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ambit 10th Aug 2005 13:35

SIA Cadet Pilot - All Batches, Merged
Bros, just came to my mind to start a thread for our cadet pilot intake so that we won't choke up the cadet pilot thread with our posts. Unfair to the rest of the mates who are posting questions about interviews, tests and other selection stuffs.

Maybe, we could update each other in this thread as we prepare for OBS Lumut and the briefing on 01 Sep.

Btw, which fleet are you guys heading for? And, have any bros recieved the letter of offer? :D

freaktrimmer 10th Aug 2005 15:38

thats a good question .. (fleet)
to start things off, they'll make u the captain of the cessna 152 fleet in seletar ...
happy landings,


Ripley 11th Aug 2005 01:37

Hi ambit, just like to find out when dd u submit your application, thanks.

DonJuan 11th Aug 2005 05:59

Speed Post
Hi bro,
Since i'm lazing at home nothing to do..i decided to give Speed Post a call to find out their delivery policy so that we can all ...wait more objectively.....

For Local Bros (S'pore)
Scenario 1
Booking must be done b4 11am
Speed Post collects b4/by 1pm
and delivers b4/by 6pm

Scenario 2
Booking done after 11am
Speed Post collects b4/by 6pm
and delivers next day b4/by 1pm

For Malaysia and Thailand Bros...
Scenario 1
Booking must be done b4 11am
Speed Post collects b4/by 1pm
Starting frm the next day it takes 1-3 days to deliver...

Malaysia (Johor and KL to certain postal code)
Thailand (Bangkok certain postal code)
Not sure what they meant by that...

Scenario 2
You can take the que from us....once all the S'pore bros start posting their receival...you can expect yours in next 1-3 days.....

Cheers Mate....

ambit 13th Aug 2005 02:01

freaktrimmer, yeah...for at least 200 hours. :)

Ripley, my case is abit complex. I submitted my application last May. Cleared my 1st interview in June 04. Was put on hold due to my eye surgery. Feel free to pm me if you need more info.

Donjuan, mine will only come next week. Are you offered cargo? :O

ddreamer17 15th Aug 2005 05:37

Enquire abt eyesight
Hi all,

Can you all clear my doubts?

As i have perfect eyesight but have slight colour defiency, am i still able to become a SIA Pilot?

Thank you...

ambit 15th Aug 2005 09:28

Donjuan, bro, I have pm you. Keep each other posted :)

ddreamer17, sorry my friend. I am not sure myself. In SIA website, it only indicate:

"Medically fit with visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aids, correctable to 6/6."

SQ007 16th Aug 2005 14:10

Hi guys, only 2 weeks more to go b4 I leave for Singapore but hasnt' received any documents from SQ yet. Has all of you received your contracts yet? I'm a bit worried about it. Pls keep me posted, thanks mates.

DonJuan 16th Aug 2005 16:21

Hi SQ007,
Bro i received my contract 16 Aug at 1700hrs... I think you should get it by thursday - friday....

Look at above post on speedpost norm for delivery to malaysia...

Cheers Mate....

Terryble 16th Aug 2005 17:30

DonJuan : is it cargo? or SIA pax?

ambit 17th Aug 2005 01:36

Sq007, bro, don't worry. You should be getting your's soon.

Same as Donjuan, I have also recieved the letter yesterday afternoon.

Bros who are joining the 02 Sep batch, our journey has started...... :ok:

SQ007 17th Aug 2005 04:37

Hi guys, I just got the mail from SQ. Thanks guys for all the info.

mat salleh 17th Aug 2005 11:06

hope u guys in 114 have been in the gym,



wai nung - we are still watching you

we will meet u at the airport if you survive - 113

TurboBlades 17th Aug 2005 14:35

yeah...white fella is right...

Congrats to batch 114.

We hope that you'll be able to 'discover' yourselves in OBS.

Make sure you get your relevant pre-employment paperwork done ASAP.

We'll see you when u get here.


Sandfiller 17th Aug 2005 16:00

yeah guys.....discover yourselves as many times as you like. Lumut is really a great place without the haze of cos.:cool:

SQ007 18th Aug 2005 10:30

Yea, I really hope all the 'fun' will not be affected by the haze.

mat salleh 18th Aug 2005 10:52

Remember these words when you are at OBS,

gentlemen i commend you for a job well done

give yourselves a hand

what are you thoughts

how does it make you feel


rain or shine, life goes on, tommorow is another day

think about it

also you will learn to love insect repellant and hate monkeys

Sandfiller 18th Aug 2005 14:48

yeah mat salleh,

Use your imagination.
Love the flies.

DonJuan 18th Aug 2005 16:07

Hi Bros,
Are you guys motivating or trying to scare the crap out of us...either way it was fun reading your post...seeing that you guys had a blast of a time in OBS.... We wil take your advise with a pinch of a salt.....

One day we will write our own story..... Enjoy Seletar....and hope to see you guys soon...

Cheers Mate....

TinyBrain 19th Aug 2005 20:45

Welcome Cse114.05
Hrmm.. mat salleh...

gentlemen i commend you for a job well done
that sounds familiar.. hahaha... Looks like the 113 enjoyed the OBS.. :D

SQ007: if I were you, I'll pray for the haze... ;)

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