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Comments by Cabin Crew on Firm Landings

Old 24th Apr 2019, 18:21
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Comments by Cabin Crew on Firm Landings

Hi there

Recently had a pretty firm touchdown in quite turbulent conditions. I understand it was my judgemental error in terms of under-flaring the aircraft. But nonetheless, approach was stabilised, touchdown on centre line and within TDZ and aircraft perfectly intact. All criteria of a safe landing fulfilled. Touchdown sound was quite loud - I believe A320 shock absorbers make that sound (wham).

​​​​​Went out of the cockpit, thanked the Flight Purser, as is the norm here. Then came the sarcastic reply: "No, thank you, you did such a great landing, blah blah, a passenger said the pilot should be sent for training.. Blah blah"

Ok that hurt big time.. Especially it was my first time hearing something like this from a cabin crew. Even Captains have never commented on me this way. Surprisingly, this lady also conducts CRM classes for Cockpit crew.

​​​​Having no comebacks, and already embarrased, I just laughed it off. And its been more than 2 weeks and it still hurts, I think I should have said something! I should have pointed out that they are not in a position to judge what's safe.

Anyhow, just wanted to share my dilemma with fellow flyers. Have you guys ever had any such experiences? What do you think the response should be?

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Old 24th Apr 2019, 18:34
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Fly your trolley, I fly the aircraft.
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 18:44
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It happens. Take it on the chin. You know you did all the correct things.

Though its its always tempting to say “if it was that bad I’ll let you do it next time”
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 21:02
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Buddy, grow a pair and grow up. There's plenty more of those to come in your career. I've had passengers refuse to come back on the aircraft after a particularly rough landing (multi leg flight). You live and you learn.

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Originally Posted by gearlever View Post
Fly your trolley, I fly the aircraft.
This. This is how you should reply the next time. And then just shrug it off.
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Just remember, any one you can walk away from is a good landing and if you can use the aircraft again, it's a win for the insurance company.
I've had a cabin manager berate a newbie after I smacked one on. Clear, calm day. CM was sure the newbie did it and didn't believe me when I said I did it. After convincing the CM it was my landing, his next question was "why was it so bad?"......I just stuffed it up.

The big thing is not to dwell on it. Throughout your career you'll probably go through phases of good landings, bad landings and lots in the middle. Just move on.
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 23:00
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“I was breaking through the surface film of concrete to avoid aquaplaning” always worked for me.
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Old 24th Apr 2019, 23:26
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“We didn’t land, we were shot down”
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Old 25th Apr 2019, 00:29
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Old saying, " A smooth landing is mostly luck; two in a row is all luck; three in a row is prevarication".

The very worse landing I've ridden was sat in the the last row of a very reputable airline 747 on a dead calm day following a very long flight, made the CC gasp and clutch her seat. It happens, don't sweat it. You'll do more in the future, both good and bad.
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Old 25th Apr 2019, 00:32
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What you do is you get in first. Before the CSM can say anything, you just say “boy I crashed that one on, sorry about that!” Then, assuming the CSM is a fairly normal person, they will chuckle and make noises about having “experienced worse” and “it wasn’t that bad”.
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1. Ask her to try her hand at the next one.

2. Shrug it off. You'll do ones better than that, and probably a few more that are worse than that!
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My landing quality commensurates with your coffee making abilities works too
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In my (small) outfit, we run a pretty tight crew and happily wind each other up.

I had a relatively firm landing at a remote location in tough gusty crosswind conditions where there is no margin for error and the gradients make it pretty "fun". I'd briefed the FO as such prior to landing that there'd be no finesse today.

In the crew bus after shutdown, Purser (smiling) starts rubbing his neck saying he needs to make a phone call to his physio after that landing. Quick as a flash I came back that I also had to call engineering as the ovens were evidently faulty as my bread roll was cold on that sector. Cue much laughter and off to the bar we all went, Flight Crew, Cabin Crew and travelling engineer..
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Thanks a lot guys. It helped. It was my first time in 1200 HRS of airline flying, so yeah, felt harsh.

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Old 25th Apr 2019, 08:22
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My buddy - 5000 hours on type - smashed it on really bad, one day. In the crewshuttle afterwards - everyone very quiet. Buddy decided to break the ice. "Ladies, just to let you know that, I've been having some problems with the touchdowns lately - but this one was pretty damn good,don't you think (big smile)??" Everyone broke out in laughter, and the 1.8 G's were already forgotten. CaptGrizzly....just forget it. Cabin crew already have!
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There's a good story from the good old days of BEA in the Highlands. Captain announces that the FO will be doing the landing. At the last minute, because the conditions were much worse than they had realised, the captain took over for the touch down which was a real slammer. After shutting down, the FO got up from his seat, put on the captain's jacket and walked out to face the passengers.
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After chucking one on one day the purser came in the flight deck just as we turned off the runway (pre 2001) with a cup... “You planted it, you might as well water it”! Good job we were and still are good mates!
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Originally Posted by compressor stall View Post
Quick as a flash I came back that I also had to call engineering as the ovens were evidently faulty as my bread roll was cold on that sector.
I’m stealing that one for my next smasher!
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I’d be telling the Cabin Crew they’re lucky to be alive!
The only person I’m concerned about is me! And if I’m OK, everyone else will be too!
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If it was easy, anyone would be able to do it!
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