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Vietnam Airlines (info please)

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Vietnam Airlines (info please)

Old 4th Apr 2009, 17:14
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Thanks for the info, Jump. Do you know if Cebu hires through an agency, and if so, which one?
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 19:46
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To VAC ATR skippers: Not too long ago VAC had a deal whereby ATR drivers could upgrade to the Bus. Am I correct in assuming the economy has ended that program? Will it start up again? If so, what would be a realistic time-frame to upgrade to A320 capt? 3yrs? 5 yrs?
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 19:38
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the economy has not ended anything
here the flights are with very high loads
market here its very diff compared to india or thailand 4 example
its growing more and more

the deal is still on
the contract says a minimum of 3 years in to enter the pool
again , you'll go up, depending on need & your performance
and maybe just maybe how cool the guys in hanoi think you are
it will also help to have a key local contact to push things a little bit with the big gun's to put your name on the table, or below the table he he
now,............ they say its a case by case thing
and that you could be elegible "now" after completing 2 years in, this is verbal, not in papper, so still the 36 month's is the rule ,....its in evryones contract,........... & by the way, you can also chose to go onto the 777 f/o, they need lot's of those right now, many many flights on that bird are being done by 2 capt's

now the other factor that might have (or for sure did in my opinion) influenced any decision from them , & here are a couple of examples
1st is that captain's go and do the type/rating outside Vietnam............cool thats ok, fair enough, you can do it on your holiday, nice & easy, maybe the instructor its your pal, & its in your home town.............,.....but..............eh eh eh , hold your horses........... not too good from the local's point of view...............thats MONEY they don't get from each pilot willing to give away a rating of 22K + the bond PLUS.....yes plus.....the salary you don't receive while in ground class & sim!, you will only start getting paid, after your 1st line training flight..................ANDDDDDD..........only 90% of the salary..........................MINUS..............yes minus whatever you must pay back to the agency for the rating
remember that dozen's of pocket's must & need to be filled up with each rating a foreigner here does!
the last example & most talked about in the gossip magazines was the case of the last 2 ATR skippers that went on the 'bus type rating
& how they did after more than a year into the thing......................horrible
it has to be the longest type rating class in the world........................result.......................bo th failed, 1 of them is back on the ATR (lucky if you ask me that they took him.............well maybe not, he also had to pay to get current "again" on the ATR sim, rumour say around 10K extra on the bank bill) and the other capt (clever 1) staying on the bus .........but as f/o ,.....they say for 6 month's, ..............who knows ?

lot of money spend, or put it like this not received
you could say you've earn it............but thats the vietnamese way like it or not, it doesnt make sense, but in this troubled times......it's "show me the money" or in the local slang..........no money no honey.............like the girls in apocalypse

realistic time frame...........................that doesnt exist man

sorry, for the good or bad news

now remember not all details are given in full by the agencies
maybe one more than the other, but, still, like all agencias,
they just want theyre cut, and quite simpluy forget about you
they dont care if your dreams is the 320 or 380

it's not personal it's simply a big big business
and evryone want's a share of it

again make it clear with the agency you might be dealing with
needless to say ................put it on papper

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Old 5th Apr 2009, 20:09
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ojguilty, Cebu hire directly or I think they have an ad done by Magellen Air Services.
Look up the Cebu thread and search for Sam Avila as he has put his email address on for contacting direct for positions at Cebu.
Hope that helps.
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 23:46
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So where are the ads for the 777 that everyone keeps talking about? I can´t seem to find them anymore.
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Old 6th Apr 2009, 02:57
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seems like people talking about upgrade even before they got in.. thats a lil too ambitious i think. anyway, anybody got a screening session coming up really soon? or even offer on the table alredy? and y is cebu on this page?
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Old 6th Apr 2009, 10:43
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question for vietnam airlines pilot


are you guys flying on a validation of your license or had to convert?

