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Tiger Airways

Old 14th Jan 2011, 11:54
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Tiger Airways


Anyone here who is working for or has information about Tiger airways?

How is life in Singapore? Conditions of that company?
I found it via parcaviation.

Thanks a lot..
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 10:41
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Does anybody know something about the screening process?

Thanks M.
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 12:30
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Interview with two management pilots.

Technical questions along the lines of describe the A320 Hydraulic System in detail. Then questions on different types of effects of failures. Also a number of Pilot General Knowledge questions that you should know as a pilot.

Then a Sim ride.
Hand flown departure. Then 180 degree turns in both directions with no FD or bird. The first turn is at 30 degrees then 45 degrees.
You will be asked to incept a radial by the most expeditious means.
Next a hand flown hold entry, followed by an NDB approach with a base turn.
Once back on the runway, reset and take off again. EFATO will occur to which you are expected to get the aircraft back as you normally would.
But, as Tiger is so desperate for pilots, I doubt you can fail.

btw, 17 A320s arriving this year alone!!!
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Old 26th Jan 2011, 22:22
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I agree with the Sim ride details but the interview is generally more relaxed than that stated above..
The company do need both Captains and FOs but many have been rejected in recent months who didn't meet the grade (especially in the Sim..) desperate maybe but still has high standards
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Old 27th Jan 2011, 00:00
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17 A320s?

Doubt that all of that will be stationed in Singapore...
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Old 27th Jan 2011, 17:03
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The guy I was in the sim with couldn't fly the single engine approach without nearly crashing and he still passed!!!
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Old 1st Feb 2011, 14:47
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Old 2nd Feb 2011, 16:45
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What are housing costs?
day to day living & transport costs?
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Old 2nd Feb 2011, 17:20
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All in Singapore Dollar

typical 4room HDB flat - $2000 or so for rent

food - McDonalds' meal $7.50

transport -
Taxicabs of Singapore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Transport in Singapore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

internet - $35 for broadband 6mbps
phone - 100minutes talk time, 500sms, 12GB internet data $39

Beer - 1 carton of 24 carlsberg $45

movie ticket - $10 weekend

petrol - $1.90/L for RON95, diesel passenger car is almost impossible to get

car - BMW 318i $200k
Singapore No.1 Car Site for New Car & Used Cars - sgCarMart
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Old 3rd Feb 2011, 04:27
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Stallone: I have yet to see someone from the UK, Australia or US even think about renting an HDB, as decent as they are. The Filipinos and other non-Caucasian captains have no problem at all living in HDB.

They feel that they must live in a condo or house.

I wonder why.
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Old 3rd Feb 2011, 04:46
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HDB is an excellent choice. You will have more space and HDB is more convenient. Should you require to use the facilities why not take the difference in rent and join the gym.
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Old 3rd Feb 2011, 04:56
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Well, if the caucasians think they need the facilities, by all means go rent a condo

that's $4000 at least per month..

i doubt a F/O pay is sufficient for them to live comfortably if they insist on a condo
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Zitten hier ook Nederlanders of Vlamingen?
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Old 3rd Feb 2011, 10:17
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$107k per annum should give a decent standard of living in Singapore. I believe the cost of living is higher in other Asian cities on par with Singapore, like Hong Kong.

Of course, insisting on fine dining and high-end housing will mean that the paycheck is not enough.
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Housing Development Board, basically government housing. 86% of the population live there. There older ones are a bit basic, however the newer ones are perfectly acceptable, they just lack the pool/gym/tennis court that you'll find in the private condos.

There is no stigma attached to living in an HDB, most people buy their own and the estates are clean, safe and well maintained. They are not comparable to "the projects" or a council estate.

Some HDBs are provided for rental by the government to cater to people who can't afford to buy, stay away from these. You aren't eligible as a foreigner anyway.

HDB InfoWEB : Homepage
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Old 4th Feb 2011, 08:30
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Hi guys,
what is it like to live in Singapoure. Is it like Hongkong? Is the air much cleaner? How is the summer, is it very hot? How is the winter?
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Singapore is 2 degrees North of the equator. That should tell you a lot about the winter there. The air is cleaner than HK, Its hard for it NOT to be in all honesty.
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How much is the cost of a car in Singapore?

How much is the cost of a car in Singapore
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Car in singapore = luxury item. Yeah the cheap part. (200%tax)+++COE (40000SD/10), + Road Tax(1000/1) + Insurance (2500/1) + petrol ( [email protected](10L/100km), [email protected]= 2460

Lets call it 10000SD per year + the sticker value depreciation.

Dont expect any change out of 100,000SD for your medium size 4 door sedan.

have i got a deal for you........
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Don't get a car in Singapore if you can help it. The cost is Ridiculous!!! However, taxis are cheap, plenty and clean.

As for housing check out Singapore Property, Property for Sale/Rent, Singapore Real Estate | Property Guru
This will give you a pretty good idea. Btw, $4000 SGD will get you a very nice fully furnished condo. Also a lot are coming onto the market as they are being completed so expect prices to fall.

As for Tiger's recruitment, do a little searching on here about the 10% pay cut they tried to impose on their pilots... hence the exodus a year or so ago. Furthermore I spoke to a Training Captain at Tiger, he said don't join.

Btw, Tiger pay for NOTHING. Just what you have flown. Not even a cup of coffee or uniform. So when looking at the pay, keep in mind you will have to pay for everything else that you need to do the job out of your own pocket.

Enjoy the walk across the apron!!!
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