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richard 111

Quite right, this is not what the thread is about but you brought up that particular subject.

You say where you come from you can go to court. There is the classic mistake that Pilots and others make who do not realise that once they leave their own shores to work you are on your own without any legal backup. Not saying it is right though but was ever thus.

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I must say again, never truer words mate...that example though was to put into context a reply to a xenophobic apologies if misinterpreted, did not want to veer the thread into another direction
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Out of curiosity, do you know if SQ over the years have terminated any expat pilots employed on local terms?
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Not that I know of. Local terms guys are still safe. Over for all expat terms guys.
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Yes.... In 2003 SQ retrenched 5 non-national co-pilots on local terms.... Along with 26 non-national captains on expat terms....... Now that 2013 house cleaning is over.... Next bunch on the chopping block are non-nationals on local terms....I"ve learned to never say never here!!!!!
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Expats, or non Singaporean are as safe as a house of cards in a storm, I would think. And I KNOW they feel that way too. Hence the rather numerous citizen ship change from Malaysian or Indian to Singaporean. The expat contract pilots get the bullet in 2 weeks time, and for foreign local pilots, that is the buffer gone!!! When things where bad it was always a good to have a go at the expats pilots, well next inline are the non Singaporean local pilots.

Millers - better start that separate thread!

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In the SIA group,I think only SQ Cargo has some expat contract Capts and Co-pilots in the payroll. SQC has a good man running the show, but how long he can keep the HR folks from making an obvious case of termination of the expat contract remains a lost cause. It is their airline, and as 'foreign talent" one really remains a "guest" of the employers must always be looking for that opening with updated CV in tow constantly.New national policies to hiring of foreign talent to appeal to the electorate, HR folks that do hiring and firing with no idea as to the value of hours is a log book....that is the reality here in lion city..... It is their Airline.....sad but true
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Good info, guys!
Why are SQ terminating pilots at the moment? Are they downsizing or just getting rid of the "expensive" expats?
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Neither.... I would say bad management!!!!! But indeed it is a down sizing.... Through good times, total strength of the sq pax fleet was 110-115 a/c ..... That's number is now 101 a/c... Bad management cos there is non existent leadership in the sia group.... Sitting on 6 billion cash reserves and watching it go no where..... Clueless, directionless eunuchs
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The SQ Cargo expats have been told that no contracts will be renewed - but even if they are renewed it is a bit of a redundant exercise based on what mainline did to their expats. The contract is not worth shyte - it is a 3 month contract. SQC however have been interviewing and offering local term positions - a few have taken the offer but a few have declined - the package is, as someone put it, a bit of a challenge. And one is still working for the same parent company.

Tough times coming up for SIA - their 6 billion reserves may dwindle down to 5.5 billion - and that to the powers that be, is sinful as it can get.
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Has anyone heard back or been contacted by Scoot since the latest Job Postings went up? Thanks.
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Two weeks and not a word, hmmmmm
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CDRW. No one has been told that there will be no renewals. All expats have had their contracts renewed on expat terms last six months. Most guys who was not renewed are close to or over 60. But, you are correct in that the new hires (ex SIA expats) are all on local terms.

And, don't worry about SIA:s financial status. The 5,5 billion reserves is only the cash part. The net assets of the company are about 20 billion. They will be around loooong after you and I are gone.
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not just aviation, many companies offer Singapore as a life style choice hence dont need to offer expat pay to attract the right talent.
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Seen the cost to rent a crappy 1 room apartment in Sing, I hardly call it a lifestyle choice.
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Anybody working for Fly Scoot?

I've had some interesting feedback from one of the board members recently via PM, though he doesn't work for Scoot.

Could I have some info from anyone who works for Scoot re (work/roster) patterns and amount of standby likely?

Expat or local guys - I thank you for any comments direct to the board, or via PM.

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I applied as soon as the ad was posted, but haven't heard anything still. Anyone been contacted or have any info regarding the "actual" status re the current recruitment at scoot?
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Hi guys,

Reliable sources inform that they are gearing for B787 inception in late 2014 and will need crew to fill their B777 slots. appears that they are establishing a database of interested applicants. Don't think slots are available in the near future.
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An acquaintance just told me that Scoot called him maybe 10 days ago asking if he would be interested in a 777 command position (he says he hadn't even applied).

Is he just flapping his gums, or are they gearing up? Has anybody heard from them?
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They are desperate, as the word is out about their poor terms and conditions, full of promise but short on delivery, in a city now more expensive than HKG!
Be very careful of any dealings with Singaporeans, especially with the current fierce anti-expat moves of parent company SQ. (Ask the crew if you see them, they are more than happy to tell you how it is & how many are wanting to leave!)
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