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Contract agency rants and Kudos, Vietman, Korean, Asiana, Rishworth

South Asia and the Far East News and views on the fast growing and changing aviation scene on the planet.

Contract agency rants and Kudos, Vietman, Korean, Asiana, Rishworth

Old 14th Jun 2011, 11:40
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Any info on who is handling the China Eastern contract for Oz basings?
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Old 24th Jun 2011, 21:11
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Very interesting thread

A very interesting thread, especially to someone contemplating dipping his toe into the unfamiliar waters of contract work abroad. Keep the posts coming.
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Old 26th Jun 2011, 17:03
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New-Kal Agent

There is a new Kid on the block: ::: Welcome to Total Aviation Service - TAS :::

The grapevine says that the Chairmans Daughter is behind the Agency. I havenīt heared more from them until now but we keep tracking on it. Mybe I need a LAX-flight to come closer and see with my own eyes what and who is behind.

Same with FCI, checked them out and found then unsuitable for further useage, mainly the leftover from BIUSA and they screwed alot of Pillots in early 2002/2003. The consequence was that KAL cut all business with them and ended the contracts of the Pilots then.

Fly safe and land happy

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Old 28th Jul 2011, 14:12
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all these agencies are basically the same. They're your best friend and go to bat for you to get you hired. once on the job they are okay. all they do is transfer money they have received from the airline to your designated account and give you an annual report of money earned. It's when there is an issue with the airline that they go into "hiding" behind the contract that is stacked against you. When push comes to shove, you will loose. The agency will not risk their long term contract of providing pilots to the airline over one guy/gal. Besides, if you get canned or quit, there are many more knocking on the agent's door.

GAP was fine until I had an issue. Then all I got was a three sentence email that translated into a shoulder shrug. thanks for nothing.
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Old 29th Jul 2011, 02:15
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I have had a pretty good experience with Parc so far in China. There have been a few issues with the airline, and Parc has resolved them for the most part. Much better than I would have expected in China, and it is a new contract for Parc so I am sure they are feeling it out as well.

The best thing is I sleep better the night before payday, knowing that Parc isn't trying to figure out keep more of my contract fee for themselves, which seems to be par for the course when I worked for the boys and girls from Auckland (Rishworth).
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Old 29th Jul 2011, 04:40
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LOL, my captain's pay was $8,500.00 USD (6/2) in 2004 at Rishworth, now on $14,000.00 (10/1), I think I'm very happy with Rishworth and their support, I wasn't willing to throw away the job like some people because the airline wanted to take 2% of my salary back for a six month period.

Cheers D. L.
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Old 2nd Aug 2011, 13:44
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please adivse me i am deal with rishworth now to work with asiana air i have interview next 2 week so please advise me by email [email protected]
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Old 4th Aug 2011, 00:02
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A new Rishworthless story, to go along with the rest............

On my current contract with Parc, we are currently reimbursed for air tickets, up to a maximum of 5000 USD each six months. But we must submit receipts and copies of the tickets. I am not sure how or why, but we were just informed last week that we will now simply be paid an additional 5000 USD for travel, at the end of each 6 months. I am not sure if it was negotiated, or the airline got tired of the extra administrative hassles, but it is a good deal for us.

We told the Rishworth pilots this, and they have requested verification with brand R down in Auckland. Thus far, no response. Why? Probably Rishworth is going to still require (or is thinking about it) their pilots to submit travel claims to them, and if they don't spend the whole 5000, Rishworth will pocket the difference.

It might be legal, depending on how their contract is written. Their contract is with Rishworth, and any change between Rishworth and the airline doesn't necessitate a change with the contract with the pilot.

Well done Rishworth. Again.

They never change.
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Old 4th Aug 2011, 00:19
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Being the paid, local plot rep for Rishworth at Vietnam, Airlines, I do not question the amount they pay you, as I know you are paid an additional amount over the normal contract fee at Vietnam Airlines. Your service to the pilots at VAC, from ALL agencies, was very welcomed and appreciated, not the least of which by me. Thank you.

You were not the problem. Just the opposite. The problem lies with the fact that our contract fee is paid FIRST to the criminals in Auckland, and then they pay you. Hopefully. Most of my dealings with the Auckland staff, which were not many, were dishonest from their side, and THEY FINANCIALLY BENEFITED from that dishonesty.

The best example of this, which affected a large number of the pilots (this is besides the pay cut) is the advertised 6/2, 5/3, and 4/4 rotations. Everybody starts at 6/2, and then you have to request, thru your agency, a shorter rotation. A large number of us (most of the pilots I personallly knew) requested this with Rishworth or Parc. The Parc pilots had the requested submitted, and granted (when I was there) Rishworth would not submit the request, and lied to me, saying they did, for over 2 months. Only when i contracted VAC's contract office in Hanoi, could I verify that Rishworth had not, in fact, ever submitted the request. When challenged with this information, Rishworth finally made the request, and it was granted. I was one of the very few Rishworth pilots at the time that was on a 5/3 rotation, as most of the Rishworth pilots gave up trying to get a shorter rotation.

