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DGCA -ATPL - Oral -QBank

Old 21st Mar 2015, 18:08
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I was asked about

edto vs etops
holding patterns with speed and wind corrections
climb segments
rod calculations
atpl cross country requirement
enroute charts '
taxi charts '

thats all i recall.
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Old 23rd Jun 2015, 16:07
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ATPL VIVA june 2015

Anyone appeared for ATPL orals in april attempt..
Please post the questions asked.

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Old 24th Jun 2015, 05:23
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I gave both, but cleared only Nav, there were two people on the panel. I was asked the following

MNPS: where do they exist, I had read only about NAT MNPS so told them Atlantic Ocean,but he wasn't satisfied

Difference between RNAV and RNP

In Dubai if we lose RVSM capability and are out of radar coverage how much will we have to deviate to get out of the airway? I don't know the answer to this one, please let me know. I said it should be 15nm but he said we will get into another airway.

Going from Bom to Cok out of radar coverage have to deviate 50nm due weather will we climb or descend?

Can we fly Anoli1A if we do not have gps?

Variation line in Jeppesen

If we have blocked AOA probes what do we do to ADR? A320 question

If we enter a speed lower than green dot in the fmgs will the aircraft decelerate?

On a 3 degree GP what is our height at 4.5 nm

What is the ROD on a 4 degree GP if GS is 120kt? I couldn't get this one either, please let me know
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Old 28th Nov 2015, 08:51
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are you a320 rated or flying, and is that the reason he asked you those questions?
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Old 29th Nov 2015, 07:25
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hey shivam

i am not quite sure with the last question but i believe the answer to calculate rate of decent could be 800feet per minute
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Old 30th Nov 2015, 06:53
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hey guys

this perhaps is the wrong thread to share , but had to discuss it guys before i go any further into it

This is regarding the concept called as frozen atpl , i dont understand the reason why the written and orals validity is 5 years and then if lapsed we go over it again already being competent enough to pass it once just because the flying requirements are not fulfilled in the particular time frame thats my main question here,

compare it with the west(USA and Europe) where you only pass and slog it out once and then whenever you fulfill the flying requirement you get it issued .

i dont see any good reason that why the papers should lapse , secondly i do know even in the airlines the co pilots are just about managing to finish the requirement in about 5 years time from the time of induction forget about the guys who are not employed yet.

So i did make an attempt to right it to concerned authority stil waiting for the response but let me know guys if this is making any sense , i just want a provision to be made something like the atpl frozen or may be the written validity could be renewed.

the advantages would be more qualified people in the market who just dont have the hours and the cpl guys would be motivated to study even further while they look for employment and the overall standards of theoretical knowledge would improve.This is not a selfish motive lot other guys in the flying and waiting to get hired will get effected.
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Old 30th Nov 2015, 06:54
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this was the mail i had put in a couple of months back to the authorities:

Good Evening Sir, I am an Indian commercial pilot license holder, like many other fellow pilots I was also looking for a job just after finishing my training but I soon realized that there are not many jobs in the market for fresher's, finally sir the only way to get into the airlines is either i pass my ATPL papers with oral exams or go for a type rating to get some preference among others, since sir I was not financially stable I gave the atpl exams.
I passed my orals and my papers are valid for 5 years now just need to fulfill the flying requirements for issue of Atpl.
Sir now the problem comes that even pilots within the airlines and the ones without the airline jobs need to get the required flying hours which becomes challenging especially for the fresher's like me.
As sir there are a lot many cpl holders with papers passed but sir over the time most of us are not able to fulfill the flying hours within the time span and have to attempt everything again.
Therefore sir my only request to you is if in case pilots have passed the atpl papers and there validity is coming to an end if it can be renewed or if there could be a provision for frozen atpl issue, just like in Europe and USA, so that the pilots just need the required hours to issue the Atpl and don't have to pass orals again since there competency is already been checked once while passing the orals and the frozen atpl can be renewed.
From the pilots and airlines point of view also it could create a difference as it will become an added advantage for the airline and encouragement to the cpl holders also the training standard will also improve sir in terms of theoretical knowledge. Request you sir to give it a thought once.
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Old 1st Dec 2015, 02:36
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The FAA ATP written used to be valid only for 2 years . Since the ATP CTP program has come up and it became expensive to write the FAA ATP exam the validity has been extended to 5 years.

