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harshil2292 7th Apr 2011 16:57

i think answer will be B , side slipping to left side(blocked side), will create somewhat low pressure on the right side, which inturn will be shown on altimeter... as aircraft is continuosly loosing height, but the pressure is lower than normal on the open side...the altimeter will overread the actual altitude. please correct me if i am wrong

Maverick 03 7th Apr 2011 17:08

The answer should be "when side-slip towards the left"

Reason- When a/c side slips to the left, more pressure/airflow is experienced on the left side and less on the starboard side.
Now since the left static port is non-functional, it doesn't matter how much the pressure it is experiencing.
However the right static port is functional and being shielded from the airflow, it experiences less ambient pressure and hence the capsule inside the case will be subjected to lesser compression and thus it will over-read i.e. will show higher than actual altitude.

Aviator_Skies 8th Apr 2011 20:04

Thnx a lot guys....

aadityaslg 9th Apr 2011 12:47

Will jet hire or not?
Its been almost 45 days now.. not a single email yet!

Its getting a little frustrating. .

antigravity61 9th Apr 2011 15:32

Will jet hire or not?
Its been almost 45 days now.. not a single email yet!

Its getting a little frustrating. .
Bro, patience is one of the most important word in aviation. I got selected in the recruitment last year. I am still waiting for my medicals and induction. Along with me there are 20 + guys still waiting. :)

This is what I would say - "flying an aircraft is like a painting, giving a tremendous hard work to make it beautiful and with little patience, it makes it more unique".:ok:

planeboy_777 9th Apr 2011 16:07

there is no hardwork involved in flying an aircraft........you only need to practice it

aadityaslg 9th Apr 2011 18:47

@ anitgravity- totally agree.. but then at times its ok to let it out. .

Aviation has taught me things I never "wanted/expected" to learn..

Now please share your thoughts on how can I keep myself busy?

I am preparing for the interview(ace the tech & other basic stuff) + reading up on aviation news and new developments, dunno if I can prepare for the GD or not.


av8er1990 19th Apr 2011 04:46

GD will only begin in june onwards...so chillax...go take a holiday while u can!!

thearsenal 19th Apr 2011 17:59

well they claim they already have a batch in waiting which is true, but im not too sure

Maverick 03 19th Apr 2011 18:26

yes this is probably the reason why their process have stalled in between....they are not getting slots from the TRTO's they were sending their guys to for TR. Jet is now looking towards South-East Asian countries like Singapore for the TR instead of Europe (particularly UK) which was their previous preference.
Once they are settled with that, then only they shall re-initiate the process!!

alpha.mike 20th Apr 2011 15:10

Thats True.
I batch is still left to join jet and their medicals are going on.

Also for clearing doubts, i know that Because I am in this batch......;)

aadityaslg 20th Apr 2011 15:59

@alpha mike
How many pilots are there in your batch.. and how many days does it take for the medicals of an entire batch?

And can you please share your GD and Interview experience with us.


milton3371 20th Apr 2011 18:06

Please share
Hi ...please share your Gd and Interview session
it will be helpfull for many aspiring pilot ...


ecks 21st Apr 2011 06:11

for 2011 exam
Kindly share GD and Interview questions . And does any one know likely dates for GD

alpha.mike 21st Apr 2011 07:23

There are total 24 guys in our batch and medicals will be completed this week.

My GD experience -

I think all of you know that there will be 5 rounds of GD in which 3 rounds will be based on aviation topics like fly by wire, engine failure scenario, engine fire or bird strike scenario will be given ( i recommend to see All aircraft investigation series, it will help you a lot )
First you will be given 15 minutes to write what you think or steps to be taken on a paper and then discuss among all for next 30 minutes.

2 topics will be general like survival technique or any other debate topic.

Main thing they see in u is-
1. How well u get along in a group
2. can u take group in right direction involving all guys
3. leadership quality
4. There is no point in proving yourself right but come to conclusion otherwise all guys in group get negative marks.

Hope this helps...All the best guys...:ok:

sky_thebeginning 3rd May 2011 10:36

Any one with any update on the process,please share !!!

aadityaslg 3rd May 2011 14:05

nothing mate.. nothing at all!

thearsenal 4th May 2011 09:08

ive got news that its postponed to july. sucks.

sky_thebeginning 4th May 2011 10:47

Hey buddy...please specify your source of this info !!!Is it confirmed thing or could be a rumour ???because i also got a news saying it would happen in september,which can be just another rumour !!!:ugh:

PEC 4th May 2011 13:48

Ive got news that it won't be this year.

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