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fly2infinity 30th Nov 2014 08:46

My friend from 2013 batch Recieved this reply when she enquired about the status.
HR email says 2013 Batch is on hold. Once we are through with the 2011 batch, if we have further requirement, we shall call you. In the meanwhile, Go ahead if you get better opportunities with other Airlines.

virus90 2nd Dec 2014 02:19

So what you are trying to say is that once they have inducted the 2011 batch and then if they still have requirements they will call the 2013 batch..
Correct me if I am wrong...

mickey737 2nd Dec 2014 06:40

TO all
Guyz no worries:=...this is Gloria's usual answer. she told me this when everything was going fine, to feel free to go to any other airline. :rolleyes:

Our only concern should be Spicejet. if it stays afloat good for us or else again there will be a pause in the induction process for at least a year. DGCA also has a pivotal role in this due to obvious reasons.(FAA inspection). Lets wait and watch what happens in the next few weeks hopefully india gets Cat1(which we will) and Spicejet finds some investor(they are in that process):ok:.

fly2infinity 6th Dec 2014 17:00

yeah...you are right.. i meant 2013 batch would be called only after 11 finishes and Jet wont cancel any batch

apologies for the blunder mistake.

sagoobadi 12th Dec 2014 07:11

2011 batch
Anyone from 2011, Batch 1 to 4, who have done their TRTO from Southampton and returned, what is the current status on supys, base check, obs flights OR are you guys still sitting at home. Shall be grateful if someone updates.

sagoobadi 2nd Jan 2015 03:17

2011 batch
Hey still waiting for a reply from someone please.

virus90 4th Jan 2015 06:56

I hope this helps
All the batches ( 1 to 4 ) are sitting home without any news , they have to do a operator conversion course which was stated to begin from January 2015 but that also has been delayed.
Batch number 5 is in Southampton completing their rating, they return sometime in January.
6th batch whose training was stated to begin on the 24th of November has also been delayed. Inquiries with the HR department leads to no fruitful information.
2013 batch is kept on hold, they will get through with the 2011 batch and then after reviewing their requirements will start absorbing the 2013 batch.
I doubt they will release the results of the 2014 batch soon..

sagoobadi 5th Jan 2015 04:45

2011 batch
Thanks virus 90. Shall be grateful if you keep updating us as and when there is any development. Incidentally I am from 2011 Batch 5 and wanted to know what next after returning from Southampton. Best of luck to everyone. Lets just be patient.

Madhu 5th Jan 2015 10:00

How many tfo's are there in each batch??
how many ppl have been type rated so far

sagoobadi 5th Jan 2015 10:25

2011 batch
10 guys in each batch. 4 batches i.e 40 guys typerated so far. 5th batch being typerated, will return by mid Jan. 6th batch onwards put on hold indefinetly.

mike_bravo 5th Jan 2015 13:45

And how many batches in total are there in 2011 ?

sagoobadi 6th Jan 2015 03:53

2011 batch
Mike bravo, 10 batches with 10 guys in each batch.

pkboeing 6th Jan 2015 05:58

When is the result expected for 2014 exam?Any info..Pls share

mike_bravo 6th Jan 2015 08:02

Sagoobadi, thanks!

RNP2 8th Jan 2015 11:39

Thanks for the information everyone.
And now with jet calling q400 first officers from SG as well ,the 2011 and 2013 process is going to take forever!! :ugh:

Skyblade 8th Jan 2015 15:04

Thank you for your inputs virus90 and sagoobadi.

virus90 9th Jan 2015 06:26

I doubt many first officers from spice jet will be keen on joining jet airways , they won't get seniority.. They will be treated as the junior most pilots of the airline..
Spice jet is not going to shut down, paranoia has set in and that is creating issues..
They will prefer to join Middle East carriers with lucrative packages.
The only reason we are getting delayed is because they are hiring captains from spice jet and they have taken all the sim slots. They have a lot of requirements on the 737ng and they still need a lot of first officers. Induction of 1 737ng every month is happening and is going to continue till 2016.. Then I have heard that the 737max start coming in.. Plus they are starting new sectors..
Everybody will be absorbed. 2011 batch will be absorbed faster, then they are planning to take a break in hiring pilots.. Then the 2013 batch..

sagoobadi 9th Jan 2015 07:49

2011 batch
virus 90, many thanks for your very encouraging message. Is this feedback from Jetair HR or just an assumption. Very specifically - WHEN DO THE 2011 BATCH GUYS WHO HAVE COMPLETED THEIR TRTO WITH JETAIR BEING CALLED ??

virus90 9th Jan 2015 10:12

It's a mixture from jet hr and a few senior commanders working inside..
only jet airways knows that.. till the time they don't finish the training of the captains they won't bother about us or anyone..
No point thinking about the future, enjoy ur training , come back, get ur license endorsed..
THey will def call by then..
Rumors r that the occ for the first batch is scheduled to happen in March.. It was suppose to happen in January but it got delayed

Skyblade 9th Jan 2015 15:01


2011 batch will be absorbed faster, then they are planning to take a break in hiring pilots.. Then the 2013 batch..
breaks my heart

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