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SEAIR hiring A320 pilots

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SEAIR hiring A320 pilots

Old 4th Oct 2010, 16:35
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SEAIR hiring A320 pilots

Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR) Inc.was established in March 1995, SEAIR now operates a fleet of 4 Dornier 328, turbo prop-powered commuter airliner and is committed in increasing its fleet to Airbus 319 & Airbus 320. The airline operates domestic services to over 25 routes and destinations in the Philippines. SEAIR will operate flights internationally and now we are looking for dedicated, friendly and enthusiastic people to join our pilot crew. Pounce on this opportunity to join the exciting aviation industry!


  • Report directly to the respective equipment Chief Pilot.
  • Responsible for the operations and safety of the aircraft and for the safety of all persons on board during the flight.
  • Ensure that the Pre-flight Check System is complied with in detail.
  • Responsible for notifying the pertinent authority by the quickest available means of any accident involving the aircraft, resulting in injury or death of any person or substantial damage to the aircraft or property.
  • Responsible for reporting all known or suspected defects in the aircraft, to the operator at the termination of flight.
  • Representative of the company during flight and at other stations in his capacity as aircraft commander, and he shall comply with all government and company rules and regulations in performing his duties.
  • Promote Crew Resource Management under which optimum cooperation among crew members may be expected.
  • Responsible for flight preparation and execution in compliance with legal regulatory and company provisions.
  • Coordinate with the Flight Dispatcher, on flight preparation and ensure that all aspect relative thereto has been covered.
  • Ensure that his First Officer and crew member participate in the Dispatcher’s Crew Briefing.
  • Coordinate all crew duties as described in the company manuals.
  • Direct his flight management in such manner that all flight deck crew members are constantly aware of his intentions.
  • Ensure that checklists, standard operating procedures and standard flight profiles are adhere to and thoroughly carried out.
  • Take all actions which may improve the efficiency and comfort of the flight without adverse effect on safety.
  • Take all actions necessary to ensure safety of the flight.
First Officer
  • Report directly to the Chief Pilot and during flight to the Captain.
  • Occupy the right seat during all phases of flights and shall assist the Captain in all phases of flights.
  • Allowed to handle the aircraft controls in accordance with the existing company policies.
  • Acquaint with all relevant information and latest instructions concerning aircraft and flight to be flown.
  • Advise the Captain if in his opinion any aspect of flight preparation has been overlooked.
  • Attend the Flight Dispatcher’s briefing with the Captain.
  • Perform all duties as described in the company manuals under the supervision of the Captain.
  • Assist in promoting Crew Resource Management in which a good understanding and cooperation among crewmembers are expected.
  • Must be not more than 40 years old.
  • Must hold a valid Professional Pilot License issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) or an ICAO contracting state.
  • Must possess a valid Radiotelephony License from the CAAP or foreign licensing authority.
  • Must secure a record/certificate of accident and incident-free flying history from CAAP or foreign licensing authority.
  • Must secure a reference/recommendation from Chief Pilot from the last two (2) employers.
  • Must have the most recent proficiency check and must not be more than 12 month, preferably two (2) proficiency checks for the last 12 months.
  • Must passed at least level 4 and/or above English language proficiency certificate
  • Applicants for Pilot in Command (PIC) must have total flying hours of 5000 hrs and 1500 hrs for A319/A320 type equipment.
  • Applicants for First Officer (FO) must have total flying hours of 2000 hrs and 500 hrs for A319/A320 type equipment.
10 Vacancies

Are they also hiring pilots for their Dornier 328?
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Old 5th Oct 2010, 12:58
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Occupy the right seat during all phases of flights
Good discription of the FO duties...

Serious: Anyone with information regarding this company?
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Old 5th Oct 2010, 15:24
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SEA Air = TIGER (of Singapore)

Can anyone verify that the SEA Air franchise will be operated by the LCC Tiger Airways of Singapore?
Is this the rumored Tiger Airways base in Clark?

