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Stuck in Singapore

Old 27th May 2008, 13:23
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Stuck in Singapore

Good evening gentlemen, I find myself in a rather big mess now and would like to seek some professional advice.

I last posted augest 06 if I recall correctly, shortly after my 1st solo. I went on to complete my PPL(w/o nav) at SYFC in june 08. I was rather optimistic about joining the RSAF as historical records of SYFC applicants have shown.

Now a year later, I find myself in NS training to be an infantry officer. I got the highest medical class, I scored the highest for the computer test in N years but I failed the interview. 'You seem more interested in flying commercially' Just because I mentioned the 26y/o limit for SQ I spoke to Col. Tan, head air, manpower at the SYFC PPL wings ceremony and got a vague promise of a review.

This is an enormous setback for me. Being one of the 100+ perfect scorers in the 07 A lvls, I would have at least gotten the SMS scholarship, or even SAFOS had I successfully become a pilot trainee. Now assuming I don't make the airforce, I'll have to sort out my degree and flight training options. That is after finishing NS in october 09.

I'll definitely want to get at least a CPL/IR + CFI during college and instruct in my junior and senior years. I'll then try for cadetship and regionals/LCC. I figured that SQ would be harder than Harvard law school. Tiger/AirAsia needs ~1500hrs and 172s or PA28s don't count. Of course I applied for the Etihad thing just so that I can tell myself I tried it all. Hence my first problem.

American degrees are very enticing in their reputation and job opportunities after graduation. But from what I read the FAA licence is near impossible to convert and with the american skies already so saturated, a foreign newbie like me won't stand a chance. With tuition fees running 35-50k/yr I won't be able to afford flight lessons. Williams, Coloumbia and Georgetown which made me offers did not have flight depts anyway. The only way to study there and have a flying career would be the RSAF, which won't seem to happen.

Just recently I also got NUS Law which is a 5yr course leading up to a NUS LLB and NYU JD. I won't be able to find time to go train in Malaysia so I'll probably not take this as well.

Australia seems nice as their licence is easier to convert(though I'm not sure of the details, maybe someone can enlighten me) but their degrees are not as credible, no offence. Even then I'll be stuck along with all the other 250hr fATPLs.

UK has both, Oxbridge degrees and CAA licences, but for the cost of getting them both, I might as well set up my own LCC.

Now is it true that RSAF rejects can apply to SQ at 24.5? What other avenues are there which I can be reasonably confident of?

Good evening.
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The question is "Do you really want to be a professional pilot?"

Most of the world's airline captains sacrificed all other options, got themselves up to their ears in debt and spent years doing sh*t jobs flying heaps of junk in odd places, just because they really, really, really wanted to fly.

Kick it all into touch, borrow as much money as you can to pay for lessons, get a couple of jobs flipping burgers, driving taxis and sweeping hangar floors or whatever to pay for a hovel and food to stop yourself starving and just get on with it.

Good Luck.
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Old 27th May 2008, 18:02
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I'll give it to you straight and in your face.

Your problem:

You are not focussed. You want also others to spoon feed you with information. Part of the cohort of 100+ perfect scorers for A Levels? So what? So bloody what?! Singapore is so short of talent and anyone with such results, who has a decent heart, would have been snapped up by the GLCs. They are falling over themselves to offer scholarships to deserving candidates. The interviewers who rejected you did their job well - you have no heart to be RSAF material or on the receiving end of some scholarship. You may be brilliant but they have assessed your attitude and you don't deserve a scholarship, in spite of what YOU think. What is your hurry? You are stuck in NS until Oct 09.

Your solution:

Re-read the threads on cadets and self sponsored CPL holders. The answers are in there. If you can't be bothered to dig it out, tough shit. Oct 09 is enough time to read the threads THOROUGHLY. If you want so much to be an airline pilot, read the damn threads backwards and forwards until you find the answer.
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Old 28th May 2008, 03:58
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Thermal Image.... amen !
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Thermal Image

A380 : is right about the record sharing, I've ridden in LM's Porsche to attend an interview session, and yes the rejects were added to our list too. Other than that, no offense A380 but you waffle on far too much.

Attitude + Aptitude, and the right mix, can't be too rich or lean on either. You sound like you really need to flip some burgers, sweep a few hangers, perhaps mowing the grass at the airport will teach you a few things, including some HUMILITY.

New guy I flew with last week highly intelligent, degreed (NUS), father is a fish monger, and its not beneath him to help out and be seen working in a wet-market!

