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hkfemalepilot 2nd Jun 2015 14:45

Government Flying Service (HKGFS) Cadet Pilot
Hello all.
Anyone here applied for the GFS Cadet Pilot earlier this year?
It's deadline was 6 Mar 2015. I am wondering anyone here is waiting like me. 3 months down, still got no news from them (or if anyone got some insider news about their recruitment schedule this year ?)
Many thanks!!:rolleyes:

QNH1000 15th Jun 2015 08:37

neither here.. i think they postponed the interview process..:zzz:

ryany 22nd Jul 2015 23:57

Did anyone get anything in the mail? I applied months ago, but I'm not sure if they mail anything overseas.

hkfemalepilot 23rd Jul 2015 02:32

The invitation to first stage was sent by mail. And its over already. I am not sure if they are sending mail to overseas as well. Good luck !

B_HRS 7th Aug 2015 04:12

May I know what will the Stage 2 technical questions cover? Any Maths or physics questions or sth similar to CX JKI?


greatal 20th Aug 2015 16:58

GFS cadet medical requirement
Hi there,

Do everyone possibly know if the GFS cadet pilot program accepts candidate that does not pass HK medical class 1? I have a lazy eye (uncorrected) so I am curious if they let candidates that require additional medical flight test to get HK Class 1 medical for training or not.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Elven 21st Aug 2015 01:45

I would like to know what included in the written test also! B_HRS are you going to take the test tomorrow in Tuen Mun? I heard that it is about some physcis and IQ question..but not quite sure what actually it is.

Elven 21st Aug 2015 01:47

greatal I think GFS needs class 1 medical for the license. Did you try the medical check before?

yanagita44 21st Aug 2015 08:41

Hello guys!
I'm taking the written test tmr as well!

Shushuyin 21st Aug 2015 10:48

Same here. Gonna see you guys in Tuen Mun tmr.
Good lucky guys!!!

greatal 21st Aug 2015 15:04

Hi Elven,

I checked recently that my AME said if i were to hand in the results, it is likely to be rejected for HKCAD class 1 medical. That's why i wonder if the cadet program is okay with taking substandard candidate in medical standards.

Do you possibly meet any GFS pilots that are substandard candidate or monocular candidates?

greatal 22nd Aug 2015 07:39

Hi Elven,

I checked my condition with an AME and was told by him that my right eye is likely not going to pass Class 1.

So the important question is that if GFS will be fine accepting a substandard candidate (those who can pass class 1 only after the medical flight test). I am really curious if this works on GFS or not.


Cabe LeCutter 3rd Sep 2015 02:31

The GFS requirement is more stringent than a Class 1 medical. To be fair, when there are so candidates many with the required standard, they have no need to accept those who don't.
I hope that you are able to find a fulfilling alternative.

Elven 5th Sep 2015 18:25

If you can't get a class 1, I guess so you shouldn't been accept for the GFS or even CX or dragon. If you really curious why don't you ask GFS directly? Maybe it is another way out, rather than just guessing here. Or maybe you can seek more advice from different AME to get the medical done?

Shushuyin 8th Sep 2015 07:58

Hello mates
Have you guys recevied any invitation for entering stage 3? Im feeling nervous as Im still waiting...

Elven 16th Sep 2015 09:25

I am also waiting for the result…btw, i remember in the first mail we received it stated the next round should be on oct, so maybe we have to wait til late sep or early oct?

hkfemalepilot 22nd Sep 2015 03:39

Just got an email.....

Elven 26th Sep 2015 17:38

When will be your aptitude test date?

Elven 22nd Oct 2015 06:11

Anyone here got an email for leadership assessment?

yanagita44 22nd Oct 2015 08:08

I'm going to have my leadership assessment on 6 Nov.
Elven, are you in?

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