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Old 22nd Oct 2004, 20:52   #1 (permalink)
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Travira-Air / Flying in Indo.


I'm looking for any info regarding Travira-Air based in Indo. I would love to work out that way, anywhere where the sun shines and the waves are good.

I've tried their website travira-air.com but nothing seems to work, but interested in them because i see they have 1900's and C208, both of which i'm flying at the moment, but where the sun shines and the dust blows!!

What licence do they prefer? Is it contract or full-time? Where do the majority of their crew come from? What sort of operations are they involved in? Rigs, tourism? Pay scales? ect ect.

Any info greatly appreciated!!

Cold beers & safe skies

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Which part of Indo are you talking?
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Old 26th Oct 2004, 13:59   #3 (permalink)
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Anywhere Really..

Looking to work anywhere in the islands?

Bali is probally the main aviation centre? Have no idea whats what over there, but will be over for july/august time to investigate the scene..

Any help, anyone?
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Travira are an EXCELLENT company. Fantastic Machinery and Experienced People.

The only Expatriate Fixed Wing Pilots are 2 C208 Amphibian Instructors that are flying a mining company contract that has extremely high Amphib experience requirements.

B1900D's are flown by National Pilots.

One Expat Helicopter Flight Instructor.

So only a total of 3 Expat pilots out of around 60 pilots total.

Unless you have a lot of experience on the C208 Amphib in open water then I would suggest that they probably could not consider you.

Hope this helps.
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Thumbs up Anyone else that might be interested??


Thanks for the info..bit difficult for the expat guys then?

Any other companies that i might look up?


Rated 208,BE20 & B190

TT 1600HRS, +500 on 208 & BE20
+150 on B190D & C'S

Thanks for the help!!
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Well, there'll be a lot of guys here willing to fly with that qualification for less than USD1000 a month down here.

But yes, Travira is mostly an EXCELLENT from what I hear operationally. They're a member of a conglomerate... I compete with them and they're a good company!

Main base is in Halim Airport (WIIH/WIHH)...

But there's a couple more upcoming Caravan operators that might be worth a look into, 2 are based in Jakarta... 1 is using expats...

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