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Cathay Cadet Pilot Program - Interview tips (ONLY)

South Asia and Far East Wannabes A forum for those applying to Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any other Hong Kong-based airline or operator. Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries.

Cathay Cadet Pilot Program - Interview tips (ONLY)

Old 27th Mar 2012, 15:10
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Question Cathay Cadet Pilot Program - Interview tips (ONLY)


I have been following the other threads but they are not so informative about interview processes and stuff. Fine, there were positive side and negative sides, I agree.

So this place is for those pilot wannabe who decided to take whatever shit that's coming and get the deal done! (Yeah, some might say foolish or whatever, but for some of us who can't afford to get our own pilot license, its a whole new world!)

So, Lets this place be ALL ABOUT INTERVIEW TIPS AND QUESTIONS AND NO ARGUMENT PLEASE. If you wanna discuss about financial backlash or policy or whatever shit, go to the other threads and start arguring.

What I want here is, when the CX HR call us for interview, what should we PREPARE IN ADVANCE in order to pass the stages.

Guys, if you had been through the interview, passed the interivews or selected as Trainee Pilot at CX, please share your experiences here with your fellow pilot wannabe.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Old 27th Mar 2012, 22:06
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What's wrong with the other thread? Contains all the information you are asking for.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 05:16
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oh yeah, but with over 10,000 posts and almost 80% is like argument
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 06:16
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What's wrong with the other thread? Contains all the information you are asking for.
Well that didn't take long!

Bad dog, spot!
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 12:04
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Some of the questions asked during my tech interview in Feb 2012 :

1. Which is the only continent CX doesn't fly to?
2. What is the population of Hong Kong?
3. How do you distinguish between a cold front and a warm front?
4. What causes the formation of a typhoon?
5. Latitude and longitude of Hong Kong.
6. Identify the aircraft model displayed, what engine is mounted on it.
7. In which year was CX founded? The first aircraft flown and its name.
8. Mental calculation based on rate of descent. Another one based on TRK and HDG.
9. Wing dihedral and sweptback.

I can't recall anything more than that.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 23:21
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In fact, it should be, 'which are the only continents CX doesn't fly to '.

One is Antarctica. You can work the other one out yourselves.
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Old 30th Mar 2012, 00:09
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I have 4 friends currently doing the advanced course at FTA. Here is a list of questions they compiled that were asked during stage 1 and 2

What are katabatic winds?
What is washout?
What does CAVOK mean?
What things are associated with a mountain wave?
What are the inputs to a GPWS?
Deviation changes due to what?
What is the relationship between TAS, Mach number, and Speed of Sound in an equation?
QNH set to 989 instead of 998 What will the error be?
What is the definition of a wet runway in mm of water?
What is the difference in ground-looping tendencies between a tail dragger and tricycle gear?

Give me a summary of your flying career up to this point
Why did you become a pilot?
How did you pay for your flight training and/or school?
Do you have any secondary duties at your current job? Why or why not?
If your spouse were sitting here, what would they say is your biggest weakness?
Why do you want to work for Cathay?
Why are we just hearing from you now?
What is something you don't like about your current company?
Have you applied anywhere else? What if you receive another job offer, which job will you take?
Tell me about a time you made a mistake in the cockpit
What can you tell me about Cathay?
o Who is the CEO and COO of CX?
o Do you know anyone who works for Cathay?
o Have you flown on Cathay?
o Where have you gotten the majority of the information you know about Cathay? Has it all come from the internet?
o What are some of the negative things you've heard about Cathay?
o Why do you think you would fit in well at Cathay?
o What are some destinations that Cathay flies to?
o Where does Cathay fly in North America?
o What types and numbers of aircraft comprise the fleet? What types of engines?
o What aircraft are on order?
What makes you think you will enjoy flying long haul?
If you receive a job offer from XYZ airline and Cathay, which would you take?
What can you tell me about Hong Kong?
o What is the climate like?
o What is the approximate Latitude?
o What is the approximate population of Hong Kong?
o What do you think some of the negatives of Hong Kong are? Positives?
o What is the current relationship between Hong Kong and China?

You land on a wet runway, autobrakes applied and reversers deployed, and the airplane starts to skid. What do you do and why?
Define induced drag
Define parasite drag
Draw a drag curve
Where is Max Range on the drag curve
Where is long range cruise? What is the difference
What do winglets do?
Why doesn't the 777 have winglets?
What are the advantages of this engine?
How much thrust does it produce?
How many turbines in each stage of the engine? Compressors?
What is EPR vs. IEPR?
You are flying between Hong Kong and Anchorage when it become apparent under the present conditions that you will land below the minimum fuel required by regulations. What will you do?
What is a typhoon?
When is typhoon season?
How would the aircraft performance change if you were over-flying a typhoon?
What would be some considerations if you were landing in a typhoon?
What is wind shear?
How would you brief for wind shear?
How would you identify wind shear? Does your current aircraft have windshear detection? How does it work?
What would you do if you encountered wind shear?
What do you do with the landing gear during windshear recovery? Flaps? Why?
What is the tropopause?
What happens to Mach as you climb? What about IAS?
What does ITCZ stand for?
How does the ITCZ affect weather?
What does EGPWS stand for?
What are the inputs to EGPWS?
What is the benefit of wing sweep? Disadvantages?
What is wing twist? Why do we have it?
What is Mcrit?
Where does the high speed shockwave form first on the wing? Where will airflow go supersonic first on the 747-400?
What is dutch roll?
How do we correct for dutch roll?
What is a critical engine?
Which engine on the 747-400 is critical?
What aircraft is that (looking at a model on the table)?
How can you tell the difference between a freighter and a pax 747-400? What about a BCF?
What is Vmcg?
What are factors that affect Vmcg?
What is V1?
What is the relationship between V1 and Vmcg?
What are the types of hydroplaning? How can you calculate hydroplaning speed? What is the hydroplaning speed on your current aircraft?
How does the 747-400 use fuel? What about the A340-600?

