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Are there many Asian(non HK) pilots in CX?

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Are there many Asian(non HK) pilots in CX?

Old 29th Apr 2005, 08:47
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Are there many Asian(non HK) pilots in CX?

Hi, PPRuNers!

I'm building up time to be CX S/O or DE F/O.
From this forum I found some threads that most pilots are (want to be) based in non HK area and also interviews are held in non HK area except 2nd interview. But, In my case I want to be based in HK(because I'm from Asian country and close to my home country) and also I have worry about CX has many Asian country(non HK) pilots or not.
If CX pilot from Asian country read this post, please give me some examples.
How can I apply and where can I take an interview.
And Is there some previous case?
Thank you for your help.
Good flight!
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Old 29th Apr 2005, 16:50
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You can be green, purple, yellow, white, fuscia or whatever. Anyone from any country can apply.

Go to the Cathay Pacific website for the appropriate links to the application forms. For DEFO on the freighter, you have to be able to take a basing from whatever the existing bases are. For DESO, they will arrange for your work permit and residency in HKG.
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Old 29th Apr 2005, 22:34
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Yes dhoonk, you're right anyone from any country can apply..THE QUESTION is will they be even considered for an interview... I've been regularly sending CV updates to CX since 1999, and all i get are postcards saying "thank you for your correspondence"..i got the essentials..ICAo ATP, 5000tt, 2500 jet, 1800pic,35yo..i'm even married to a cx flight purser for cripe's sake! my daughter is born in HKG..i got a HK resident id..my present employer flies to hongkong 2x daily (i operated a flight into hkg yesterday!)..and still couldn't get my foot in the door. 2 other pilot-colleagues with wives from CX can't either. ...PROBABLY if we change citizenship to Canada, USA,UK, Australia, or NZ they can grant us an interview?
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Old 30th Apr 2005, 00:27
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I have the same qualifications as you and probably the same color, and CX is considering to hire me, so just keep sending those updates and be positive.
I think CX is an equal opportunity employer.

Stay brown pare,
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Old 30th Apr 2005, 04:17
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Medwin..you're in Chicago right? Yes , there's no prob about color, qualifications and such..but difference is you have a green card..which makes you qualify for defo on cargo based in the usa..unfortunately I DON't. I could only do S/O based in HKG, no prob for me..since i want my family in one place.

A friend of mine also married to cx crew..he's Indian, when he was flying here, he sent cv's to cx every 3 months..for 3 whole years..no answer. He then got a 135 job on an H1visa there in the States, sent cx a new application, complete with a USA address and lo and behold..a call for an interview!

An Indonesian pilot i met..38 yrs old, 7,000 tt..737-300 captain.. actually collected 28 postcards from cx thanking him for his correspondence..How's that for persistence?

All this..while an Australian passenger of mine last week chatted with me in the cockpit...26 years old, 2000tt , Metro's and Twotters...just waiting for his class date as cx so.

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Old 30th Apr 2005, 16:18
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FYI, I'm a US citizen and can be base in US as a DEFO but I told CX that I want to be base in HK as DESO.
But you're right, you gain points by being a citizen of the country where CX have a crew base. As I said don't give up maybe they will have a base in MNL someday.
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Old 1st May 2005, 08:27
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There are some unsaid rules at CX as to what countires the pilots come from, where as EK, EY, QR etc etc are taking pilots from India,Malaysia and other brown asians, CX will just not do that. What ever CX may say thats the "rule".

So true about the US/UK mailing address, I know of a few guys who got in as DESO the same way.
Very true about 2000TT ozys / Canadians getting in as DESO.
Some things will never change
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Old 1st May 2005, 14:27
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Thanks silberfuchs for your eye-opener. Since you have quoted that "you can buy your atp subjects" and you can " buy a Phil University degree online" in my country..shows why my cv isn't seen in such high regard. It was pre-judged before it was opened.

So..next time i go up to Claire's office,(i personally hand my update form every 4 months) i have to bring along my College Dean, and at least 3 professors, and carbon-date my diploma. It's a good thing i also have an FAA ATP too (or you can "buy" that as well?) or i also have to haul my flight and ground instructors,check pilots as well as logbooks of the aircraft i've flown to show my hours has not been padded. While i'm at it, i'd bring along Jimmy the scheduler, to prove i've really flown such and such hours with my present airline, just to prove i didn't fake anything.

You also say "amongst today's applicants you're about middle of the road and in fact your pic time is quite low". (5000tt, 2500jet,1800pic) As reviewed from other posts...most deso's have 1500tt-2000tt when they were INTERVIEWED, there is even one with 1200tt on Navajo's.

I've been trying very hard to analyze what you said. Do You mean a 1500tt pilot is more qualified than a 5000tt pilot? Is this the new math or something? Or you guys time your flying hours differently from us?

I really hate to sound like a belly-aching whiner..this is just not me. Cathay seems just such a great airline to fly for. All i ask is a fair shake, and i bet a hundred other guys do too.

Thanks for the guys who pm'd encouraging notes.Let's all fly safe and have a great week ahead...
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