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Brock199 13th Jun 2012 13:01

Ab Initio for CX still avaliable for internationals.
Hey guys,

just writing to tell you that for those with limited or no experience and not a HK resident, you still have a chance to get in the cadetship.

PM me for details



jhr187 14th Jun 2012 21:32

Why not post it here?!

Cpt. Underpants 14th Jun 2012 22:24

Maybe for just $100 he will tell you the "secret" that will get you an ab initio CX interview...

No HKID = No zero time CX ab initio course. Fact.

Kristoff 15th Jun 2012 10:44

That's why I thought but it says " Preference will be given to HKID holders " this suggests that non-HKID holders will still be able to apply however they won't by given priority.

Could someone please clear this up, thanks.

Clish 15th Jun 2012 14:35

they put you in a waiting pool if you pass everything and you wait until HKgov lets them hire you

Kristoff 15th Jun 2012 15:02

That clears it up, thanks again for the prompt reply !

I was considering applying for KA instead as it is restricted to HK and says this on the application criteria but now that the confusion has cleared up I think I'll stick with CX.

ps. Are you with the airline ?

Brock199 19th Jun 2012 15:09

Hey guys,

Sorry i haven't been on for awhile but ive been busy with work. My friends who go to a university in australia have said something about some sort of partnership between Cathay and their university.

More details to come....

LanticFlyer 19th Jun 2012 16:02


First time poster.

So i applied for the cathay cadetship (although i only have 5 hours solo flying time) will i be still eligible or not? like have they filled all spots because i heard they had but just wanted to check :)


Gravox 20th Jun 2012 00:31

Sorry to Burst your bubble, but CX will NOT be hiring International Cadets. I went into recruitment the other day to ask on behalf of a friend. So there you have it, although the person i spoke to didn't rule it out as an option for the future. But then again CX keeps everything close to their chests so who knows they might recruit internationals tomorrow.
Good Luck everyone.

smurf84 20th Jun 2012 03:43

japandwell -

For the initial interview, Cathay Pacific invited pilots from India and Pakistan who hold an ICAO CPL with a minimum 250+ hours flying experience (a requirement for the Advanced-Entry Second Officer Programme). Some of those pilots are also type-rated. As far as I know, this is the only option for international applicants, besides the Transition Training Course for pilots who hold an ATPL with 1500+ hours.

ixg888 20th Jun 2012 07:03

First off. If cx ruled out international applicants, there wouldnt be a website that entices you to apply with THREE ENTRIES TO CHOOSE FROM THE DIRECT, OFFSET AND PARALLEL go figure!..

Moreover, if there would be a cut in hiring international applicants arent the least of their choices! Look at the roster of their crewing in the flight deck and when you board the cx bus going to headland what nationalities so you see?..

Bottomline, cx is just making the most out of this recruitment weeding out the shabby ones to the sharp ones... And it helps to be type rated and have at least 250 hours of flying time. So, make the most out of the holding period for those who got rejected and initially applying you will never know when will your time come.. GET sharp if CX is all u needed! Who knows? When u get called u will just cream the interview.. And when asked what is the difference between MDA and DA elaborate it your interview might just end there and your on your way to tung chung looking for an apartment.

ixg888 20th Jun 2012 07:05

By the way take it from me. CX loves the persistent applicant who endured taking it twice! It show your attitude and the love for the game.

smurf84 20th Jun 2012 07:45

CX loves the persistent applicant who endured taking it twice! It show your attitude and the love for the game.
I concur, as I got to know from a candidate who failed the Advanced Entry Stage 2 interview in 2010, gave it another shot 13 months later and nailed it. He said he didn't do exceptionally well. But his enthusiasm and passion towards the airline (having waited for a year which is a huge ask) just couldn't stop HR and the management pilot from sending him back home.

ixg888 20th Jun 2012 19:06

Another thing i love about cathay is that they are an equal opportunity employer. I bet that they are not really keen on hiring the high timers but only the pesistent ones who are just normal pilots who abide by the rules of the game. I have read a lot of whiners in this forum and all i can say being a pilot is not a profession to get rich rather its a service.

" work like you dont need the money " love ure job and it sure will, love you back. - this was told to me by a pilot friend of mine in cathay.

He applied twice! Failed miserably on the first didnt fair convincingly on the second yet he managed to get in.

Mad-Dog 20th Jun 2012 20:45

Being persistent in getting the job doesn’t apply just at Cathay but pretty with any employer. The person who sends out tons of resumes are usually the ones who faces difficulties in finding a jobs. The person who goes out to “cold call”, meets and networks etc with potential employers is the ones who usually gets the job. Just don’t cross the fine line of being too persistent.

Good Business Sense 20th Jun 2012 21:13

Me, Me, Me, Now !!!!!!!

bushbum 24th Jun 2012 11:20

Ixg888, I'm sure any airline management (pilots) would prefer to hire experience but management (bean counters) prefer cheap labor, guess who decides?

this is the only reason low time / zero time wannabes will work at CX. If management could put a bag of potatoes in the seat they would.

ixg888 24th Jun 2012 13:58

I would still work for cx even if the cockpit is loaded with bag of beans mate, so cx here is my number so call me maybe?.. LOL

Compared with other airlines i bet cx is a good run for the money..

Cx is still cx .. Mr farell's leagacy lives on..

Cpt. Underpants 25th Jun 2012 09:01

Cx is still cx .. Mr farell's leagacy lives on..
Are you in for a surprise...

(PS Spelling is still spelling in CX. It might help if you learned to spell - and punctuate - correctly)

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