thanks a lot for the reply,

all the best,

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Old 6th Apr 2009, 11:31
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you have to convert, but it's no big deal!
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Old 15th Apr 2009, 04:24
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Vietnam Airlines set to buy 10 A321s, join SkyTeam

Wednesday April 15, 2009

Vietnam Airlines received government permission to move forward with the purchase of 10 A321-200s for delivery in the 2011-14 period and to join the SkyTeam alliance, according to press reports from Vietnam
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Old 17th Apr 2009, 10:02
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Hey Jumpdrive... thanks for the explanation. That program doesn't work for me. I suppose for some newby Captain who would otherwise not get the opportunity to upgrade to a jet it's a good deal.

I rec'd the contract from rish, $65/ day in training? Training for a plane I'm already current and qual'd on? No thanks. It's too bad, Vietnam seems like a fun place to work.

As long as I have a job, I'll avoid places that don't pay me for my time.
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Old 17th Apr 2009, 10:33
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What are the requirements for a 777 F/O contract position at Vietnam ?

Type Rated on 777 ? Yes / NO

Can X amount of Hours on Narrow Body Jet get one to the seat provided one is agreeable to the T&C ?

What would the T&C be ?

Any infos appreciated .. Many thanks ..
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Old 17th Apr 2009, 17:22
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you must be type-rated with at least 300 hours as F/O on the 777, 500 hours would be better to be in, at the moment they are upgrading 320 F/O's to the 777 but the supply is limited so you can have a chance to get in, however you will get a F/O contract and will stay as F/O! even you have the hours for upgrading. every local pilot will bypass you to be upgraded if he has the required hours for upgrading.

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Old 18th Apr 2009, 05:26
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Mach 84 , Thank you ..

I am a 737 F/O with a lot more hours than that .

Do I have to pay for the type rating ?

What is the pay package ?

I hear you on the upgrade and thats ok given the present scenario where I am .. At some point in time I will move back to a place where I can get it when things are better ..

Many Thanks again ..
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Old 23rd Apr 2009, 10:18
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So whats happening now?
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Old 28th Apr 2009, 13:42
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looks like agencies are looking for driver on ATR
saw an ads on Direct Personnel(new one), Parc, Euro Pacific , R......th, .
does anybody got a sim date with one of them.
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Old 3rd May 2009, 06:03
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Vietnam Airlines Hiring A320 Pilots

can anybody inform me details details about screening at vietnam airlines.Any information about direct personnel how reliable are they .
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Old 3rd May 2009, 08:43
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HI Sorry if I may be asking something which has already been answered, but there are too many threads to go through!!!

My question is, are Vietnam Airlines recruiting on their A330 fleet? I'm type rated and have 4000 hours on 330/340, as FO but I'm not current. What possibilities for me of joining? I'm also A320 type rated, around 300 hour on type.

Also do they have any sought of command scheme for first officers? Would much appreciate if anyone could answer my questions.. Cheers
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Old 5th May 2009, 03:40
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The part of liable I can assure you. I was with DPI on contract over 10 Years ago and we are still in contact now and then. Some of the people there are still working in Administration after all the years.

Vietnam is fun and I never had a problem there. I just flew to SGN last month again and had a great time again. People where nice and we visitet Vietnam AL again for handling.

Fly safe and land happy

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Old 10th May 2009, 03:14
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Sorry Dreamland,pardon my ignorance -- what is the meaning of "non-reving"?
An odd question for someone who meets the experience requirement.
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Old 10th May 2009, 14:41
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i've just read the last few posts here.

jumpdrive, i respectfully suggest that you have no idea why the latest ATR drivers failed the upgrade and your post is a joke.

mate you are not in training. So don't talk out of place.

They both failed for good reason, after a lot more hours than most. as far as i am aware the bloke that stayed on the bus had to pay for a right hand seat conversion.

The upgrade. just because you pay doesn't mean you'll pass. the same for the command upgrade. Don't expect to pay 20 grand and get some free bars in your mail box.

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