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HemanthAvi 23rd Jun 2020 11:05

Regarding Cessna F172M CD-155(diesel variant)/Help in Indian Regs for conversion
Hi all,
I have this opportunity to train in Reims Cessna F172M Skyhawk with CD155 diesel variant engine in Europe. Could you just answer a few questions :

1. Only C172 Skyhawk's R or S variants, their subsequent diesel engines variants and related changes are available and "Design Accepted" in India for Type Certification and registration. Cessna F172M is not recognised and listed in the Indian Civil Aviation Requirements pdfs of original design or Supplemental design acceptance.
2. If I return to India for Conversion, should I undergo specified amount of Endorsement training on available Indian registered cessna 172 R or S before giving General Flying Checks? If yes how much hours of Endorsement training?
3. While researching I came to know Cessna 172RG cutlass, Reims FR172Jand K variants are marketed as C172s but are actually Type Certified as C175. What is the case for Cessna F172 M skyhawk? Whether it is Type Certified as C172 or C175?

​​​​​​I appreciate any people with knowledge in designs of cessnas can answer regardless of Nationality and people familiar with their local Air law or regs can also please try and answer my concern...
I am most thankful for Indians or people with accurate guidance for Indian Regulations.

P.S.: I kindly request you not to suggest me to train in an aircraft registered and accepted in India. Please impart knowledge on the above scenario.

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