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Forum: Jet Blast
20th Jul 2011, 10:41
Replies: 10
Views: 877
Posted By Butterfield8

Joyce Masterchef~Unsophisticated

Joyce should really learn to chew with his mouth closed.
The more you see of Joyce the more you realize that this man is unsophisticated.He has found his way into the corporate world by accident....
19th Jul 2011, 10:42
Replies: 229
Views: 42,816
Posted By Butterfield8

Fix The Business ?

Buy a semi automatic and visit QCA8...only jokin'
4th Feb 2011, 09:37
Replies: 240
Views: 38,683
Posted By Butterfield8

Virgin Driver

A CEO position will soon be available at Qantas ----You interested?
The bean counters will love you.The employees will hate you.
27th Jan 2011, 04:44
Replies: 39
Views: 8,479
Posted By Butterfield8

Pay Peanuts and you Get

Inexperienced,poorly trained children with attitude and zero life skills
JetStar has them in abundance and there is a growing number in Qantas Mainline.
American style service here we come
21st Apr 2010, 02:04
Replies: 80
Views: 22,219
Posted By Butterfield8

Rat Exodus ?

Wonder how many of Il Duce's mates at Qantas will move across to VB ?
Forum: Cabin Crew
2nd Feb 2010, 02:17
Replies: 14
Views: 3,715
Posted By Butterfield8


PA All
From the Cabin which one will go to pax but not the Tech Crew Rest?
Thats what this all about.
Contacting the pax without disturbing tech crew breaks
10th Aug 2009, 11:54
Replies: 35
Views: 4,734
Posted By Butterfield8


The figures quoted were for international flights.
Eg(a) QF3 SYD/HNL Sign on Time 18:15 DEP Time 19:40
(b)QF1 SYD/BKK Sign on Time 15:35 DEP Time 17:00
10th Aug 2009, 06:05
Replies: 35
Views: 4,734
Posted By Butterfield8

Predeparture Costs

Sign on time is generally 90 mins before departure.It use to be 120 mins.Someone decided we didnt need that much time and chopped it down by 30 mins.Saved them a fortune but it meant there was no...
7th Aug 2009, 09:43
Replies: 35
Views: 4,734
Posted By Butterfield8


Bring back Ricky Jones to run the show
6th Jul 2009, 09:07
Replies: 215
Views: 15,560
Posted By Butterfield8

Twiggs Louise

Mind your own business.
Galleyhag is more than capable of defending herself when necessary.
Go water your Canary
6th Jul 2009, 08:16
Replies: 350
Views: 54,176
Posted By Butterfield8

Droll-Very Droll

Price is a function of demand.
Whats the point of oil at $170 a barrel if no ones going to buy it?
6th Jul 2009, 08:12
Replies: 215
Views: 15,560
Posted By Butterfield8

GalleyHag-Pull Your Head In

It was a general response.
Your name wasnt mentioned.
Stop being so self abosrbed
6th Jul 2009, 07:15
Replies: 215
Views: 15,560
Posted By Butterfield8

Who Cares?

The only people who care are those that are not happy in their current circumstances and want/need a change.
Everyone else is a spectator.
Good luck to those who get the opportunity for a move....
6th Jul 2009, 07:07
Replies: 350
Views: 54,176
Posted By Butterfield8

The Price of Oil

While the price of oil is a factor in any economic cycle it is only one factor.
The price of oil was very high 18 months ago.Aircraft were full and the Australian economy was in overdrive.Now the...
2nd Jul 2009, 23:15
Replies: 350
Views: 54,176
Posted By Butterfield8

Youth is Fleeting

For all those that poke fun at older QF CC you should bear in mind that like you they were young once.Youth is fleeting .Enjoy it while you can.
All those older crew members were the ones that gave...
13th Jun 2009, 01:04
Replies: 21
Views: 1,577
Posted By Butterfield8

Its All About Mindset

Company management,domestics,QCCA,A380 and divisional transfers are all irrelevant.
If you want to be happy in the workplace disregard all of the above and concern yourself with yourself.
14th May 2009, 12:39
Replies: 4
Views: 1,086
Posted By Butterfield8


Who would that be?
Can someone PM me?
14th Apr 2009, 23:27
Replies: 526
Views: 73,328
Posted By Butterfield8

Cabin Services:Essential Personnel

The girls behind the service desk on QCC1 run the whole show.You could remove everyone else and no one would notice.Take the Service Desk girls away and the joint would fall apart.
Ever want to find...
2nd Apr 2009, 08:00
Replies: 3
Views: 1,408
Posted By Butterfield8

Jet Star on The March

Qantas, Choo Buy 100% of Jetstar Asia; Temasek Sells (Update1)
Share | Email | Print | A A A

By Robert Fenner

April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Qantas Airways Ltd., Australia’s biggest carrier, and...
23rd Apr 2008, 10:36
Replies: 96
Views: 6,030
Posted By Butterfield8

Already a Thread

If you have a look there is already a thread that deals with the domestic EBA
23rd Apr 2008, 08:00
Replies: 96
Views: 6,030
Posted By Butterfield8

Lobey's Nailed It

Trust is the word.
Unfortunately history dictates that there will never be any...trust.
Any amalgamation is fruitless and frought with too many CC cultural differences.
Stay separate but try not...
5th Apr 2008, 22:31
Replies: 1,475
Views: 108,105
Posted By Butterfield8

A Remote Workforce

Cabin Crew have a unique work environment.In essence a remote self monitoring workforce.
This an enomous responsibility that requires mutual trust and respect from both employer and employee.
8th Jan 2008, 11:26
Replies: 22
Views: 4,020
Posted By Butterfield8

A Crew's worst Nightmare

A new CSM and a new CCS not getting on.
No one with over 20 years seniority wil ever ever be promoted to CSS or CSM.
You can take that to the bank
3rd Jan 2008, 23:40
Replies: 32
Views: 2,141
Posted By Butterfield8

Pilots respect Pilots?

A few years back sitting in the Garden of McCormick and Schmicks in Pasadena having a few beers.
A Captain loudly proclaims that he hadnt spoken to a second officer in 14 sectors.
Pretty much says...
12th Nov 2007, 06:09
Replies: 39
Views: 3,476
Posted By Butterfield8

Housecleaning PAF

Either PAF has thought better of his previous posts and deleted them or the Mod has done it for him.
Never really came clean about his creds did he?
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