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Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Programme

South Asia and Far East Wannabes A forum for those applying to Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any other Hong Kong-based airline or operator. Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries.

Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Programme

Old 22nd Aug 2012, 12:37
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Hi everyone, I applied to Cathay Cadet around December 2011, I still haven't got any reply yet. Also, I try to re-apply for the program again, but the system doesn't let me, it just said that my application is on process.

Is that mean I am on the waiting list? What else I can do now and how long does it take for them to reply?

Many thanks !

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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 13:41
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MidnightCobra: I mean 2011....

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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 15:10
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whered u pick ur preferred location?

if its not HK then it could take much longer
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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 15:13
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Ahh, maybe thats why.
I pick UK as my first choice....coz when I applied, I was at uni in UK, but I just graduated and back in HK.....
Do you know is it possible I can change it back to HK?
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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 22:33
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just wait, some ppl waited more than 2 years before getting a reply. Good luck
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Old 23rd Aug 2012, 06:35
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Every time an 18 yr old applies for CPP I facepalm. 18 yr olds shouldn't even start university yet, let alone be working in an airline.
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 22:48
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Has CX considered previously interviewed candidate

Hello to everyone

i was called to attend CX Advanced Entry Second Officer Stage 2 selection process last year, But i was not lucky.

I would like to know whether cathay consider previously interviewed candidate??

If so will they be starting from stage 1 again or ll be directly called for stage 2
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Old 26th Aug 2012, 11:42
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U can reapply after a year, starting from scratch
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Old 26th Aug 2012, 13:26
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Thanks mate... do they prefer my application again or i should be lucky to get another call from them?
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Old 26th Aug 2012, 14:45
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All u Cathay wannabe's, apply to jetstar HK, at least you can get straight in the right seat, better for the career!

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Old 28th Aug 2012, 07:12
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Jetstar require far higher minimums and standards than CX require From a quick google search Jetstar HK FO applicants require a minimum of:

- in excess of 1500 hrs TT with ATPL
- 500 hrs multi engine experience
- 250 hrs Command Experience
- Airbus endorsement or experience preferred.

Jetstar Hong Kong Recruitment: Attention

CX's minimum requirements? ZERO hrs experience. That's why so many simply can't apply to Jetstar. And even if they could you'd find most still don't get the implications of a bonded SO position with a P2X rating as opposed to logging recognised hours in a control seat of (any) aircraft.

Who would've believed that a Low Cost Carrier would require better credentials than the almighty CX!!!??
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Old 28th Aug 2012, 16:45
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Actually what he has said is correct. CX requires far less experience to join than the low cost carrier, JetStar.

The fact is that most if not all the guys getting into CX now would have had a far harder time doing that a few years ago when the package attracted candidates with a wealth of experience. I do not think it is wrong that you joined as that is what you deemed best for yourself but do not get upset when someone states a fact about the current employment requirements for two companies. You probably would not have got into CX 4 years ago if you were only recently recruited as you would have not been one of the best candidates, now it is a different story. Not saying you are incompetent or unsuitable just stating how it is.

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Old 28th Aug 2012, 19:19
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I wanted to chime in a few weeks ago but have been rather busy… Someone here (maybe not on this thread but on another in Fragrant Harbor) mentioned that it took over 18 months to even get a date for the first interview from CX. This is my situation as back in June of 2011, I received an e-mail which basically states that they(CX) could not give a date when they can interview me in my country of choice (US), but if I wanted to travel at my own expense to Hong Kong for the AE stage 1 interview, I was invited. I had replied, telling them it was okay for me to interview in Hong Kong but I never got a response, even after several follow up attempts. I find it interesting why a company would tell someone they are invited for an interview but yet, don’t say anything else and keep that person “hanging.” You would think that most company when they make that sort of commitment to tell you that you are invited for an interview, would give periodic updates as a courtesy. And what is up with the wait? I had been through the process to obtain a Top Secret Compartmentalized clearance (highest level) and it didn’t take this long!
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Old 28th Aug 2012, 20:40
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Griffith University signs cadet training deal with Cathay Pacific

