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Could someone shed some light for me on my questions please?

Re: B777 F/o

1- I am currently B767 type rated with much time on type and a JAA licence. Would Korean accept my B777 type rating if it was with reduced sim time due to my B767 experience? or would they want me to complete the full type rating on the B777?

2- As a F/o on the B777, how many hours would i be flying during my one month on (minus the 9 days off)?

3- What destinations can i expect for the B777 and how much layover time on average?

Thanks in advance for your advice and comments!!
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Re: B777 F/o

1- I am currently B767 type rated with much time on type and a JAA licence. Would Korean accept my B777 type rating if it was with reduced sim time due to my B767 experience? or would they want me to complete the full type rating on the B777?

2- As a F/o on the B777, how many hours would i be flying during my one month on (minus the 9 days off)?

3- What destinations can i expect for the B777 and how much layover time on average?

Thanks in advance for your advice and comments!!


I have command on the B777 in KAL and herewith the answers to your questions:

1. As long as you have a valid B777 type rating done through an approved institution, KAL will accept this. Although they advertise for 'Non Type Rated' pilots, this is not quite true. One has to join WITH a type rating but no experience on type is considered 'non type rated.'

2. During your two and a half week duty cycle, expect to fly on average 70-80 hours although it can be as little as 60-70 hours

3. The B777 is primarily used to the USA (east and west coasts), Australasia, SE Asia (SIN, BKK, SGN, MNL), Europe (MAD, AMS, PRG, VIE) and turnaround trips to China and Japan.
a) US layovers usually 48 hrs (some 24 hrs and very occasionally 72 hrs)
b) Australasia usually 48 hrs
c) SE Asia 24 hrs
d) Europe usually 48 hrs

I hope this helps.

J Airplane.
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I am currently working at a regional in the US and will be furloughed in the next few months. I am a korean-american, second generation, and was wondering if there's any opportunities in korea with korean air. Is the only viable way to get hired with korean airlines is through a contract company? Would appreciate some info.
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check your PMs, kimchi
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Hi Seaman,

Im pretty sure its not a matter of "english speaking", its more a matter of having experience with Asia and accepting their way of seeing the things. You must embrace their rules and procedures and youll be fine!
Many Expats pilots from KAL can confirm this, some have different experience.
All the best
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Hi all!

Ive been offered the position of B737 F/O with KAL and I am leaning towards accepting. Im today with a large european carrier that everybody loves to hate, and Id like to try something different since Im still young enough to do it without risking too much.

Since I might end up commuting mostly to a city that is not part of the KAL pax ops network, Id like to ask if anyone knows if I could get ID tickets through KAL to fly to my city from one of the KAL bases with LH, BA etc?

Id also like some info from some of the B737 crew about atmosphere on layovers. Crew interaction? Go together for dinners etc. Or Korean CPT withdrawing immediately to his room and rest of crew spending night watching Korean TV?

For all who are thinking about applying:

The recruitment process went just as the agency and previous posters have adviced. No surprises. Our instructor even started the sim and left us alone to do some circuits on the rwy just to get a feel of the sim and to relax. He also let us do all procedures according to our present SOPs. Amazing! Nothing to advanced. Split flap landing, visual single engine, V1 cuts etc.


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Like you said you are a younger guy. So, I as an older guy, will dispense some valuable advise. If you listen carefully, you may be able to avert any major mistakes in your career hence taking full advantage of your youth.

you are a very lucky to have a job during these times. Now before you give up that job for another, do genuine research. Genuine research includes all the basics such as airline profile, profitablility, sustainability, your T&C, etc. But the most important part of genuine research is to take that vision you have in your mind about your future airline and trow it in the trash. I'm talking about things like seeing yourself in a heavy jet in a couple of years, becoming a captain, being with cute Asian FAs and such. It is a mirage, set up by yourself to fool yourself.

Read these forums for additional information. Although 90% of it is useless, there is that 10% that will answer most of your question. Those that come from guys who actually work there. Make a distinction between the two and read carefully.

