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Michael Zhang 15th Oct 2020 05:06

Is it possible that a china mainland pilot get into CX advanced entry succseefully?
Hello everyone, I'm an international student in Australia from China mainland.
Just wondering that when I finish my university study and get CPL, it is possible for me to apply the CX second officer advanced entry with 250hrs and get success?
Is CX willing to receive application from china mainland pilot who has studied in Australia for a long time?

Rie 15th Oct 2020 06:10

Short answer is no. Just have a look on the Fragrant Harbour forums. Cathay is about to announce mass redundancies. You wont see a position for many many years. Best thing would be to go build your time on any aircraft you can and look at it in 5-10 year. Otherwise hop on board with a Chinese Carrier.

Michael Zhang 15th Oct 2020 08:17

Thank you very much for your answer.:O

cabbages 15th Oct 2020 18:13

Hi Michael,

Assuming you have a couple of years left to finish your academic studies then you could be in an excellent position to get an S/O entry with CX. There will be big redundancies in the next few weeks which will clear out a significant number of expat non PR crew. When the schedule starts to ramp up again in say 2022 then there could be big opportunities. There is definitely no barrier for you coming from the mainland. By December the majority of pilots flying at CX will be Chinese.

good luck!

Michael Zhang 16th Oct 2020 00:12

Thanks for your answer :ok:
good luck

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