Hi Guys,

i just read this article recently and thought everyone should read this
this is a excerpt from a news article
This airline-sponsored 32-week course will commence when successful students obtain their ICAO CPL and have met required hours in specific categories to meet HKCAD licensing requirements.
Griffith University School of Aviation Head, Associate Professor Paul Bates, said the breakthrough cadetship with the airline is expected to supply a significant number of its future pilots
the rest of the article can be found on:
Aviation Business: Griffith University signs cadet training deal with Cathay Pacific

does that mean there will be fewer spots for the rest of us applying for the 32 week advanced program ?
what is everyone`s take on this ?
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Old 28th Aug 2012, 21:08
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No.Boundaries - no boundaries? Then what's all this "bond" thing then? Did my simplistic post on Jetstar's min FO recruitment standards vs CX's only pilot recruitment standards really make your lower lip quiver this much!?

Wow! All I stated was a fact. What a great dummy spit! Try to argue against me with facts to back up your gripe. You didn't and can't. At best you proved your pre-pubescent toys-from-the-cot mentality. You haven't even read the majority of my posts, as is evident by your ignorant claim.

As mentioned many times before, I interviewed for CX as SO to a far, far, far higher standard than "What do your parents think about you wanting to be a pilot" (a question actually asked, but you'd know that if you followed this entire thread as it was posted by a candidate advising other on what questions to prepare for from those he was asked). I was successful in the interview and eventually offered a job on C-Scale some 3.5 years later. I turned it down. Bitter? I reckon I've earned the right to be p!ssed off of brats whining about CX not getting back to them after they applied a week or even a month ago. Or the same mindless dumb-as-bat-spunk questions you and your mates generate, yet scream you want to be taken seriously?! Nut scratchers like you prevented those of us who put in the yards, effort & sacrifice from a successful, rewarding & financially secure career at CX.

No, we don't fly the same aircraft. I fly, you watch. You're not licensed to fly. It's a P2X rating kid. Stop pulling your pud.

You don't suffer the same fatiigue because in a control seat you make the calls, you put it together, you make it happen. Laughable that you think you're a part of that chewing on some sandwiches observing.

A few hundred square feet? And then some!!!! See, that's what a spine will get you when you're not the lowest factor and cheapest option to be left standing for a job. You exist because others turned it down. You live in what you deserve, and at an ever deterieorating capcity to pay for owing to the contract you begged to sign. Have you thought of where you'll place the nursery yet?

A few extra dollars? No, A LOT of extra dollars. My experience, hard work & crentials paid off elsewhere. And that's because I didn't sell myself out, worked & studied my ar$re off, relocated, travelled & sacrificed for years to build a competitive log book. The years of real hard work that the likes of you deem beneath them paid off. (Did you read that post of mine about the holiday joint I bought in Bali? Those extra dollars can be pretty cool!!)

The glory days are indeed over because of ignorant, spineless tossers doing it for less and devaluing the profession. You made it this way. You agree to it. You contribute to it. You are the degeneration of a once proud and great airline and profession. You never have the right to complain about pilots not sticking together and defending each other and their career. But you will because you think you have the "right".

Working hard to make ends meet? Working hard? You're kidding yourself. Your type deem GA too tough. How hard can you possibly work sitting, watching and making the occasional radio call? So it's tough to make ends meet eh? STIFF SH!T you sanctimonious brat! You are living on what you asked for. Don't complain. Maybe the truth about the predicament you asked to be in is hitting home? Maybe, maybe not but it will and then we'll see that lower lip quiver some more I figure.

There are many who agree with you. You attend classes in Adelaide together entitled "This is what a wing looks like. Does anyone know what it does?" You group together and draw strength in telling yourself you've "achieved" (HA!) something by joining CX to the detriment of the airline, the pressure placed on your colleauge's contracts and the downward drive of the industry as whole - all via YOUR actions which you are proud of and defend.

Kid, don't try to p!ss in a pot when you're still in nappies.

I'd like to say go interview for Jetstar - but you can't. I'd like to say go get a job on a light twin but you're still not even experienced enough for that. You're not respected by your colleauge's at CX let alone the wider aviation community. You are tolerated out of a dysfunctional desire of social etiquette. Nothing more. You represent all that many went before tried to prevent.

