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Asia Air takes on Tiger Airways..Big Head TF

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Asia Air takes on Tiger Airways..Big Head TF

Old 22nd Oct 2010, 00:35
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Asia Air takes on Tiger Airways..Big Head TF

Last week, AirAsia chief Tony Fernandes labelled Tiger Airways’ senior management as a “bunch of white guys” trying to run an airline, reported the Bangkok Post.
The Malaysian business mogul was expressing his belief that Tiger’s upcoming venture with Thai Airways (Thai Tiger Airways) was doomed to fail because it did not have a management that understood Thai customs and cultures.
“We’re Asians, not a bunch of white guys running the airlines,” Fernandes was quoted as saying.
Tiger Airways is headed by Briton, Tony Davis.
Tan, though, defended her Air Asia boss and said to take his recent quotes with a pinch of salt.
“All I can say is that I’ve worked with Tony Fernandes for 16 years and the last thing he would be is a racist,” she said.

I think TF is thinking that he is invincible now and getting BIG Headed and he is now at the last thing ever do, a racist as quoted by Mrs Tan.
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Old 22nd Oct 2010, 07:21
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Wow... I don't even know what to say to that. Its just more proof in the pudding.... Stay away. Something wrong with white guys running an airline?
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Old 22nd Oct 2010, 20:36
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Definitely a racist rant from a pudgy bangla look alike. He is entitled to his opinions in private but to air it in a Bangkok post interview is uncouth.
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Old 23rd Oct 2010, 03:24
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yes TF is definitely a racist. He's a two faced snake...
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Old 23rd Oct 2010, 07:21
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Its funny how he wants competition on Sydney and KL route, and yet bitch about comp on his home turf....
Absolute Bull Sh%T artis...
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Old 23rd Oct 2010, 08:18
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So how would a bunch of Asia guys trying to run an airline in Australia manage ? Surely they wouldn't understand the local culture either.

Last edited by Metro man; 23rd Oct 2010 at 10:53.
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Old 23rd Oct 2010, 09:52
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Shoes on the other foot I believe......
Old 23rd Oct 2010, 14:56
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There are ups and downs

When you are at the top of the world please do not belittled others whom you think that wont come close to your success. All airlines in the world how successfully and invincible them seem to be, had their fair share of downs from time to time.

Quote :
Speaking to Yahoo! Singapore, AirAsia’s Regional Head for Commercials, Kathleen Tan, says her airline does not even consider Tiger Airways to be their biggest rival.
“Tiger isn’t our biggest rival. How can they compete with such a small fleet (19 planes), compared to ours (103 planes)?” Tan, who’s in her 40s, said during a phone interview.
She also challenged the low-cost carrier that is partly owned by Singapore Airlines to respond to a recent marketing ad blitz that saw AirAsia take out full-page advertisements on two national newspapers with a tagline that screamed: “If Tigers were meant to fly, they would be born with wings.”
The advertisements included the drawing of a Tiger cub in tears.
In a reference to Tiger’s recent flight cancellations in August and early October, AirAsia also stated in the ad that they are “guaranteed to fly everyday”.
Explaining the idea behind the ad, Tan said: “We took this opportunity to come up with something fun and cheeky with clever and innovative marketing. We did not intend to be hostile,” .
Does she think it went overboard ? "

Would not be nice when one day she have to eat humble pie.
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Old 23rd Oct 2010, 16:24
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she's a who**... isnt she the one who slept with TF?
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Old 23rd Oct 2010, 16:34
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Well, from my chats with the guys I know in Tiger - I think TF is right. Tiger is running a sh1t operation, and they're losing pilots hand over fist because of the crummy pay. The CP recently resigned, the trainers are threatening to leave, and flights are being cancelled through crew shortages.
I'm told the Tiger guys were expecting an announcement about a payrise at a recent management meeting - only to be told they were getting a PAY CUT! Insanity!

I doubt that persuaded them to hang on any longer....

Shortly thereafter my contacts in the crewing biz told me Tiger are now offerring 6 month contracts at exorbitant rates, in an effort to plug the gap. 13K USD per month, plus 3.5K USD in housing. Very nice. Unless you're one of the poor shmucks on local terms.
What'll happen in 6 months? Will the contractors all accept local terms (hah, joke) or up sticks and leave? Deja Vu!!
Thus, the problem has just been kicked down the road a bit.

Who are these idiots in charge of Tiger?
Some White Guys!?
Actually, lets be more accurate.
A BRIT. From a Brit LoCo.
Having no doubt been accustomed to treating his people back in UK like sh1t (huge pilot over-supply, falling T&C's across the board etc etc) he no doubt simply expects the same treatment will be swallowed at Tiger.
Big mistake.
For one thing, there are plenty of jobs appearing, and experienced drivers are in short supply. So no need to put up with that BS.

