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Bid Adieu to Kingfisher

Old 1st Sep 2012, 14:49
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Question kingfisher down?

This is interesting- wonder if there's hope now? http://aerospacediary.********.in/20...e-wont-he.html
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Even Churchill said the same thing in 1947 but there is more doom looming over the West at the moment than over India.Oh but you obviously can't see that.Stupid pride is it ?
I'm not sensitive to criticism.I'm sensitive to bullshit.
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Old 2nd Sep 2012, 05:18
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Sure the Business was flawed since it's inception, but the employees let the business get away with not paying their salaries - this has been going on for quite some time & is especially evident in Indian carriers...

When people settle, businesses take advantage - I don't see this kind of situation occurring in HK or any other Aviation Hub where an airline doesn't pay it's staff for periods exceeding 5 months, the sad thing is the employees continue to work without pay .

Unique to India is the ridiculously blatant displays of corruption, it's not just the Airline(KF), it's also how things are done (DGCA) - a complete joke.
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lol apache is all riled up, don`t sweat the small stuff, maybe the DGCA will wake up sometime soon, until then continue with the "incredible" things like working for no pay for 5 months --now THATS incredible--
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Don't worry about my mood or my job.Just stop pretending you belong to a perfect world.You need to wake up more than DGCA .

I'm no one to judge KF pilots.Maybe you are.

In 1994,Graen and Wakabayashi studied companies like Toyota that had manufacturing plants both in Japan and U.S.Some of the relevant cultural differences they found are as follows:
1)Japanese managers were shocked by what they saw as an American managers seemingly underdeveloped sense of obligation to their companies and co-workers.They believed that American managers place their personal interests above those of the company and their co-workers.
2)American managers do not commit their entire career to a single company.Japanese hoped that everyone hired will retire with the company.They had difficulty accepting that an American could join them and leave within a year for a direct competitor.
3)The Americans feared that adopting the Japanese system could subvert traditional American values of individualism.On the other hand,the Japanese feared that adopting the American system could undermine traditional Japanese values.

The above Japanese attitude is relevant in the Indian context as well.Ofcourse there will always be ps like Mallya who will take advantage of even the most loyal.
Im not sayin the American system is in anyway inferior.All Im saying is that we must atleast attempt to observe societies in their cultural context.
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Old 4th Sep 2012, 18:20
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last comment

As per your comment about judging KFA pilots, since i worked for KFA for 3 years. What i can tell you is, they were mostly dedicated to the co. which makes it even more disgraceful the way they have been treated.
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