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As you have A300. Why not try AHK
They are interviewing now
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I just left AHK so thats not an option and the night freight takes a special breed of person to do that.
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SS It begs the question as to why you left AHK to be unemployed voluntarily when married with two young daughters? Better to do night freight I would have thought until you found a job elsewhere?

A lot of people will not be too concerned about your plight in view of that fact. Beggars cannot be choosers comes to mind with an A300 rating as a F/O.

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Your absolutely correct and like so many stories there is much more to it.

I would have never willingly jeopardized my family like that!
NOT in a million years would I have left without having something to go to!

Lets leave it at I got screwed and was left with no choice or options.

Now I have to find a way out of this mess and I was really just looking for some straight forward answers or advice.

Not too much to ask for I think.

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SS I would have thought your best bet was to apply to one of the Gulf Airlines who at least have a career path for F/O's.

Any future employer is going to ask why you left AHK and they will not want to hear about you thinking they screwed you, as you will be labelled a trouble maker in their minds.

As an expat in Scoot as a F/O you will be unlikely to get an upgrade and are you able to come up with the cash for the training if that is what is required by them?

Also from my experience of renting in Singapore you had to put up 2months rent as deposit and one months rent in advance and in SQ you had to pay for the interview medical and hotel costs as well over 3 days.

SQ had a S$6000 loan available but whether those kind of things are still around these days I know not.
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Slowstream, have you tried Air Asia?
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Thanks for the input, as well the information, its valued and very much appreciated!

The middle East is not an option for us.


Yes I tried Air Asia as soon as my contract was terminated and was told they only look for Malaysian pilots now and must have a 320 rating.

Looks like I am out of options here in Asia and heading back home in a couple of weeks unless some sort of miracle happens.
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Hi slow, sorry but the conditions stated are for captains, guessed the post was pretty straightforward, what's stated is what you get, nothing less nor more, It's a LoCo after all, Bonds are what they are, just bonds and that's what you will be bonded for. No idea what FO's make, but I don't think I'd be far off if I said 60% of a captains pay. Also as I said it's ok money if you do not have children, a cheap international school will set you back 20k. I posted an objective statement, no anger whatsoever, I just happen to know what the conditions are. And I can't blame anyone for the cost of living in Singapore which is a great town BTW. People asked and I tried to provide an objective answer, It's quite a personal choice if you decide to join them and the conditions suit you, even though I tend to agree with millers regarding career path, the pool of FO applicants comes from all over, these days, most probably from the extreme excess in mainline.
...forgot, you get 1.5k to buy your own health insurance, and no, do not work for them...

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richard III

For what it's worth, I found nothing wrong with your initial post, richard.
Mr. slowstream seems to have a very short fuse judging from his reply.
It will not make his job hunting any easier, that's for sure.
Anyway, thanks for you info!
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you are welcome worries, I would probably be shortfused If I was in his situation, good luck with the hunting..
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Hi Richard & ManaAdaSystem,

First off, I am sorry if I came across as being short fused, it certainly was not my intention and I apologize for coming across that way. I am typically not a person with a short fuse.


Thank you for your explanation of what you know about Scoot, I appreciate it. Clearly I was having a difficult day when I read your first post and trying to understand it for some reason, your second post was much clearer and I appreciated it. From what I've read I would say its not likely something I will pursue any further. The terms & Conditions you stated if accurate are beyond my capabilities right now or my willingness to accept.

So back home we go where I know the industry, the people and the conditions.
Its unfortunate that things turned out the way they did for me and my family, we certainly did like it out here.

Bye Asia
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Perhaps Asia is too difficult for many Europeans. If I were you I would definitely look to the Middle East as well - two big UAE carriers and Qatar Airways would probably appreciate your Airbus experience. I'd focus first on the UAE carriers and then Qatar if those don't work out. No doubt you would get ample opportunity to fly to Asia if you started on a widebody at one of those carriers.

Not getting picked up by an Asian carrier could be the best thing that happens to you if you find a better opportunity.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the input, I am actually Canadian though. But yes I guess Asia was too difficult for me.

The option of going to the Middle East is not viable for us.

Unfortunately, it appears my only option is to return home to Canada.

I had three last "Hail-Mary's" I threw and was hoping that one of them would come through, a last minute miracle if you would. Scoot no longer seems suitable, Royal Brunei and Jetstar HKG won't likely happen in time.

Thanks for the input to all of you, I truly appreciate it!

Once again my most sincere apologies for my rude comments yesterday!

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Slow, if I may give you some humble advice, take it or leave it as besides posting some facts and opinions that are just that, opinions, everybody has one. If you truly like asia and you think it's a project for you and your family, you just don't give up, there are plenty of jobs available for qualified pilots. I never said Scoot was a bad gig, nor tiger or Silk. I do think you can run into atrocious management that borders in the criminal, but you will find that in canada too. What's important is that you know what's on offer, and what will cost you to raise a family wherever you plan to set up shop. Having kids in international schools is financially challenging but extremely rewarding. If you think asia is for you and your family, so be it, you screen everywhere, make the cut everywhere and then you choose. Having options, wether good or bad is way better than having no options. Go screen, make the cut and then look for the info you need, I think you started the other way around, should you need info on how to manage to raise a family in this area of the world I can help, drop me a PM, If you want me to justify wether is worth trying this mob, all I can give you is an opinion and the numbers, it's for you to decide if you can make it on those numbers. But mate, you just don't give up....
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Sirs does anyone s email or cells for the DFO or chief pilot at scoot?
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Has anyone heard back from them regarding the FO screenings?? I just got an acknowledgement that they would get back to me in 2 weeks about 9 days ago. Would it be advisable to go directly and drop in a copy of the CV and enquire about the status of my application? Does anybody have an email or phone number of the Chief Pilot??

I would be grateful for some information.

Thanks and Safe Flights,

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So Scoot is "following" Lion Air in charging for training costs...and all airlines in South East Asia requires bonding because too many expat pilots ran away the moment they finished the type rating training! Blame the expats for spoiling the markets, we Asians learned the hard way that no one can be trusted without bonding.
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Dear twins, bonding is practiced all over the world, and besides it cuts both ways, you can ask the 70+ expat pilots whose contracts where not honored by SQ... And this thread was started to get some info on Scoot, not to make idiotic and xenophobic remarks
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All expat contracts clearly state that the company can give three months notice to the Employee if their services are no longer required regardless of how long the contract on paper has to run.

When that happens then I have no doubt SQ cancelled the outstanding bond and returned the bank guarantee money.

Pilots joining need to be aware that 3/5 year contracts are not worth the paper they are written on if there is a downturn in aviation. That applies to the Gulf Airlines as well. Just because it does not happen very often gives perhaps a false sense of security.

Even in the UK where one is on a permanent contract it does not stop one being made redundant when there is a downturn.
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dear miller, never a truer word, but not when you are told in a meeting that ALL contracts will be respected for their entire length in november and in december they are all terminated sending everybody scrambling for a THAT might be legal but is it a proper business practice?, sorry mate...that is either incompetent management or business practices that border
on piracy. Where I come from at least you can go to court if you think that you've been wrongly terminated (i.e.where's the downturn?) Anyway it is not what this thread is about, is it? can start one about it and believe you me, it will be hot...

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