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24th Sep 2019, 15:32
Replies: 4
Views: 1,133
Posted By Brookmans Park


Most boats are sail powered
Why not try a flotilla where you will have a lead crew to keep an eye on you plus a social scene
Sunsai are the major UK operator plus several others
21st May 2019, 19:37
Replies: 40
Views: 5,641
Posted By Brookmans Park

Tri or taildragger

Start on the taildragger. Going tri first will make it hard but if you start with a tail wheel you will learn how to really control the machine and master the dreaded crosswind landing much better
Forum: Tech Log
14th Apr 2019, 17:14
Replies: 14
Views: 1,978
Posted By Brookmans Park

738 OEI Fuel flow

As with most a/c opening the xfeed enables the fuel from the dead engine side to feed the live engine and imbalance is maintained manually within FCOM limits
22nd Mar 2019, 08:15
Replies: 18
Views: 2,047
Posted By Brookmans Park

Tiger Moth brakes

When I flew them from concrete we had a sacrificial iron block on the tailskid and that worked fine
9th Jan 2019, 10:47
Replies: 201
Views: 38,253
Posted By Brookmans Park

First solo

T31 for me in1960 ISTR that the official nose ballast bomb for solo flight did not come in for a couple of years after that.I never liked it much the glider felt too light and seemed to float around...
14th Dec 2018, 19:36
Replies: 10
Views: 2,621
Posted By Brookmans Park


The AM band spacing is 9 Khz therefore a sum of 19 does not work. e.g. 1215,who h is a popular frequency
Forum: Jet Blast
28th Oct 2018, 16:20
Forum: Middle East
28th Oct 2018, 16:16
Replies: 35
Views: 23,486
Posted By Brookmans Park

Another Sucker

I am amused that you call yourself a long-term ppruner

A Long-term Ppruner
13th Oct 2018, 15:46
Replies: 19
Views: 3,543
Posted By Brookmans Park


Ernest Gann tells us that he started with one stripe and with experience gained a half stripe and when promoted to command he wore two stripes
9th Oct 2018, 17:56
Replies: 9
Views: 1,985
Posted By Brookmans Park


Wow what are you smoking or drinking
Can I have some!!!
13th Jul 2018, 15:01
Replies: 29
Views: 14,288
Posted By Brookmans Park

Air China

All 73S after the 200 have oxygen generators for the pax and tank for the flightdeck
8th Jul 2018, 10:02
Replies: 3,820
Views: 1,107,663
Posted By Brookmans Park



Stu Grieve was the man,ex Brit and Hawker Siddely
17th Jun 2018, 20:14
Replies: 5
Views: 1,387
Posted By Brookmans Park

AN2 Over Worcestershire Today

Seen Over Evesham at 1310 going slowly west presumably the one from Popham anyone know where it was going .
26th Apr 2018, 18:35
Replies: 41
Views: 4,674
Posted By Brookmans Park

Trump Visit

​​​​​Shame about the date,April 1St would have been appropriate

10th Apr 2018, 10:55
Replies: 74
Views: 17,907
Posted By Brookmans Park


I thought LGBT was an airfield in Greece
5th Apr 2018, 17:28
Replies: 3,820
Views: 1,107,663
Posted By Brookmans Park

SRA 08

I remember a dark and dirty winter night in 71or72. Cloudbase 300ft,south east wind,we
were all doing double AMS in the 1-11,shipping football fans. Most made multiple approaches having broken cloud...
4th Apr 2018, 17:04
Replies: 55
Views: 18,687
Posted By Brookmans Park

Citizen Watches

A word of warning. The backup battery died in my eco-drive titanium at about10 years old. I sent it back but Citizen were no longer supporting the model,so now I own a piece of expensive scrap metal
30th Mar 2018, 16:22
Replies: 4,866
Views: 1,290,315
Posted By Brookmans Park

Swanton Morely

Nice to hear it is reopening
I had a great time there in the 60s as a Staff Cadet and CI and that led to a 20000 hour jet career
30th Mar 2018, 11:09
Replies: 67
Views: 10,818
Posted By Brookmans Park

De Min

In my1-11experience it was unusual to have to pump the water as most regular destinations had a little bowser towed by the fueler
If we had to pump it from drums we had pump which was powered from...
9th Mar 2018, 11:09
Replies: 3,820
Views: 1,107,663
Posted By Brookmans Park

Tri Star

In actuality when the trans Atlantic ops began we departed LGW at MTOM.
After a short time a limitation was imposed based on the one engine out driftdown stabilising altitude. This reduced the RTOM...
Forum: Jet Blast
7th Jan 2018, 17:58
Replies: 162
Views: 21,299
Posted By Brookmans Park

Flat Earth

The graphic on post#73seems to prove that Antarctica is in permanent darkness,would anyone care to light a candle in their igloo or tent to confirm that
Forum: Jet Blast
25th Dec 2017, 11:06
Replies: 26
Views: 3,604
Posted By Brookmans Park

I made use of Caroline during my CPL/IR course in...

I made use of Caroline during my CPL/IR course in 1966,much more fun than holding on a boring NDB
14th Oct 2017, 17:38
Replies: 323
Views: 159,649
Posted By Brookmans Park

Dan Air Captains

I can offer a few updates

Paul Minost and Julian Wiggin were in Virgin
Mike Willis Autair/Court
Dan Air,Air Europe,Ryanair
and AB was killed in a midair collision during an air race over the...
11th Oct 2017, 18:15
Replies: 44
Views: 27,960
Posted By Brookmans Park

AA fire HKG

I was hiding behind a G&T in the CX bridge lounge which gave me a good view of the port side of AA when about 6 fire vehicles and an ambulance arrived from my position it appeared that they sprayed...
31st Aug 2017, 17:04
Replies: 3,820
Views: 1,107,663
Posted By Brookmans Park

I flew TMI to Mahon a few times from LGW on a...

I flew TMI to Mahon a few times from LGW on a Skyways wet lease in 68 I do not recall any tech stops but we did once lose the water meth injection at V1 which gave a very good view of the stone wall...
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