Your contribution to CX is the bonus cheque to management and the tax paid to the HK government: at best.

Next time you're "working hard" and "feeling the fatigue" on a P2X rating and observing from the back seat pluck up the courage to ask the Capt and FO if push came to shove whether they prefer YOU at CX and all you stand for in terms of standards and pilot remuneration or pilots from the pre iCadet days. See how your ego rides over that b!tch slap.

And so to quote yourself: (this is the crowning glory you idiot) as written here: http://www.pprune.org/fragrant-harbo...ml#post7049558

I am a SO for CX via the cadet pilot program 61 week course. I changed usernames so management wouldn't find me. I have been SO for just over a year now and a lot of us are struggling to make ends meet. On top of that CX are always screwing with our rosters messing our plans on days off etc. The job itself is quite ok. You get to work with some professional people and travel to some ok destinations. The conditions are just not good enough for comfortable living in HK as opposed to my previous life style back home in the UK. If anyone has questions about life as SO at cx via the cpp just ask. Its the least i can do to warn others of what they are signing up for.
And this one:
@airgent for my own discretion i will withold the disclosure of my start date, but for the benefits side i started when there wasn't a $10k allowance and only on the 340. Now i have a huge huge $10k allowance, and CCQ on the 330 i think i will save for a yatch and that lp700 lamborghini i've always wanted (note the sarcasm)
To put it simply, benefits haven't really improved imho. I wish i had recieved these warnings back when i joined.
You're getting what you deserve. Too bad you didn't listen to "those warnings", eh??? This has got to be the greatest idiot I've delt with on this forum. I'm laughing too much to type much more & expose the big floppy feet & red nose.....

I've swapped some PM's with guys wanting a decent discussion. I don't brand all iCadets the same but I do vehermently disagree with their choice to be part of all this C-Scale entails.

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Old 29th Aug 2012, 00:35
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Don't spark him up! Just after we finally get a lull, you've got him back to banging away with the same old drivel! The sooner people realise he is the kind of bloke that has an answer to anything and everything, and has the time on his hands to engineer lengthy responses, the sooner he will scuttle off...
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Old 29th Aug 2012, 03:53
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^I love this guy! It all sounds so teenage angsty...

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Old 29th Aug 2012, 04:52
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Not good enough for CX? Which part of interviewed for the job, was phoned & sent the congratulatory letter informing me I was successful AND being offered a job didn't your knuckle-dragger brain not process?

Who works hard toward their dream job only to turn it down? It's called integrity & respect for the profession, let alone the same respect for the amount of work it took to be offered it. You don't get it you never will. Theres a saying about knowing the value of hard work. You didn't do it (but pretend or think you do as a backseat observer "flying" - still cracks me up you think you "fly"), so of course the value of self worth for the effort made is completely lost to your xbox brain. So now you assume I'm worse off? You are an idiot.

CX isn't good enough anymore? Interesting you throw that my way when it's you who wrote this post on the thread regarding CX's glory days fading:

The glory days have been fading since April 1st 1993.

so the stories are true after all
(You also believe qualified to preach about circling approaches being discontinued.... Now let's do a reality check: outside of the wet nurse Adelaide playground when have you ever done one in a real aircraft??)

Get your hand off it kid & stop believing you do the same job as an experienced pilot. You haven't the knowledge or credentials to do so despite what your ego tries to tell you. I don't doubt for a second that you've thousands of hours of solo "stick time" but it ain't in an Airbus control seat!! More like the 400 sq ft apartment beneath the Tommy Cruise poster on the ceiling......

So in 3-4 years you'll join EK & earn millions, eh? So, after a probable 5 years as SO on a P2X then 2 as JFO/FO you'll have logged an ICAO recognised min hours for aCPL in a C152 at Adelaide & perhaps 1500 hrs in the RHS of the 'Bus. So let me throw this little pie in your red nosed faced:


You idiot. You're still short of the experience!!!!!! Your P2X hours are useless & not recognised as your ignorant shallow mind thinks. Yep, your bonded time is over but CX still have you by your yet-to-drop walnuts!!! You didn't think of that did you? I'd say you should once again change usernames, eh? You're bound by bond & by lack of experience to CX you moron for a far greater time on an insulting salary than those 6 years of the bonded contract. Obviously didn't consider that either.... So maybe you'll stay at CX going backward or barely neutral financially for another few years only to join the bottom of the seniority list at another large airline?