All of them suggested reading Ace the technical pilot interview by Gary V Bristow. That should cover everything that you can be asked besides the Cathay specific questions.

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Old 30th Mar 2012, 01:59
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Thanks for all the information guys, thats unreal!
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Old 30th Mar 2012, 04:58
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It looks very similar to the questions from this link

Airline Ratings & Interview Gouge
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Old 30th Mar 2012, 06:47
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Anyone know about the new revised Aviation Math Test?
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Old 30th Mar 2012, 11:09
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Tell us about tcas
What's the time to impact for ta/ra
What's the reaction time
What's the reaction time for a reversal
Tell us about the hydraulic system in your aircraft
What press
What quantity
What warnings linked to hydraulic system
How is the tank pressurised
What's a cyclone
What's a typhoon
Which direction do the winds travel
What dangers to flight
What's itcz
Describe a high speed wing
Why is it swept
What's EGPWS whats different to gpws
What's inputs
Why doesnt the 777 have winglets
Explain v1
What's your actions for failure before v1 and after v1
When would it differ
What model plane is this
How do you know
How many aircraft does cathay have
How many on order
Which ones
What's special about a350
Why is it good to be lighter
Which runway direction is hong kong
What's the coordinates
Your travelling 480kts how long to travel 50nm
Can you be more precise
You have to climb 6000' in 10nm what's the gradient
What's viz req on ILS
Which categories are there
Your 5nm on slope how high are you
Which engine is crit on turboprop
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Old 30th Mar 2012, 11:13
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Maths is basic
Times fractions
Divide fractions
Times decimals
Divide decimals
Mix fractions and decimals
Simple times
Simple divide

Just large numbers so they take time.
Just practice random combinations of the above list and you'll be fine.
I'm not going to give exact questions on this on and answers, cause lets face it if you cant work out a ground speed or how far off track you are with 1in60 then what have you been doing with your current flying?
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Old 30th Mar 2012, 12:23
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thank you very much!
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Oh and they ask which material you studied for the interview...

I can garuantee more is better. Rattle of everything you used and at least show you've worked hard for it.

I used
All ATPL notes
Beyond lion rock
Preparing for Cathay xyz
Cathay employees (bailed up cabin manager on flight over)
Handling big jets
Aerodynamics for naval aviators
The quick ATPL reference book
Bureau of met aviation meteorology

Be honest, be yourself.

Oh and in the leadership exercise, don't just be the one who barks orders etc. encourage group involvement with open questions and involve the whole team. Remember everyone is trying to show they are "the one" so give some space to each other. But also be positive.

In the sim ride
Practice the profile
Remember the call outs
Practice a failure management model for your failure and use it. (remember your acting both parts of the pf and pnf crew, except the actions)
Fly a/c
Call failure and confirm
Cancel warning
Call for checklist (memory items, QRH)
Confirm actions (no that's not engine four dumbass, yes that's engine four)
Confirm checklist complete
Check cb's
Notify and plan
Notify ATC (pan call) with fuel and plan to return, ILS vectors
Notify flight attendants
Notify ops
Confirm normal checklists complete

I only add this as I noticed a few non multi crew guys in the transitional stream who struggled on this, with the correct actions. One fast jet guy and a few freight metro dudes.

Oh and my sim guy preferred "I have control, you have control" not "handing over taking over" due to the Boeing, airbus sop.
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Old 31st Mar 2012, 00:27
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Did you.have to. Do the aptitude tests? When.did you do your 2nd stage?
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Old 31st Mar 2012, 04:20
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Xcel, were you selected for the transition training programme?
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Old 31st Mar 2012, 08:14
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Clish... That was combined questions from 1st and 2nd.

No aptitude...

Yes was selected.
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Old 1st Apr 2012, 04:19
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Old 1st Apr 2012, 13:27
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I can guarantee that none of the current C-scale new-joiners are in any way selected in the traditional CX meaning of the word, and should not expect to be treated as such.

When we joined, we truly were selected because the pay package made for tough competition to get in, and the guys you were competing against were all similarly experienced Air-Force or Airline guys who needed an incentive to leave what they already had.

Now, the only criteria for getting in is eyes-wide-shut willingness to sign the crappy deal. spelling your name right and getting through a 45 minute chit-chat without making the interviewer physically unwell.

In all honesty, those truly selected (those in the pool since the mid 2000s) had the brains to turn this offer down, ironically proving that they were exactly what we need; wise decision makers.
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Old 2nd Apr 2012, 07:07
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Great post indeed!

Applied back in Feb and been called to have the 1st stage interview this week.. I have 0 hrs logged but have done some basic PPL ground courses.

Just curious how technical would the personal and technical interview be in the first stage? Having read the other thread some did mention no technical stuff was involved. On top of the JKI, I also read the FAA PHAK and Aviation Weather in my spare time. But as a candidate without much experience, I found some of the questions posted here are quite technical indeed..

Any answer would be much appreciated.
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