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Air Astana

Old 5th Dec 2008, 21:51
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Seems like nobody knows anything about this May be expat pilots are having such a good time that they dont have any time to surf the internet, Or they are flying so much that they expend the rest of their time sleeping
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Question B767

Ive heard that they are getting a third B767 next year. Anyone else have some news about this and their recruitment numbers for next year?
Everything looks pretty quiet right now.
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Old 20th Jan 2009, 18:09
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[email protected] and if I remember, [email protected]
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 11:56
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As of now, I am told, most if not all expat B757/767 pilots have been let go because heavy checks are due on B757 and will thus be out of commission for a while. Don't have much info as I am on the A320 based in TSE and thus a little isolated.
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Old 9th Mar 2009, 08:32
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yes u are right, most expats, except but a few who are involved in the "training program" have been let go..........
The b757 mod program is going ahead, EAS has been done, MAS is in the shop, the other 2 completed by July I think......
The B767 mods have been postponed ufn and rumours of one B767 may be put into storage
No recruitment for 2009, no new routes for 2009, only purchase/lease is the EMB in december.
Co is doing well despite the devalue of the local currency, costs cuts naturally being looked at but no probs or issues.

I see you bus drivers will be coming to HAJ this summer...... if you can find it...
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to Udachi Moya

How many EMB AA is going to purchase/lease?
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Sorry for late reply - EMB fleet will only be one for the time being. But I understand more are planned to replace the F50 completely.

ICEMAN - yes I heard the same "rumour" about the 3rd B767, but it has to that, a rumour. Nothing will really happen this year, apart from route consolidations and fleet optimisations - hey aca-98 how is HAJ...... swine bus-boys pinched our route.
The B757 fleet is 75% through its heavy checks, all mods and go-fast stripes and winglets added
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How are the female flight attendants at Air Astana? Heard some of them are beauties. Any luck with befriending them, or are they off-standish with foreign crew members?
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According to Flight Global there will be 2 of leased aircraft in 2011

Air Astana to lease Embraer 190s for Central Asian routes

and LaraNews
"The first two leased aircraft are scheduled for delivery in early 2011"

Air Astana to expand central Asia network with E-Jets | Shephard Group

total of 6 ( by net source)
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Old 15th May 2009, 02:49
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udachi moya

Nice Nick .......but I think Udacha would sound better
Удача Моя
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Old 29th Jul 2009, 17:59
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Any updates?? Start hiring dates for E190??
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Old 8th Aug 2009, 09:34
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Will be arriving in ALA in 3 weeks time , any recommendations for expat watering holes ? I heard Mad Murphys was one. And what kind of weather should we expect?
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Old 8th Aug 2009, 10:09
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How are the female flight attendants at Air Astana? Heard some of them are beauties. Any luck with befriending them, or are they off-standish with foreign crew members?
Posting # 90

I read on a website not long ago about a certain Air Astana FA who was extremely generous with her favours towards pax and dished out her 'phone number for subsequent meetings. I thought this was on The WSGForum has moved. but just had a quick look there and was unable to find the specific reference.

I flew on Air Astana a few times and was not fortunate enough to encounter this young lady, but the average standard of female FA's was rather high, and there are many attractive specimens of Kazakh and Russian womanhood on the ground too (in the figurative sense), although you have to know where to go. A lot are simply after being wined and dined and don't give anything in return, but there is a fairly active 'pro' scene although I was warned that it can be dangerous to get involved.
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DVS, you must be native English speaking then?

My application has not been accepted through DPI and the reason given was that Air Astana only accepts native speakers at the moment! Even though my license clearly states ICAO language proficiency level 6 which is the same!

How naive to think that all natives write and speak proper English

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Cant be true, lot of non native English speaker here.
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interviews with AA...

Hi to all,

I just applied for a FO A320 position at Air Astana. I was wondering if anyone had any info on the sim eval and interview. If you would like you can
private message me!

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Rumor is that they just opened and closed the interview window. You had to be able to drop everything and be at LHR in two weeks. Good planning I'd say.
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MAS Guy;

check out the link

Apply for the B757/767 First Officers, Eurasia job posted by Direct Personnel International Ltd,

and my emails from DP and Sigmar all confirm the same that at this moment only native English speaking pilots are being accepted.

Now, if this would be assessed by the level of English on your license then thats fine. I have level 6 which according to the CAA equals native level. However, my application is still not accepted which me off actually. Being born in an English speaking country is no proof of proper knowledge of the language, belief me I know after having lived in the UK for many years!

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Pilot numbers

Due to recent changes in regulatory nature, AA predicts a shoratge of A320 series Capt/FO in the next few months. Also, several A320 Capt/FO's have completed contracts and are persuing other ventures.

Due the nature of finding qualified F50 Capt's and Instructors, coupled with the delayed implimentation of replacement aircraft, AA has a future need for a few pilots in this category also.

With the majority of the Expat Boeing Capt's and F/O's terminated last spring, AA has found that many of it's local Boeing crews lack english speaking and comprehention skills that the EU boys find acceptable. So to apply a "quick fix solution", all new Boeing F/O's will be required to be Yanks or Canuks. At least this was my interprtation of the situation. But, feel free to contact Sig or DPI to clarify.

All Boeing guys must be current within the last 12 months, however Airbus Capt's are only required to be current within the last 18 months. This , I assume is that some of the expat Airbus guys from the infamous failed Skybus Airlines who have been sitting home in DC on their Green Card collecting unemployment can qualify. And the ones who have been installing telephones for the last 18 months and not flying, will be able to join the rest of the cadrey that have lied about their currency and / or Airbus hours. Oh yeah, most of them recieve instructor pay for this.

Other than the total disregard for professional standards in the Airbus fleet, it's a fun place to work. Little bit asture, but exciting.

Free brownie points for any of you overachievers that want to correct the spelling. CIAO
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