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Dep. clearance in BKK

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Dep. clearance in BKK


Just wondering if any SVB controllers can tell me: what exactly is our clearance altitude when cleared on Simon Departures.

Delivery usually clear SI1B, SQK and FL150 (could be 160-my memory fails me here).
According to my charts, SI1B has a stop altitude of at or below 5000 and BS511, Simon 8000ft and another at Mahon etc.

My SOPs require highest stop altitude to be set, as pulling a heading with Altitude in magenta will induce open climb and thus a level bust.

So my question is what exactly does the controller in SVB expect with the clearance? Can we take it to mean that FL150 means we can disregard all constraints and climb straight up, or is FL150 more an airway clearance. In which case, it would be much more prudent not to mention it at all!

Thanks very much

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From my experience there you will most certainly need ATC on departure to clear you "unrestricted climb" to go all the way straight to FL150

Interesting that your company SOP is to set the highest level in an SID and not the lowest or first restricted stop altitude.
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Dep. clearance in BKK

5,000 until further advice
FL160 didn't mean anything, it's really strange.
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Post VTBS departures

As per your SOP 5000' is the altitude that you should set on your FCU/MCP to avoid a level bust as per your scenario.

After departure the controller will clear you higher depending on traffic. Normally the clearance will be "unrestricted" so you can then disregard the prior restrictions.

If in doubt always ask whether the climb is an unrestricted one.

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IIRC, the NOTAM's state that all clearances receive a FL160 limit, however, you should set the first restriction, being 5000'
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