Why? You get paid less for a shorter rotation, and Rishworth is paid a lower contract fee as a result. So if anyone wants to go to VAC and hopefully get a 5/3 rotation, you might want to seriously consider going with a different contract agency. Rishworth won't make the request, or wouldn't, when i was there, which was just over 1 year ago.

Sorry DL, your a good guy, but your chosen employers are scum. See my previous post for their latest.
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Old 5th Aug 2011, 08:59
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Just to be clear USMC, my 10/1 pay is not counting anything else, it's just straight A320 pay that anyone with RAL or Parc will receive after the first year on 10/1.

Many people are opting for China contracts since the L/H seat pay on the A320 salary there is much higher than the $9,720 we pay here for the first year.

Cheers, D.L.
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Old 6th Aug 2011, 05:25
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I have heard that VNA requires a 15K 3 year bond for all new hire CPTs on the A320. Is this true? If this is true it will stop new CPTs coming here period! Apart from being based in HAN which some people like but most do not.

Instead of actually paying market rates the VNA brain trust up in HAN came up with THIS?! It is almost too far fetched to believe. Can anybody confirm this?

Keep in mind this is NOT the 15K bond for CPT upgrades.
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Old 8th Aug 2011, 03:28
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Rich and Worthless

RW....Scumbags...never again. How come everyone I know with those initials are bottom-feeders?

Parc...so far new management is trying to tote the line as the old management did. Hope it works well for them....good outfit.

DPI....used them once, no complaints.

Sigmar....Never again, let me repeat that....NEVER AGAIN!

FCI...a crook is a crook is a crook.

AeroPro.....Rachel, just how far can one strectch the Truth?

AeroPersonnel...I want to like them, really I do. But just can't seem to put it together yet.

VOR.....They were good to deal with, just the CAAC didn't like me. I'd use them again.

Contract Air.....Once was enough.

Things have evolved a bit since the latest scramble for crews began. We used to have a handful of somewhat to reputable sourcing agenceis out there. No every mom and pop is going to give a go. Along with it, the moral and ethics department was trashed. If you have a good agency, then you'd best hang with them. If you do try the waters, do be very careful. The SHARKS are running very shallow nowdays.
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Old 10th Aug 2011, 07:42
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I heard about the VAC bond demand from a couple of pilots I know that are still at VAC. Rumor has it that they hit a new hire class with this the first day, and all but one walked. Airlines the world over try to get pilots for less, just like any business likes to cut its costs. The best choice is to vote with your feet.

One of my favorite sayings from a flying partner:

"If someone wasn't trying to screw me, this wouldn't be aviation."
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Old 14th Aug 2011, 11:21
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Hire Pilots for less $$$. advertising for pilots and you pay for the training.

British Airways launches major recruitment drive - Leadership, business and management news, tips and features from MT and Management Today magazine

"British Airways is poised to launch its biggest recruitment drive in a decade. The airline is expanding pilot numbers by 800 and itís using YouTube to entice pilots willing to meet the £100,000 training cost."
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 11:07
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Hey dreamland. 2 things.

You have sacrificed your time off for more money. So you have a higher salary, but 1 week of every 10 weeks. Mate that is just sad. Nowhere else to go?

Secondly you earn 1000 a month extra as RAL s bitchboy in Vietnam, so anything you say is tainted my old chum.

Also I heard you went out to Skewers restaurant with a PARC TRE, your girlfriend and 1 new RAL Captain. All paid for by the RAL company credit card. Do RAL know that your entertaining PARC guys and your girlfriends at their expense?

You do make me laugh. Keep it coming.
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Old 15th Sep 2011, 16:58
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Devil jihad

we should start a jihad to wipe out all this not in parc believers for once and ever,

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Old 15th Sep 2011, 17:23
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You have used a few in the past , how much do they take for their cut? All good info BTW, Thanks
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Old 18th Sep 2011, 18:18
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ia1166, if anyone is is sad person, it's you mate, I can't even remember the last time you made a positive contribution here, you are only embarrassing yourself, many people are laughing at you behind your back.

No I do not have to get away from Vietnam like you do - since I actually enjoy being here, and for your information, I have a free hand to assist our pilots in anyway that I see fit, and yes in this case there was a highly regarded Australian TRE that assisted me with a new pilot briefing.

Cheers, D.L.
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Old 20th Sep 2011, 05:40
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Kal contact

Can I kindly get any kal contract 37 or 77 captains to pm me.

Just a few questions...... And yes I've read the posts.

Cheers in advance

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Old 6th Oct 2011, 11:14
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newbie to contracting

Hi all,

I am looking at the possibility of contracting in Asia and have read all the posts and pretty much know which agency I'd prefer to work through.

I was wondering about the employment side of contracting - does the Pilot get employed by the Airline or by the Contracting Company AND how do the contracting companies make their money? Do they get a placement fee from the Airline or does the contracting company take a monthly slice of the pilot income?

When they talk about salaries, is this the money coming to the pilot or do the contracting company take a percentage of this??

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