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Vietnam Airlines (info please)

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Vietnam Airlines (info please)

Old 29th Aug 2009, 06:22
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NEdude, isn't there an outfit in the NorthWest(SEA area?) that offers it fo less? Also, I've heard of a place in Florida. They advertise on this site.
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Old 31st Aug 2009, 06:12
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It's been 5 weeks so far for me and still waiting but I was informed that they have invited very few candidates for screening for Aug due to time constraints (busy season) and lack of instructors/checkers. At least that's what I know.
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Old 31st Aug 2009, 10:51
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Does anyone on the 777 or 330 do have the 5/3 or 4/4 roster or it's just a trap???
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Old 31st Aug 2009, 11:34
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The word is if you want to get of first base, It's 6 on 2 off.
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Old 1st Sep 2009, 09:06
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hi all
For 330 roster now, they work around 40~50h per month. About 4/3
Next month, 2 330 will arrive, i don't know what happened then because they will cover flight to Japan and Australia.
This 7th Sep, some 320 capt/FO( i know 1 Can, 1 Aus) will have interview for type rating to 330.
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Old 1st Sep 2009, 09:59
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Thanks for the info!!,

I applyed one moth ago via rishworth and no news.... A320 F/O +6700 in Airbus, really looking foward to go for the interviews, and if posible to the 330........ Nice to ear that they are interviewing Capt and F/O of A320 for the A330. Do the company pay the CCQ?, any bond?, do u know how much experience do they want to send u to the 330?.

Thanks again and wish u happy landings!, c u in Hanoi!
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Old 1st Sep 2009, 11:13
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Dear Do-27

It depend from the contract you sign with VNA, to sign contract with them,I think they don't require so much experience. Because at this moment, a son of 320capt who only do type rating and VNA do line training for him.
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Old 2nd Sep 2009, 15:57
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Job At Vietnam ?

Any news about A 320 captain job, at Vietnam Airlines ?......
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Old 4th Sep 2009, 04:14
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Vietnam Airlines plans 150 aircraft fleet by 2020

SOURCE:Air Transport Intelligence news
By Graham Dunn

Vietnam Airlines believes the overhaul of its entire fleet with new generation aircraft by the middle of the next decade will help support its aggressive growth plans which now envisage a fleet of around 150 aircraft by 2020.

The SkyTeam-bound carrier currently operates a fleet of 58 aircraft; a mix of Fokker 70s, ATR 72-200/500s, Airbus A320/A321s, A330s and Boeing 777s. In line with the strong recent and anticipated long-term growth of Vietnam and the neighbouring region, the carrier has previously said it hopes to grow its fleet to reach 110 by 2020.

But speaking to ATI during an interview at the carrier's Paris office, Vietnam Airlines president and chief executive Pham Ngoc Minh said the carrier now expects its fleet to nearly reach that size by 2015. "By 2015 it will be 107, by 2020, it will be around 150," he says.

"We believe that Vietnam Airlines will grow and will become a leading carrier in Southeast Asia," Minh says, noting the carrier is aiming to improve its product to help raise its competitiveness with other major network carriers in the surrounding regions.

"One of the policies to build up our competitiveness is the fleet programme. Vietnam Airlines wants to renew its fleet as soon as possible. By 2015/16, the entire Vietnam Airlines fleet will be new generation aircraft."

The latest part of this renewal is about to begin, as this May it begins replacing its ATR 72-200s with recently ordered -500 models. These will join the ATR 72-500s it already operates. "We are starting from May 2009 and we will complete it by May 2010. By the end of 2010, Vietnam Airlines will have a new fleet of 14 ATR 72-500s," he says.

"We have the same programme to renew the Airbus fleet. This programme will be completed by 2013, by then we have no more old [narrowbody] aircraft." The carrier has ten A320s in the fleet - dating back to 1996/97 - alongside 14 newer A321s and 24 more A321s on order. It has also just secured government authority to acquire 10 more A321s from Airbus and Minh, pointing to the good timing to negotiate for new aircraft, does not rule out taking more aircraft if it can strike the right deal.

On the long-haul, the carrier already has commitments in place for Airbus A350s and Boeing 787s. "With the A330 and Boeing 777, we start our replacement process around 2013 and we hope to complete it by 2016," he says.

Despite the current tough market conditions, Minh says the growth in the region together with the boost SkyTeam membership will give it, means there will be plenty of opportunities to deploy the new aircraft.

"Vietnam as a single market will by 2020 have a population of 110 million. With open skies [in the surrounding area], it's a market of 130-150 million. Vietnam Airlines has enough room to put its fleet. More than this we can extend our market in south-east and north-east Asia. And with membership of SkyTeam we hope Vietnam will become a gateway to south-east Asia and I don't think 150 aircraft by 2020 is enough for a gateway," he says.

"My main challenge is how we can implement our aggressive plan for growth in a feasible way, not doing too much far, but at the same time I have to speed up this process."
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Old 6th Sep 2009, 17:45
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Living in Vietnam

Hi guys!

How is it to live in Vietnam?

Is housing expensive?

Is it a good place to have our wife and kids living there as well?

Any portuguese guy in Vietnam Airlines i could talk to?

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Old 8th Oct 2009, 13:52
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Same question from me guys living out there....
Lifestyle..6 on 2 off... How hard does one work on the 320/321 fleet?
How easy is it to plan your return to the UK via Paris for the 2 off?
Is there much chance of getting a few beers in whilst out there?(should have been number one on the list!!)
Do i keep my UK licence current at my own expense and time?
Salary paid into an Isle of Man bank account... Do most guys utilise this service and are there any restrictions on length of stay in the UK to avoid paying uk tax?
Do many guys house share to cut costs?
What is the turnover re numbers who attend screening v those actually offered the contract?
Do many folk find it's not for them and quit soon after arrival or is this an opportunity not to be missed where a current employer is offering long career breaks( with a tax free lump sum) and therefore a "get out of jail free" card to return to a seniority list after a few years??
I appreciate, in advance,and look forward to your replies...Please!!
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Old 8th Oct 2009, 15:55
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Posted on June 2008, I dont know if things have changed..

A normal week has one or two days OFF(recently), so assuming five days of work:

Day 2. SGN-PNH-VTE-HAN Layover in Hanoi (5 star hotel)
Day 6. OFF
Day 7. OFF

Generally all day flights, home at night.
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Old 9th Oct 2009, 03:14
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this is for 320
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Old 15th Oct 2009, 20:24
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hi all
anybody know what are the chances of a contract a320 fo getting an upgrade.....if the answer is yes..how long
just looking for someones best guess
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 04:32
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@ least a wait of 2 or 3 years
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 08:47
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any reason, why vna is not searching FOs for ATR??

best regards

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Old 19th Oct 2009, 11:00
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They have a Cadet program for Vietnamese Nationals.
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 14:58
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anything's possible!!!!!...........!

there is already a French f/o flying on the ATR........(the only expat 1)

in a very rare case......................(in the 320 are maybe 2 that ive heard)

he started working in HAN collecting data
now he does that during week &
only flies on the weekends

he paid his rating
has a 1 year contract
and gets paid peanuts ........less than 2K

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Old 19th Oct 2009, 16:46
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i m wondering if VNA ever employ muslim pilot, coz rumors say they dont, any say?
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 19:22
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Any ideas on how many pilots they are looking to hire for the A320 fleet?
What about the pass/fail rates on sim assesments
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