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fungi 1st Nov 2011 13:28

Polish LOT 767 wheels up landing
Right now over Warsaw.
Hopefully they will land safely..

man_in_poland 1st Nov 2011 13:46

Polish LOT 767 wheels up landing
A Polish 767 flight has just landed safely at Warsaw Airport. Main landing gear and nose gear failed to deploy. Appears all handled extremely well - no casualties reported.

Capn Bloggs 1st Nov 2011 13:48

Come on, come on! It's been 2 minutes! Where's the video?!

man_in_poland 1st Nov 2011 13:52

I have been watching this live on Polish TV. Very smooth landing, after circling for some time to reduce fuel load. Fire appliances at the aircraft within 15 seconds of coming to a stop. Sparks from engine cowlings dragging on the asphalt. Nose did not touch at any stage - it was essentially sliding along on the rear part of the fuselage. Passengers off in seconds via slides.

arc-en-ciel 1st Nov 2011 13:55

All 3 gears not extended ?!?

man_in_poland 1st Nov 2011 13:57

Correct - no landing gear at all. Landed on fuselage only.

Thunderbug 1st Nov 2011 14:00

yep all 3 gear....

Polish TV

arc-en-ciel 1st Nov 2011 14:00

thanks for info,
strange to have all gears not extended (or decided by pilot if partial deployment only)
- or you have hydraulics issues and all gears are affected but you can extend mechanically,
- or you have mechanical problem... but not on all gears at the same time !

B767PL 1st Nov 2011 14:09

Kudos to the pilots on a nice landing.

dl_88 1st Nov 2011 14:11

Hats off to the flight crew!!

HEATHROW DIRECTOR 1st Nov 2011 14:14

Brilliant landing.

man_in_poland 1st Nov 2011 14:14

Apologies for the poor quality. This is a snap on my phone of a TV report....


arc-en-ciel 1st Nov 2011 14:14

I can't wait to know why they had all 3 gears up !!!!!

Jetjock330 1st Nov 2011 14:15

So he landed without the "LOT" (of wheels):ok:
Brilliant job, well done to the crew. A couple of strong cold ones are in order of the evening, I'm sure;)

CptRegionalJet 1st Nov 2011 14:19

Brilliant Landing for sure:ok:....but...did gravity fail today?

kbrockman 1st Nov 2011 14:22

Strange to see it sitting on its tail during the whole slide.
CoG must have been well aft, maybe he told the pax to move to the rear:)

Anyway, kudoz and Slivovitz for all !!!

man_in_poland 1st Nov 2011 14:23

The aircraft was circling for almost an hour before landing. Apparently they tried to lower the gear by all means - including manually. I am not familiar with this - is it possible? Highly experienced captain in command. There is talk that there may have been some other (electrical) problems as well prior to landing - not sure if this would be related.

man_in_poland 1st Nov 2011 14:26

Another video here:

Boeing 767 wyl

antheads 1st Nov 2011 14:27

good video of landing after advertisement

also another view of landing

great work by polish pilots.

BigGrecian 1st Nov 2011 14:35

Another one here :

Awaryjne l

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