In Europe if its been more than 7 years since your IR expired then you have to give the ATP papers all over again.
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Old 1st Dec 2015, 04:04
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Thanks cyril for the reply really appreciate , well reading the above lines looks like it's not worth the attempt I am making here. So be it then.
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Old 13th Dec 2015, 06:25
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Anyone who gave the Mumbai attempt?

any tricky questions do put them up, Please
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Old 20th Dec 2015, 04:34
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1. 3 nm in on 3 deg ILS, what is your height.
2. Established on ILS , G/S goes out, what will you do?
3. Advantages of IRS
4. CP, PNR
5. Difference between RNAV and RNP approaches
6. How does aircraft maintain an RNP 0.5 approach/Track
7. Can IRS be aligned in air? And why?
8. What will you do if you loose IRS data in flight?
9. What is more accurate, DME approach or GPS approach?
10. How does FMS generate aircraft's position?
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Old 4th Apr 2016, 16:04
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Radio Aids. Oral. January 2016. New Delhi.

Guys, can anyone please answer this question for me.
Is Site error in DVOR zero or simply less than site error in CVOR.
If it is zero, how?

Thank you so much.

I was also asked
1. Altimeters
2. VOR
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Old 8th Jul 2016, 13:08
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Hello Guys

Can anyone share Nav Viva questions asked this time in Delhi.

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Old 21st Sep 2016, 10:37
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1) define FAF
3) RRSM, what is RRSM- reduced runway separation minima
4) DDA, what is this ?
5) diff between RNAV 5 and RNAV 10, where it used and give example
6) enroute chart projection

Radio AIDS

1) what all instruments in your aircraft
2) what are advantages of MLS Over ILS
3) significance of outer marker
4) DVOR and VOR difference, why DVOR IS BETTER??
5) RVSM contingency, in case of instrument failure
6) what is RVSM
7) things to remember while entering from RVSM to non RVSM airspace
8) which all gyros are there name any two
9) DGI has which gyro
10) TSI has which gyro
11) GPWS all modes, how many are there in GPWS AND HOW MANY in EGPWS
12) What is mode 7, predictive or reactive ?
13) what is predictive wind shear
14) instruments for RVSM
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Old 7th Dec 2016, 17:20
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Any body pls update on viva questions latest oct session delhi
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Old 10th Jun 2017, 00:39
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Hi all.
Any updates on questions asked in Mumbai ATPL orals, April 2017..??
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Old 19th Jul 2017, 01:54
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anyone got some updated questions for DGCA ATPL VIVA , much appreciated .
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Old 22nd Aug 2017, 11:17
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Any one with the info on what kind of ATPL oral questions being asked in Delhi for july2017 session?
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Old 14th Dec 2017, 06:35
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Radio Aids:
Duct Propagation
Frequency of Weather Radar / Transponder / DME
Components of ILS, Minimas of CAT 1,2&3

ICAO Max Holding speeds
Airspace requirements of Airspace A
Defintion of magnetic dip
Whats the final approach fix (x) called? Ans: Maltese cross
Climb segments/gradients
Approach charts in detail
Enroute charts find longest runway of particular airffield
Difference between RNP and RNAV
Difference between GMT and UTC, why is it called UTC
Which city does tropic of Cancer pass through in India Ans: Gandhinagar (gujarat)
Which city does Indian mean time longitude pass through And: Allahabad (UP)
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Old 21st Dec 2017, 06:12
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What about the written?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and end of 2017!

What book(s)/ questionnaire(s) etc. would you recommend to pass the ALTP written? I have gotten mixed opinions about this; some recommending OXFORD and some others pointing me towards the Keith Williams question banks and Sahil Khurana notes.

Any help would be appreciated.

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