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Jetstar Japan info

Hi All,

any chance the Jetstar Japan T& C's could be posted or pm'd please.

If any care to comment of the cost of living (in reality), transport, general paperwork issues and treatment that would be great.

Is it better to join Jet* Oz and then come over to Japan on LWP?

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You won't find them on a hong kong forum
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Base of Operation Tokyo, Japan

Commencement Date Immediate

Rostering Fly a maximum of 840 hours per year.

You will be paid JPY7,500 per hour for flying over 50 hours per month. 840 hours per year is equal to JPY1,800,000 in productivity pay per year

Commuting Patterns

Various combinations such as 20 days on and 10 days off or 40 days on and
20 days are on offer.
*For Non Commuting, 10 days off on base per month
Annual Leave 20 Days Per Year (possible to carry over 1 year)

Sick Leave 24 Days Per Year

Uniforms & Manuals Airline to provide uniform and manuals
Accommodation Whilst under training the company will provide hotel accommodation until satisfactory line check completion. After successful check out, you can choose hotel or company lease apartment. (a. or b.)
a. Hotel cost up to JPY 5,000 per night for staying at a hotel near Narita,
during the whole stay for duty. This will be reimbursed via expense claim.
b. The Company will arrange a two-year lease for apartment up to JPY
100,000 per month after successful check out.
Also please note the following:
- 5-10% of accommodation cost will be deducted from your payroll as “legal
rent” to provide better tax shield.
- The initial cost and contract renewal cost which may occur (house deposit,
key money, interest) will be paid by company.
- Any liability, such as cancelation and property damage, around this lease
contract will be claimed and deducted from your payroll.

Ground Transportation

Public transport JPY2,400/one way *at company description
Hotel Stay or Taxi to home; up to JPY5,000 *at company description. (Only
before/after duty. When no public transport is available)

Travel Commuting from Overseas

Company reimburse up to JPY 40,000 per month and JPY 5,000 for hotel stay
for whole staying period for duty
Staff Travel Provided. (Jetstar Japan Program – from after 6 months of joining the company)

Insurances Health Insurance, Welfare Pension Insurance, Loss of License

Insurance and Government Social Insurance all provided by Jetstar Japan

A320 First Officer Salary Breakdown

Annual Base Salary JPY 6,400,000
Sign On Bonus JPY 1,500,000
Annual Bonus (at JPY 820,000 (Target x 10% of salary and annual bonus. Max achievable is target) 15%, minimum is 5%)
Work Day Off Pay JPY 3,500
*Note: Sign on bonus must be paid back in full if you resign within
24 months after payment
*Note: Annual bonus must be paid back in full if you resign within
12 months after payment
**All subject to Japanese Taxes**


Training Period is anticipated to be about 8-10 weeks. Annual Base Salary
only to be paid for this period.
Training Costs for all pilots, regardless of experience will be USD22,500
which can be paid upfront by you or through your bonuses or monthly
salaries. Jetstar will provide detailed options.
Training will include 1 week of ground school in preparation for Japanese Air
Law exams, company Ground School and simulator training


Location to be confirmed but will consist of an interview with Operations Management Team and simulator session to evaluate management of inflight scenarios which will take about 30 to 45 minutes

A320 First Officers Minimum Flight Time

A minimum of 1500 hours total time on fixed wing aircraft and 1000 hours on
jet with at least 500 hours on the A320

A320 First Officers *A Current A320 Type Rating

Minimum Requirements

*Valid Class 1 Medical
*Current & Valid ATPL issued by JAA / FAA / ICAO
*Valid Passport
*Last Flight & simulator on the A320 to be within the last 12 to 18 months
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Thanks for those details.

It seems like a nice deal, but the fact that they want me to pay for the type rating is kind of ridiculous.
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You won't find them on a hong kong forum
Proven wrong! but its closest to an asian forum.... if not point it out to the mods to move it to the Japan forum

Thanks T-MASS.
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The requirements stated here are different to the ones listed on the Jetstar Japan website. The website says you must already hold a JCAB license.

Jetstar Recruitment: Attention
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Jibba, this is even closer to an Asian forum:

South Asia and the Far East - PPRuNe Forums

And for some strange reason, there is lots of info about flying in Japan on it.

Who'd 'a thunk it?

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Yes Cpt-Dart,
correct you are; however your question about F/O salary etc posted in that forum got answered here so hopefully it will help.

I searched for 'Jetstar Japan' and that particular forum/thread never made itself very prominant at all considering it had recent posts in it! So, i'm going to blame i.t algorithms for the prob

either way, more info for the asia area cant hurt!
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D ont forget that you will have to pay around 25 to 33 % of income tax
At Skymark tax are paid by them
Jetstar you are paying
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