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Did A380 post something? I can't seem to see it.. either administrator deleted it or A380 decided to retract what he said...
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The FTD retirement plan

My two cents:

Flying junk in the seventies and eighties for nothing was the greatest part of my career. You had to hand fly steam gauges for little outfits who depended on your ass and valued you as a pillar of the operation. You showed up broke, you could've gotten killed, there were no guarantees, but you didn't have to deal with two-fisted middle management in an era where you're just labor in a big outfit that hates pilots (which was likely your future, if you got a high paying so-called dream job.) And most of the old guys you flew with on the first civilian jobs were the most wonderful gentlemen you could ever hope to fly with. Typically, they were guys who got fired, or who couldn't get a job at the monster airlines. Tough but brave, they would let you take the machine to the point where they weren't sure if they could save it themselves. When I checked-out I made sure that I practiced the same teaching ethic with my crews and many have thanked me since.

I was broke, then rich , then broke, then middle income flying for four different airlines. I don't regret any of it.

My Advice: Take the advice of the other posters above. If you're trying to make a logical decision, forget it. Flying careers are a crap shoot. If you're looking for money, go to med school or law school. If you love the sky, then lookout, odds are you're going to fly till you die! (What we used to call the FTD retirement plan, since our outfit was too broke to have a retirement plan.)

P.S. Don't give up because the bastards tried to side track you. Get a weekend flight instructor/ banner towing job or, if you can't manage that at a little airport near school: sweep the hangar or pump gas until they get tired of you begging.)

Good Luck, because you are going to need it!

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Have a fall back career because with oil prices, tourism could dry up pretty bad for a while. Many airlines in the U.S. are starting to furlough but as soon as oil men are out of the white house this might ease somewhat. (might: who knows ) Even if you aren't likely to get a job there, the fact that they aren't looking for work over here in asia equals a good thing.

A worldwide pilot shortage is still possible after you finish school. AW&ST projections seem to indicate this (especially considering increased future air cargo needs.) At that time, it's my opinion that you are wasting your time if you are not trying with at least twenty airlines. You never know which one had a staff crisis and has parked 747's due to crew unavailability. This is what happened to me due to a B-scale MOU disagreement and I was put in the first class ahead of 5000 other applicants on file. Translation: Blind Luck can beat qualifications if your timing is right; so be shooting off resumes to 20 companies after you get out of school and get a little experience

So don't try to pick an airline now. Keep your options open. Don't be picky. Like the other poster said, nobody really cares that much about your schoolboy brownie buttons or your bug-smashing time in singles either. You need to apply to everybody and be thankful that anybody will hire you to fly anything at all. Push hard though to become co-pilot on some kind of twin, where your first name will be "Coffee!" and your second name will be "Logbook!" Then it's gear up and shut up, empty the biffy and put oil in the engines.

Ahhhhh, the glamourous life of the aspiring airline pilot.......

Glad I'm retired.
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Ahhhhh, the glamourous life of the aspiring airline pilot.......

Glad I'm retired.

"Well said" Last I heard. at least 200 are lining up for a decent job!

Scary ain't it!
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From what I can deduce from your post, you seem to be more interested in joining RSAF just so you can hop over to SIA after your contract is over. I know of a few people who intend to do this, but I think this is ill-advised.

And let me tell you, getting the 'highest medical class' and scoring 'the highest for the computer test in N years' doesnt count for crap when they assess whether you can fly or not. Neither do they look for super-muggers who can secure straight A's. None of these is required when it comes down to flying skills. You mentioned that you have a PPL, but seriously you think that it makes you superior to the rest? People join SYFC for a hobby, but they enter RSAF for a career.

Even though I'm not a psychologist, like any of those sitting around the interviewers during the air force interview, however, I can very safely deduce that you are a pretty arrogant person. I'll just put it this way; a person who scores straight C's, and just scrapes through the MAPAS test has 10 times more opportunity to fly in the RSAF than you. I'm not trying to flame you or anything, but then I just cant bear it when thread starters like you act like they deserve something more than others just because the others arent as high in IQ as you.

I'd really suggest you change your attitude otherwise NO airline will ever hire you. When it comes down to the real working world, academic results are one thing, attitute towards the job is another. Anyway, why dont you just concentrate on your law course? If you are as bright a spark as u mentioned, no doubt you would do well in your course. There's always other career opportunities for people like you. If you truly still love flying, then you are still armed with your PPL. You can always go flying for leisure. I wish you luck in your future endeavours (other than applying for RSAF).

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Sounds like a typical "mummy's boy" who thinks the world owes you a living. How about getting mummy to speak to someone in charge?

Go sign up for a course at the School of Hard Knocks first; then perhaps the interviewers will find you a likely candidate for the RSAF albeit the airlines.

In the flying business, humility is a virtue.
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You know what? I totally agree with bloodsucker and SlimShadey. Seriously, you need to rethink your direction.

And no one likes to hire a stuck up feller. Do you seriously think that perfect A scores will definitely get you a scholarship? Think again. Its not all about results.
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Look at all the post made by "Sunny_Always", his second last post was 05 August 2007 and his last post was 27 May 2008! More than 9 months! He has vanished for more than 9 months!

Why bother to give him suggestion?
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