In this way TF was right in what he said. Mr.Davis was quick to jump on the 'racist' bandwagon, always the first refuge of the guilty and the liar.
It wasn't a racist comment - it was a statement of fact. The likes of Davis - and others - are all graduates from the College of WBLMOL....Wannabe Like Michael O'Leary. They've got the attitude alright, but lack the common sense to see it doesn't work here - like Tony said.
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Old 24th Oct 2010, 01:30
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Unfortunately for Tony Davis, he has caused considerable embarrassment to Singapore Incorporated. Its status as a transportion hub is vital to its economic interests and anything which rocks the boat, such as large numbers of angry travellers who can't get to where they want to be, doesn't go down well.

Full page advertisments in the local press by a Malaysian company, making fun of an airline in which the Singapore government and Singapore airlines have a considerable share holding must be causing a few red faces amongst the ruling elite.

Tony wanted to reduce his pilot costs and decided that the global financial crisis provided a good opportunity with a plausible reason for a pay cut and an expected oversupply of tech crew depressing the job market.

When that didn't turn out as planned he tried to plug the gap with cut price Indonesian pilots. That wasn't very successful, and now he has had to bite the bullet and bring in contract pilots from Europe who will be recieving nearly US$18 000 a month into their offshore accounts if they if they stay close to the flight time limits.

Staff morale has obviously been affected with turnover of captains believed to be nudging 60% so far this year. First officers with enough time to move on, but not enough to take advantage of the captain shortage and swap seats, are also reported to be leaving.

Talk down at the pub suggests Hong Kong Airlines despite all the negative comments on the Fragrant Habour forum is the destination of choice, with Jetstar Asia following behind.
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Old 24th Oct 2010, 07:57
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I agree - but what TF shouldve said was a “bunch of ignorant
white pommey twits” trying to run an airline.

From what Ive heard over the years Davis and co think they could
apply there own cultural atitudes on the locals and thats why it
doesnt work. He and his minions have trashed over locals and has
built up considerable resentment.

The amount of people who are Davis fans would fill a shoe box. Im
no fan of TF but Im definitley with him on this one.
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Old 24th Oct 2010, 08:17
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The reality is in this region AK is the big boy of LCC's. Tiger on the other hand is a sub standard player at best, they're not even close to Jetstar who is setting itself up nicely to be the next big player in the region.It will be interesting to see how long Temasik and SIA allow this circus to go on.

TF's statement is not so much racial as it is arrogant....... as they say... to the winner go the spoils!
Old 24th Oct 2010, 14:49
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..and this is precisely why the proposed Thai Tiger is such a joke and is doomed to fail.
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Old 24th Oct 2010, 16:17
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Ladies and Gentlemen, if things are so messed up at tiger, it begs the question, Why is the SIA group letting them flounder?
Why are they allowing the "good" name of a Singapore Associated organisation to be dragged through the mud?
Why are the resources / skills / knowledge and experience of the people of the SIA group being held back?
Has SIA put tiger in the too-hard basket or is there another reason for the apparent ever quickening path to extinction?
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Old 24th Oct 2010, 22:59
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Good question....

Tony Davis is however is on a real sweet deal and I think they don't want to remove him for a couple of reasons...

1)Would make them(Singapore) look foolish and concede defeat to TF

2)The pay off would be public and create an outcry ie like him cashing out half his share options recently... showing everyone his confidence in Tiger.
Old 25th Oct 2010, 04:25
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TD of Tiger

To all,

Sorry but none of this is good. But to be fair TD is not a good guy. Treats all like crap especially pilots who he describes as high paid bus drivers. He also has such a huge ego its hard for his massive head to fit thru the door. Now TF is not much better but why did he lower his self to TD level?????????
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Old 25th Oct 2010, 10:18
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Looks like they have to cancel their Bangalore flight,reported in ChannelNewsAsia,apparantly due to severe crew shortage.
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Old 25th Oct 2010, 22:57
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Won't be the last.........
Old 26th Oct 2010, 01:59
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for those in the know in Asia's LCC world, it's not just about Tiger and Airasia nowadays. some of the other operators in philippines and korea are already gaining strength.

TD in Tiger and MB in Cebu Pacific both idolize the calculated buffoonery of Michael O Leary, however they dont have the sophistication to adapt their styles to Asia, where a lot of subtlety is required to mix with their preferred in-your-face stance, thus building widespread local resentment against them "white boys". do i think TF is racist? absolultely not. does TF sound racist how he said it? i suppose yes. do i think TF was arrogant? definitely yes, but not nearly as arrogant as TD and MB thinking their asian employees will just embrace their pushy style.
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