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MilPilot 29th May 2008 15:57

Ace the technical pilot interview - Mistakes
A lot of them has been mentioned here but the thread has been closed:
Among the errors there are:
- bad lift formula
- bad Dutch Roll description
- wrong description of how crosswind affects critical engine
+ a few others.

Just wanted to continue the list:

P6. What is direct lift control? I think the explanation is flawed. When I think of direct lift control I think of:

p13. Figure 1.9 is not matching description

p67. What are the advantages of a wide-chord fan engine? Chord is described as "The chord is the length of the fan's blade from its center mounting to its tip."

twentysixpointfive 29th May 2008 16:23

I found this book to be a big disappointment. It is extremely thorough in the amount of topics it covers, but is poorly written and poorly researched in many spots.

Stingray 2nd Jun 2008 18:00

still a good book
I am still grateful to the guy that wrote The Ace... book. Of course some of the explanations are a little confusing, some are not bang on, but you get a great opportunity to review all this material, and cover your weaknesses. When you suspect mistakes, check with another source.

MilPilot 2nd Jun 2008 18:52


I agree. I have used it alot in my preparations.

Just trying to get all the mistakes in one place.

k992511 8th Dec 2010 06:14

a little confused about page 197.

use of flaps.

it states on jets that a lower takeoff flap increases Cl and reduces the aircrafts takeoff run required. It reduces Vs, V2 and Vr. well it doesnt in my jet!!!

He then contradicts himself and says max takeoff flap can be used to reduce the ground takeoff run, is that no TORR he just described above as being reduced by less flaps?

Does he not mean a lower flap means greater ground run, but inproved climb? Not all that stuff about TORR?

Maybe im missing a point!

Geller007 1st Nov 2013 18:41

Page 6.
Error:"Profile and induced drag=total drag"

Total Drag=Induced Drag +Parasite Drag
Parasite Drag=Skin Friction+Form Drag+Interference Drag
Profile Drag=Skin Friction+Form Drag

JAA ATPL Oxford Book 13 6-1

Geller007 2nd Nov 2013 11:06

Page 7.
*Besides replacing the word "Profile" for "Parasite" in all the page.
-VIMD should be "Vmd"

Page 11
*Besides Fences and Vortex generators; add leading edge slats and dog tooth nothces.

Geller007 2nd Nov 2013 13:14

What causes center of gravity movement?
1.Fuel burn
2.Passenger Movement
3.The dropping of loads, e.g. Supplies or parachustists

*The author mentions as 3rd High speeds, but the explanation concerns about a change in lift, nor merely a change on the center of gravity.

Reference: ATPL Oxford Aviation Book 6 Page 2-2, Section 2.5 Movement of CG in flight.

Geller007 13th Nov 2013 12:07

Ace the Pilot Interview Mistakes
Dutch Roll Explanation:
It's a coupled lateral/directional oscillation that is dynamically stable but unsafe due to the oscillatory nature.
When yaw is instroduced, the strong "dihedral effect" will roll the aircraft due to the lift increase on the wing into the wind. The increased-induced drag on the rising wing will yaw the aircraft in the opposite direction, reversing the coupled oscillations.
1.Airplane yaws to the right
2.The left wing (sweptback) is more direct to the wind, so it lifts (rolling to the right).
3.But the drag on the rising left wing will cause the plane to yaw to the left, reversing the roll too, producing oscillatory instability.

Oxford Aviation Book 13.Principles of Flight.Chapter 10.35.

9FLYJET9 16th Nov 2013 06:36

can we have all the mistakes in one post.
as in what all is wrong and then its correction as well.
i think everything mentioned together will be good for everyone.

TopTup 19th Nov 2013 09:42

Do not use that book!

Guys like me and other (major) airlines ask questions from that book knowing they are wrong to see the standard of study of the applicant / student / pilot being graded.

Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators

Flying the Big Jets - Davies

How to Pass your CX / EK Interview by Capts A, B, C / X, Y, Z

Know your ATPL Met to a good standard!

Then be able to apply all that in an operational manner and you've achieved a strong foundation for your career. But it's going to take A LOT of work. There's already a minimum of 3 months almost full time study from those books, questions, topics and study you'll have to get onto.

Good luck.

mad_jock 19th Nov 2013 09:55

performance by Swatton is good for your library.

Geller007 27th Nov 2013 16:24

Its not over
I do agree with the previous posts, aviation is not just a matter of one book, not even 14 ATPL books will be able to make you a good pilot if you dont remain current flying or with FAA/EASA/ICAO notices.

Sorry guys, I havent been able to finish the book, thats why I have to keep posting the correct answers as I go through it. I might have missed a few as well.

Page 64.
What are thust reversers and how do they work?
3 types: Clamshell doors, Bucket and Blockers.

Oxford Aviation Book Powerplant, 7-1

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