Move with caution. Good Luck.

ps - more forum discussions on the subject here:

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You are very kind CF. I would have worded it differently. The only time one should join a dead end position, such as KAL's F.O. program is when they are out of work or have some other over-riding reason to accept a dead end position without opportunity for advancement. To leave a steady job at what might be a good carrier is just stupid. If a leave of absence is possible and it's just to have an adventure in Asia for short while, then disregard.

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Don't even consider KAL as F/O on a B737 as there is no career structure there for the likes of you so in a few years time you will have to move on having burnt your bridges back home, still a F/O and then staying as an expat which as an F/O is difficult. After a few years you will probably end up applying for the likes of EK or EY and your career has effectively gone backwards as you now start at the bottom of another airline. Only consider those that have some kind of upgrade policy.

I have night stopped in Seoul many times. cold and snowy in winter, hot and sticky in Summer. Good bar/music downstairs at The Hyatt JJ's Itaewon. Seoul Pub. Hilton. I would guess the B737 is not the best fleet to be on either.

Stay with the airline in Europe everbody loves to hate is my advice.

I very much doubt if you will get any social intercourse on night stops. Maybe as a young expat F/O you will be a novelty to some!

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Thanks everybody for helpful advice.

Guess I'll end up staying in good old Europe this time!

Happy new year to all!
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Does anybody have any information on the medical...specifically the vision requirements at Korean.
My vision is not the greatest...20/100 correctible to 20/25 in the right eye, 20/60 correctible to 20/20 in the left...both eyes 20/20. That's good enough here in Canada but I'm not sure about Korean.

Looking at the 737NG Captain position...any info would be appreciated!

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hi rambus,
Ive done the screening last year. they are very restrictive on the medical, but if your values are in limit you better bring a confirmation of a aviation medical doctor, and - or what can happen is that you are requested to send a confirmation of such a doctor after your screening if the rest was ok!!
All the best and good luck!!!
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For oversea Koreans with 1000 hours+, apply through ???? ::: ???? for permanent job
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A330 information?

J. Airplane. I meant to say............... Your posting on the 777 was very enlightening. Could you provide similar information for the A330. Or do you know of someone who might be kind enough to do same. Thanks.
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KAL captains upgrade

Hello. Any chance captains flying 737 NG get an upgrade to 767, 777 A330?
Is that commom?
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CCL address

Hello. I am thinking to apply for KAL 737NG. could someone get me the address of CCL, please? tks
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How many pilots do KAL have and how many of them are expats?
Approximately 2200 in total, of which approximately 400 are foreigners.
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Korean Air

CCL - Korean Air Recruitment Details
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It was a common practice that the Captains used to travel in First and the F/Os travel in Business Class whilst commute. The Contract stated it is Economy Class on the way home and subject to availability Business Class. On the way after the days off back to Seoul it is Business Class. What KAL does now is "enforce" the contract, hopefully in all other contents as well. Because there are clauses ignored in the past and not enforced at all because that would be a advantage for the Contractee, Agencies do not support Pilots after placement because if they would try they would jeopardize the "climate" between KAL and themselves. If a Agent provides 50 or even 80 Pilots to KAL he has the fear of being ignored by the next selection. Despite the statement, the fluctuation is too high over the past years. Too many are leaving earlier then the 5 year term, think about it when you read the shiny advertisments about the best commuting system, excellent ammenities and so on. It dresses the window and lures the desire that the grass is greener on the other side until you look at it from a diffrent angle, you then realise that the grass was greener where you were.

Some of my sources tell me that even now whilst on duty the real deadhead is applied as well to Business only, your Korean Colleague is sleeping in First, you are trying to close a eye in Business. Fair and equal treatment....?!

Fly safe and land happy

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The contract reads:

(a) KAL shall provide the F/O when deadheading to duty or rest with a guaranteed seat in economy class. When deadheading to duty, the F/O can be assigned a seat in business class, on a seat available basis.

warm off the print
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