The guy who did the yards that you deem beneath you or too hard & logged real recognisable hours from the get-go is screaming years ahead of you financially & professionally. Your moronic username reeks of irony.

And no, the light twin gig is still beyond you. You haven't the Command time in a single piston that GA operators require let alone their insurance companies demand. Still didn't think it all through did we???!!!!

You're an insult to the profession. You actively choose to lower it & defend your right to do so for deluded self interest. You are the cheapest option, nothing more, nothing less.

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Old 29th Aug 2012, 05:24
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Chinabeached, are you not the cheapest option as a part-time contracted pilot? Surely integrity and respect for the profession would stretch to arguing for the preservation of permanent jobs for pilots, just like the good old days? You have no grounds to claim people taking this opportunity are an insult to the profession, simply based on the fact that you are YOURSELF depreciating the value of what it used to mean to be a pilot. The days of permanent contracts are now over thanks to people like you. You claim that we sit in Adelaide attending lectures entitled "this is a wing, what does it do?" yet have no experience down here, are you suggesting that the levels required to pass CPL and ATPL examinations are being lowered? Assuming the fact that you know qantas and dragonair along with the chinese search and rescue also train their pilots here, are you seriously implying that the standards are lowered for all these cadets, or just that via magic means the cx cadets are allowed to pass through knowing nothing? We work just as hard as you and any other pilot will have done to pass the exams. An ATPL is an ATPL whether it was issued 10 years ago or 10 days ago. You are imposing a fairly serious allegation against the HKCAD and CASA who invigilate and award these certifications and making a bit of a fool out of yourself.
The way you handle yourself on this forum is in itself a sad view of what modern day "pilots" have become, get off your computer, leave these guys alone and get on with your own things.
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Old 29th Aug 2012, 06:29
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JJ - am willing to discuss things with you when you come to the table in a decent manner. It's appreciated.

No, I didn't have a rich daddy or family. Like most flying for an airline was all I dreamt about. I had enough saved up for a restricted license after I left school due part time jobs and school holiday jobs (building site labouring). I worked in bars and nightclubs as a glassy as well as laborer gigs off and on while learning to fly & study to make it happen. I drove from one end of Oz to the other to follow up the CVs I sent out and phone calls I made. Most/all operators said no via a phone call or didn't reply to emails or letters. Me standing in front of them gave a far different impression. I landed a job in a single, then light twin, then turboprop FO, Capt to a jet job. In the early GA days I still worked in bars to keep the momentum. I travelled from Oz through Asia to the UK during the first holiday I took in over 4 years since working as a pilot to hunt for a jet job when the industry in Oz wasn't hiring. After 6 months or so on the jet I was offered the CX interview (early 2008) and passed..... The iCadetship was not what I interviewed for. Mine & other pilots' careers are worth more.

I did not take out a massive loan but looked at the option when or if I would of had to. Not because I wanted to but because that's what it may of taken in tough times. The harder I worked the luckier I got it seemed.

For guys with as little as 500 hrs TT there are 320 and 737 jobs in Asia. That's perhaps a year to 18 months of "hard yards" which is nothing in the scheme of things. With more recognised hours comes more options. That how it works. No, RyanAir is not a bastion of good will in the industry but if you're going to make a choice over 2 evils of CX iCadet as SO on a P2X vs a RHS of a single aisle jet (let alone any job flying anything!!) then take the option to build your hours!!!! You then become the owner of your destiny and not at the mercy of CX and the bond that as you can see is far longer than just the 6 year period due the severe lack of recognised hours. And what of age vs experience? Airlines look at this as well.

Far too many iCadets hopefuls have not considered the big picture and long term realities. Others like the muppet above do it, whine about it (refer to his previous posts) and then shout from the rafters in a bi-polar manner defending it?! There are far, far better options out there that just take more investigation, planning, commitment and determination.

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