already willing to fly for such low terms.

Anyone know where recent newhires have been sourced? In this case, let's hope newhire pilots have spouses/partners who also work so that they can afford the basics in that expensive city.
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Old 28th Aug 2013, 18:02
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There is an ex SQ B777 parked at Changi with all the SQ livery removed. Waiting for a refit and going to Scoot I'd reckon. 9V - SRI
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Anyone know where recent newhires have been sourced?
A few have come from Lion Air P2Fs. No shortage of pay to fly wannabes there. Pay to fly a B739, and now pay for a B777 type rating. What's next? pay for captaincy training?
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9V-SRI is fresh out of a maintenance check and is bring sold to a lessor.
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So after tax, rent, bills, paying back your type and what ever else you would be lucky to be on $5500 US a month in your pocket?

Twin Otter and Caravan pilots in Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia make that with all expenses covered with couple of free flight home per year.

So your saying that its possible to make the same pay after expenses buzzing around in a Van or a Twotter than a triple 7 FO?
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Old 29th Aug 2013, 11:39
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Less than that as the above salary is gross pay and the 15% tax has not been included and also your utilities and transportation bill.

With that said, there are tons of expats from Indonesian waiting in que especially those from sri wijaya , merpati n the 400+ strong expats at lion.

We have plenty of 737 drivers here is India dying to crossover too

Flyscoot under the umbrella of world class airline like sia is not the first to ask pilots to pay.

5 star airline in the Middle East like Qatar airways expects new cadets to fund all their training plus type rating with not a single cent of salary.

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short flights long nights
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Linder..I hate to destroy you thoughts....but all Emirates cadets are fully funded by Emirates. All flying training, ground schools, line training..whatever you can think of is paid by EK..and they get paid a salary from day 1.

If you join Emirates as a " normal" pilot, you get ground school, type rating and the rest for free, plus get paid a salary from day 1.

Then there are the rest of the perks..available on the EK web site.

EK has its faults, but it still remains one of the best employers around, and they never charge anyone for training.

Please get your facts right, before you post.
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Old 30th Aug 2013, 06:54
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But really, only cadets enjoy such "perks" of "free for all"

how many people are lucky enough to be an airline cadet out of all the current pilots in the industry?

It's akin to saying Canada has the best work life balance for a worker in the whole wide world and nobody else should live anywhere else other than Canada.
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EK offers it's pilots a good package as compensation for having to live in the desert, they want a certain standard of applicant and have deep enough pockets to offer enough of a deal to get the people they want.

Scoot can't match EK's package but might be more attractive to someone who doesn't fancy the sand pit, or someone who wants to get a couple of thousand hours on the B777 and try his luck as a direct entry captain somewhere else. It could also do as a retirement job.
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SOPS, you are correct except you miss one point. Sponsored cadets are ONLY for locals or those who hold UAE passport.

What about other nationalities worldwide who are jobless today?

You join PPRuNe on 1999 means you are an experience pilot. What may worked at your time has vanished for the aviation industry today.

With 8000 jobless pilots in india, and even there are hundreds of countries worldwide and I am going to take 40 assuming each country has only 1000 jobless pilots, collectively there are close to 50k jobless pilots worldwide.

Many will never ever become a pilot especially the inexperience one and getting a job for them to fly is like striking a lottery. Most will hang their blue CPL book as a memento and subsequently change career.

And we all know we are also competing with experience pilots which have much more advantages than us.

I have send my resume to almost every airline in the world and 99% there will not be a reply or the door slam directly to me if you do not have 500 hours on type.

Even I am willing to take a loan to pay and have contacted ST technologies to esquire about their Qatar and tiger airways cadet program, that also they say it's a no go since I am not local or do not have a Singapore passport or permanent resident.

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Free Ticket

Well my friend, any honorable real airline will furnish a ticket and hotel during the interview. The race to the bottom is the LCC carriers and people that accept the increasingly shitty terms.

If you want to work for free or pay for your own training, go ahead. As for me I don't. Its all about pride and not being wowed by that shiny jet.

Have some back bone.....
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Storpik, that's your choice, have some backbone to respect the choice of others.
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Guys, I went for an interview a while back at Scoot. They were very badly organised and expected you to pay for everything. There were a few surprises in terms of extra things you had toay for and HR refused to let you know about remuneration etc. until the actual interview. To add insult to injury the training bond is quite expensive and came as a surprise. This may seem ok to some except when you realise that in doing this the airline carries no risk. They can call as many people as they want and screw you around with no cost to themselves.

Personally, I think that Singapore is a potentially good place to live but think carefully before you make a move like that. Scoot have a bright future but doesn't look like a viable long term option for established guys.

I'm off to the sand pit now and glad that things worked out the way they did - more bucks and better company culture. Also, the bad faith displayed by scoot in this instance is maybe an indication of an underlying tendency towards crew there that could lead to eventual unhappiness. I only have my experiences to go on.

That's my two cents worth. Negative rant is over.
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Storpikk - well said.
rdr - why does he need some "backbone" to respect the choice of others? That's not even Singlish!

Be careful what you wish for!

Hunter - very well picked up : Also, the bad faith displayed by scoot in this instance is maybe an indication of an underlying tendency towards crew there

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