BTW, I read they need pilots below 40 years old? Is this for both Capt & F/O requirements? That's weird?
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 07:20
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would be extremely tough to get Capts younger than 40. hope thats just for the FOs. also Tiger is reportedly leaving sing-Clark for sing-Manila. could be that seair will be the one to continue operating clark-singapore?
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 07:21
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Air Phil Express


I think much better to work for Air Phil X - heard they are looking for Captain's/F.O's and seek management pilots for A320's. They will have fleet of 20 A320 the real deal while the other guys...mmmmmmmm remember Spirit/Pearl/Grand etc etc another one bites the dust........................
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Old 17th Oct 2010, 14:44
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do they hire expat Captains? would love to go there for a contract?
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Old 17th Oct 2010, 15:24
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expat fo's, do theyhire as well? how much do you think they pay?
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Old 18th Oct 2010, 10:53
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can somebody say what the heck seair is up to trying to get into the a320 game? they simply have no one in their ranks that can do it. no pilots, no engineers. 5J and airphil are going to eat them alive....
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Old 18th Oct 2010, 11:55
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The question is do they have the bus? if they're buying new ones, then TRE's would be there for sure... but I don't think they're buying new 320's. But even so, is there anyone who've seen their 320's delivered in Manila?
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Old 19th Oct 2010, 08:11
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Bird one and two . As if they could afford to buy a newbie.

So is this just Tiger operating on behalf of SEAir?
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Old 30th Oct 2010, 13:25
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make room clark!

taking off soon!
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Old 31st Oct 2010, 14:21
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just doesn't sound right, 2 planes?

i hope your bus is new, coz it's frustrating to see 1 of your 2 planes cannibalized for parts...think about it guys, just 2 planes1 plane gets diverted or AOG, you know what happens next...good luck!
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Old 16th Feb 2011, 17:44
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happy with 2 planes in the seair -tiger fleet right now.both 319s, no issues except for some cabin crew seatbelts. otp is 98%, flies 2x daily([email protected] then [email protected]) to sin from cia.7hrs block time/ flight. work 4 days then play 3 days for three weeks then 4th week almost always off otherwise we'd exceed the target 83.3 hrs /month max. can't complain coz i did the 6days/1day off pattern including redeyes in 5j . clark is a great base. no traffic ,cheap rent, diversified food , cheap beer,bike all day and night,green fees 15$ on weekdays,25$ weekends.
45 minutes to subic.

will start clark-hk next month 2x daily and take delivery of 3 more 320s
all of the flight crew(captains averaging 4k hrs on 320s) are ex-5j including ground and cabin staff.
pax load about 85-95% on both flights.
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Old 17th Feb 2011, 03:46
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you gotta be kidding me on the 85-95% pax load
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Old 17th Feb 2011, 04:12
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you gotta be kidding me on the 85-95% pax load

ok ok,we were 98-99% during the holidays and now its low season were at about 85%
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Old 17th Feb 2011, 12:52
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yes seair is hiring for a320 we have a shortage of pilot, so if anyone there is willing to accept the pay scheme you can contact me anytime on my office in salem or maybe in clark coz right now im on my initial training with A320 at clark aviation and im aiming for a direct captain position since im an admin pilot
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Old 17th Feb 2011, 16:58
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why dont you use your real name "onieangeles" faker?
i know youre fake coz the real onie angeles never asked to be trained on the airbus. but since were talking about his training ,yes he is undergoing training right now for the airbus.it was iren who insisted that he be trained and we obliged happily.
and btw, no ,were not hiring as of yet coz we already have the line-up for the airbus.
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Old 17th Feb 2011, 21:46
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Can anyone truly confirm whether they are actually hiring? How many A320s are they planning on getting, aprt from the 2 leased from Tiger..
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Old 18th Feb 2011, 03:18
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i just got back from SIN, rode 4319 and the plane was less than half full. there is NO WAY in hell you have 85% average load hehe. but what's a couple percentage points for accuracy's sake, right?

the fare is a blockbuster though. 5J must be scratching their heads at how you can offer those rates

whenever my day is bad, i look up your posts in PPRuNe. thank you for humoring me all the time LMAO
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Old 23rd Feb 2011, 03:52
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looks like onie read the books that i recommended to him in another thread. his english improved. but mentality is the same. what can we suggest him to read this time?
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