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Dear Tigerace69, do you know if some Italians fresh A320 rated are flying for Vietjet Air? If so, do you know what their profile looks like (i.e: License and hours on type or not or jet experience)?!! Thanks for all the infos you are sharing tough!!!

Happy landings!!
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How bout their neighbor Jetstar Pacific? Are they any better? Looks like they are well-established (better fleet size) but found very little about them on the net..
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@air Tama, can't profile the new cadets, as I've seen only their names, about 8/10 cadets are local vietnamese, however, they're mostly EU/australian/british immigrants, the rest are europeans but has endorsements from other VietJet pilots...they recently have a lot of applicants, basically zero time on type or less than 300 hrs on type...but never seen anyone fly on line, the last 10 or so cadets/FO's are still doing OBS and license processing....
Currently they have 3 a320's and would be adding 2 more this year. But management is in no hurry to hire and train pilots. Their organizational skills are zero, their understanding on how to run an airline is also zero, so they don't listen to pilot's advice and the chief pilot's plans and recommendations are mostly disapproved, everyone (pilots) is disappointed with the way management is handling the we are all left hanging in the air, and wondering how this airline will survive!!!...maybe it's a vietnamese style of management which is practically "Trial and Error" type of management. They don't have a business/airline model to follow, so they are experimenting I guess!!!????
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Yes Syukri, i'm too trying very hard to get info regarding their recruitment status!! Nothing so far, keeping my fingers crossed, its a much safer and reliable place, 70% owned by VNA, so its not gonna close down anytime soon, and i heard some good reviews from ppl who had worked there previously.
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Hi for the time being Jetstarpacific do not need anybody. they have crews for 4 aircraft and they only have 3. The next one should arrive soon
The last B737 should go in Dec or Feb 2013 not sure yet ,,then some of those guys will do the transition
They also talk of 2 more A320 in Nov. BUT far from sure
If they get those 2 they will need more crews
So people's interested should send a resume anyway just in case

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hey Lindberg, thanks for that info, are u working there? Can u PM me with more details?
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Thumbs down

I can confirm the italian thing and guys being left hanging. The guys that were given company paid slots in Toulouse were experienced F/O's with 3000 hours plus in jet and were given the wave off. They were replaced by low to zero time Euro guys that paid for their sim slots. P2F.....not the best candidate, just the one with more $$$...
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VietJet Job

Dear All,

I appreciate the issues and problems at this company. I need somewhere to hire me so that I can add some B737 flight hours to my new type rating. Maybe I stay and maybe I go later but I would like to get on here. Can someone offer CONTACT information? The email address on the site simply bounces back my emails undelivered.

I would appreciate your assistance at this time.

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737's will be history by end of the year,

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Hi Guys,

This looks really scary

I wonder how long an airline can be operated that way.

Hopefully, the management will react after the latest event
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This thread is "Vietjet" but some have offered advice on Jetstar Pacific who are a sound operation. They operate some B737's but not for much longer.If you want work with them it will have to be on the A320.

Vietjet do NOT operate the B737 only the A320.
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Job Hunting


Thank you for your reply. I would appreciate some CONTACT info. My emails bounce and I will take a look at Jetstar. Where are you? I may be coming to Asia in a month or so.

Looks like I need to get A320 type now.

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I would also be very grateful if someone can give me info on Jetstar's recruitment status and T&C's
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bus hunt


I'm an a320 pilot with abt 220 hrs on type and 500+ TT.

Any chance of a position in vietjet???

thanks a tonne in advance!
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VietJet Visit

Good day,

All jokes aside... does anyone have any contact info for Viet Jet? I will be in Viet Nam nest week and I want to do a drop in visit. Thank you.

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Have you actually got a brand new B737 rating and now you want to buy an A320 one AS WELL??!!

Is that seriously how low this ing industry has sunk to, or have you just got more money than brains?
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Google shows address as -

HCMC Office: 9th Floor, Hai Au Building
39B Truong Son St., Tan Binh Dist., HCMC

Tel: +84 8 3547 1866 / Fax: +84 8 3547 1865

-HOWEVER- I believe they have moved to the Parkson Shopping Center which is a multi story shopping Center that you can see from the International Terminal-only about a 3-5 minute walk. Bar 5 in District 1 is a haunt for pilots in the evening or somewhere close by.

You appear to have more money than common sense
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What is everyone doing about health insurance since Paramount doesn't provide any?
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Paramount provides access to a pilot funded health insurance.
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