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Any Cebu Pacific Crew here ?

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Any Cebu Pacific Crew here ?

Old 26th Nov 2012, 21:03
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can anyone help me on this one ?

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Old 4th Feb 2013, 12:54
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There is an opening on the 330. Anyone any idea what the expected routes will be?
What should be expected for basic salary?

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Old 6th Feb 2013, 15:30
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Angel Paat


Can someone give me informations about the philippine academy for aviation training? And is it true that cebu pacific will no longer accept a320 rated from aag? Please confirm! Thank you very much, your replies means a lot to me
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Old 8th Feb 2013, 15:16
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Hy everybody,
The company I work for is going to make a lot of redundancies and I'm studying my options in case I become an expat. I would appreciate an answer for two questions:
I am an A340 f/o, is it a valid type rating for the ongoing A330 f/o hiring ay Cebu?
I have 12.000 hours, 9000 of them flown on MD-80, A-320 & A340, but all of them as f/o. Does Cebu upgrade foreign pilots to captain? In that case, bow long could that upgrade take?
Thank you in advance for your answers.
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Old 8th Feb 2013, 16:02
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Cebu for you?

I'm not really sure if as an FO, you'd need to get a 330 type to fly right seat.. If you don't get a solid answer, PM me and I'll give the Cebu CP a call.

100% the airlines in the Philippines upgrade expat FO's to Captain once you meet the requirements. I've seen this happen with expats with far less than a year with company

Here's the catch. If they invite you to upgrade, your pay will be local. So around 6k a month in the pocket. This offer was made to a dozen FO's while I was there and they refused enmasse, except for one smart guy. They expected and demanded the same full expat pay that I was receiving after 25 years as a jet skipper.

The Philippines is a great place to work but as is natural, you can't expect a lifetime job. Once the manning is caught up, you'll be visiting me on the beach in Pattaya!
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Old 9th Feb 2013, 03:22
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how is their schedule like on the airbus as an FO? I heard its only 8 days a month!!!is this true? How many hours do they average a month?
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Old 9th Feb 2013, 03:52
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Cebu FO

Everyone, including the pilots only get 8 days off per month. If you happen to be getting close to timing out, instead of giving you one extra day off, you'll DH to Cebu city or someplace, hang around for a few hours and then fly the sector back. Just so you won't have an extra day off... This is due to the jealousy of one person in Cebu Management and since he was brought on the property, the quality of life for the crews took a nose dive. Very sad and well over 100 pilots left because of it. The hours you fly will depend on the needs and it varies from around 50-95. And, you always get 8 days off maximum.

If it wasn't for that little tidbit, it would be a fantastic place to work.
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Old 9th Feb 2013, 06:35
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Hi Stewsan,

Do you know if they're planning to recruit expat F/O's for the 330? I'm on the 320 in Singapore and applied online for the 330 in Cebu but no reply.
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Old 9th Feb 2013, 06:59
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Cebu hiring

Sorry, I don't work there anymore as they terminated all the expats last December. I do know that they don't answer emails and you really need to know someone there. It took me almost 6 months to help one guy get on. In this business, you need to be at the right place at the right time. Experience has very little to do with it. Good luck
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Old 9th Feb 2013, 14:19
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Thanks for your answer Stewsan.
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Old 10th Feb 2013, 00:44
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good info

Hey stewsan thanks for giving us some good insights about Cebu. So how was their schedules before? Were the pilots getting more than 8days off? How about on the a330. Is it the same...they would fly a pilot of base just to not have more than 8 days off.....that's unfortunate. Again I appreciate any information you're willing to share.Thank you!
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Old 10th Feb 2013, 14:09
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travel benefits?

How is their travel benefit for family and parents? Can we buy a reduced ticket on other airlines? And how soon does the benefit starts?

thank you again
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Old 13th Feb 2013, 00:58
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Cebu Recruitment process


Can anyone please tell if they recently had an interview with CEBU... and if so, what was the interview based on. Was it competency or personality based.
Could I also ask what was required in the flight assessment as an FO

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Old 16th Feb 2013, 11:26
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how to apply other than JOBSTREET.com to CEBU ??

hello everyone

I have been facing this problem for quite a while. I tried making a profile and submitting my cv to CEBU but eventually it was leading me to JOBSTREET.com in india .

I will be pleased if any one can send me the email of HR , CEBU pacific.
And shed some light on the current hiring situation for F/o.

Total time -1350 hrs
Time on A320 -1100hrs

thanks in advance .
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Old 24th Feb 2013, 07:47
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Just like Stew said, absolute max is 8 days off. On your day off, you are not allowed to go out of town and the scheduler reserves the divine right to call you anytime if he needs to make you fly. You will be given extra compensation if asked to fly on your day off but you may not refuse. You may not turn off your cellphone. If the scheduler is unable to contact you, you will be deemed 'MA' or missed assignment and will have to serve a 3 day suspension on your first offense.

There is also a maximum of 2 successive days off to the roster so don't expect to be able to string your days off. The other thing that Stew mentioned about DH to cebu to fly the leg back just to avoid having to schedule excessive days off is also the norm. This is usually the case during lean months.

Regarding travel benefits for immediate family, each member is entitled 6 FOC RT tickets to any destination. However, there is no guarantee whatsoever that no bump off shall occur. Revenue is always priority. Even FDC on personal DH or FOC are not spared from being bumped off.

No discounts whatsoever apply on purchased tickets or with other airlines.
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Old 24th Feb 2013, 22:37
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st. ex

thanks for the reply. I am not sure if I should ask more questions....
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Old 26th Feb 2013, 00:41
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Ah yes! the life of a low cost carrier pilot.

you just got to love it baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 20th Mar 2013, 09:42
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Hello everyone,

I have read the entire thread, it seems the airline has learnt a few hard facts about hiring and firing the expats...lots of things have changed (some good some bad..depends on what suits you) in the last 6-8 months.

- Anybody gone through the selection procedure for A330 Captain off late ?
- Any info on the type of contract being offered to Expats or is the hiring only on "Local" basis now..?
- What is the salary/emoluments being offered?

Any info would be helpful...
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Old 22nd Mar 2013, 04:51
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No changes.....

I just talked to a buddy of mine and there is no expat hiring directly on to the 330. They will accept expats on the 320, local basis. That would be great if you plan on moving to the Philippines and if your family lives overseas, they can come visit you. The pay is more than enough to live in a nice Condo in Cebu city, on the beach, and even a housekeeper or two....

St. Ex's comments are spot on.
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Old 22nd Mar 2013, 12:27
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Can anyone advise me on what is asked during the skype interview. I have one this sunday 24th March.

Any info much appreciated,

Thanks Guys

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