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Corruption and nepotism in MAS

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Corruption and nepotism in MAS

Old 16th Aug 2007, 01:38
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Corruption and nepotism in MAS

Hi guys, some questions :

1) What happened to the corruption case against Tajuddin initiated by Dr.
Con Don?

2) So many pilots are sons of senior skippers and directors/managers in
MAS. Doesn't this raise questions on the pilot selection process?

3) What happened to Old Ace or Old Ace99 who used to post here?

Come on guys, spit it out!
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 10:08
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Well the wheels of the judiciary in bolehland grind along at snail's pace as far as the big wigs are concerned. Depends who tajuddin and company throw their support to in the back room wheeling and dealing in umno. Recently the federal court threw out the appeals court ruling in a landmark case involving tajuddin's cohorts as well as their patron. So it will probably all come to nought or just a rap on the wrist if they are even found guilty.

As for nepotism, jun's son was in, khairi's son is in, kondehless latuk's son is in. Hey MAS is a buffet wagon and fruit basket....
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 12:58
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MAS did the right thing

So many pilots are sons of senior skippers and directors/managers in
MAS. Doesn't this raise questions on the pilot selection process?
No it dosen't. All these son of Captain have done well.
Tell me who's son did not do well????

This is a good policy. If your own sons don't deserve get into the airline then who else. At least they are just as qualified.
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 03:00
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I saw it written somewhere that Jun's son lengkuped and retrain somewhere...gua punya would be bonus wasted somewhere else.
As for the bhai's kid, the sins of the father......
Old 20th Aug 2007, 12:31
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and the prize for the most improved cadet goes to.......
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Old 20th Aug 2007, 16:20
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I fly with these guys la.

I think Its great that so many skippers have their kids in.

They are no different from the rest of us " no saudara " folk!

Some are way above average.

One..... on his first line flight .....carried himself with so much class and flew and managed the operation like an experienced pilot. Splitting image and same style as his dad. Class act!
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Old 21st Aug 2007, 18:06
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hai guys,
update.. egm has approved increase in sub of rm 10.latest news ae 737 going to ek 777.hope many more will follow.1/2 month bonus????? everyone happy..it only proves that mas guys shuts up when stuffed with smallest benefits.rest my case...it cannot be saved anymore....with aa x coming up...god bless mas.....sayonara
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Old 22nd Aug 2007, 15:51
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Can they Fly!!

Sometime it's not so much how you get in , it's can you do the job!
I've seen some so call ace pilot lost in the sim. The son's of most senior pilots are above average but that's because they have home tuition!!!
But still it's them who is doing the flt. test, not their dad.
So don't be too hard on them, if they are not up to mark the system will weed them out.
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Old 23rd Aug 2007, 08:58
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Mana Ada System.......................
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Old 24th Aug 2007, 06:27
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Cool 50 years

Yo, abang and kakak,
50 years has passed , so the system isn't going to change lah.
So, stay if you have to or leave if you've got nothing to stay for.
Thanks to globalisation, everyone has a chance else where,
and still balik-kampung a few times a year.
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Old 24th Aug 2007, 09:13
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Well said 422, that's about sum it up.
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Old 24th Aug 2007, 13:23
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come on now ,tell me who wouldnt want to have his own son have the same job as we do....
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Old 24th Aug 2007, 17:24
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Camel and his son

How much I dispise the Camel for his arrogrance and stupidity but his son is a gentlrman and a great pilot.
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Old 26th Aug 2007, 03:15
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hello mas pilots. glad to hear that you are back here in PPRuNe. it's funny to note that before the ESOS/Bonus fiasco, I hadly see any thread in here from MH guys. Why now suddenly there are a number of treads posted? May be you guys were happy with 2 big pay revisions since 2000 until few months ago.

Back then in 1999/2000, many guys left MH and were branded traitor. I was one of them. I bet you guys now earn double the amount before I left MH. Look back before year 2000. What was the highest pay revision given to MH drivers? Peanuts! Once was given 1.5% plus 11 ringgit. Why? At that time no one left. So, it was take it or leave it.

I wonder if the Roti Jala had given all of you guys 41 lots of ESOS. I'm very sure PPRuNe will be a peaceful place.
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Old 27th Aug 2007, 19:21
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Aiya guys, I was told that when the camel was lowly f/o, he was also a polished RMC type gentleman..defering to jack bird and pak hassan at every turn lah. So like father like son so watch out guys. Heard kondehless bai's progeny is also very hot air like the old creep when training in SYD. So fellas, don't get bitten ten times and still fall for this crap.
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Old 27th Aug 2007, 20:30
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The question asked was ; what happened to Dr Don's suit? Nobody knows! Horse trading and shady deals are part and parcel in bolehland.
Hey, they should investigate the kondehless bhai double dipping during his stint with jet; getting paid by both mas and jet when he should only be paid by mas on secondment. What about all the tenders for ' guaranteed ' supply of eggs for astronomical amount? The big fishes are quite hard to get...maybe get the small fishes first?
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Old 28th Aug 2007, 05:41
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captain's children as company sponsored cadets

Hi Brian, ikan, etc...well if the captains' sons made it on their own steam, good on them. However my experience with these fellas ( save one or two ) was that their dads corrupted the selection process. I remember once in the office getting my log book stamped and in come this skipper with some duty free goodies for one of the flt ops officers who was due to assist in the selection tests and interviews, follow by a visit to one of the management pilot's office. I could see back slapping and thumbs up, and lo and behold months later I heard that bloke's son was selected as cadet pilot. Granted pilots' children who have the advantage of home coaching and super tips generally do well in interviews and selection tests, but if other outside candidates did equally well if not better, this corrupt practice would certainly rob all of us better candidates.

Like chintan warned, be very careful of all those seemingly gentlemanly and deferring attitudes...a decade later or so, the fangs and claws will be out! Pray that I be proved wrong!
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Old 28th Aug 2007, 15:02
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ngyap sayout

Any thing can happen in Boleh Land. Eric Cheah case is an example. The judge refused all overseas evidence. So no case lah in the end.
While the yellow fellow on you tube kena maximum
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Old 28th Aug 2007, 22:03
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Ikan, the chinaman on you tube deserved to be censured...not nice messing around with the national anthem!

Eric Chia used to be mamak's blue eye boy; so the trial was just a sideshow with the power brokers wheeling and dealing to position themselves for the next power grab.
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Old 29th Aug 2007, 06:00
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conflict of interest

I guess you never heard of "conflict of interest" that word does not exist.

Would I love my son to work with me? if there is the slightest chance of favoritism NO THANKS!

That is one of the reason of your problems my friends!

The amazing thing to me is that you do not even see the problem or even consider it a problem.

I once learn you tell people once why the should not do something if they continue to do it let them. or in a not so nice terms "if you eat shit, I tell you once it is not good for you, if you continue to eat it, who am I to tell you not to"
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