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[email protected] attacks on Aircraft

Old 28th Aug 2008, 20:27
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Astronomy [email protected]

There are two very distinct classes of [email protected] that might be used by

The first is a classroom [email protected] pointer used to highlight sights in the
sky for a huddle of people at night, see
5mW Green [email protected] Pointer for Astronomy.
There's no reason for these to exceed 5mW.

The second is the multi-10W class of yellow [email protected] used to produce a
~90-km-high sodium beacon to sample atmospheric turbulence above
a small number of professional observatories. These are always used
with spotters, who cut off the [email protected] on sight of aircraft. See,
These are launched through 20-cm-class telescopes, so they have
finite width, but would definitely hurt. In the US, pointing directions
must also be approved in advance by the USAF to avoid satellite
collisions, and on a typical night there are a handful of windows where
the air force refuses the observatory permission to use the [email protected]

I would be interested to know whether pilots operating near Mounts
Hamilton and Palomar, California and Mauna Kea in Hawaii have noticed
these yellow/orange beams, especially on night-vision goggles. It is very likely that military observatories in Hawaii and the western US use similar

These [email protected] classes are so distinct in properties, that neither should
interfere with aircraft operations. The first by being no risk, and the second by being turned off if aircraft are near. I am sceptical that an innocent astronomy spotting pointer being scanned from star to star in the sky could be responsible for an aircraft blinding incident, and would expect a court
to see through this as a defense, especially as there's no reason to use
a pointer without a small crowd of witnesses.

I would expect that atmospheric chemistry sounding [email protected] and [email protected]
[email protected] would pose more of a risk.

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Old 4th Sep 2008, 17:58
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Thumbs up Prison sentence upheld for [email protected] louts

Some of you may recall a recent thread concerning two oafs who had targeted a [email protected] pen at a police helicopter. They came before HH Judge Tudor Owen at Snaresbrook Crown Court who sentenced them to six months custody.

The Court of Appeal recently considered their appeals and dismissed them observing that in the view of their Lordships the case clearly crossed the custody threshold and such a case could not be dealt with by any lesser penalty.

The Court further observed that His Honour Judge Owen "plainly took a great deal of care over this case." In passing sentence the learned judge said the message should go out that people who target helicopters in this idiotic and dangerous way should expect to receive custodial sentences.
"Few cases of this sort come before the court, in part because it is often difficult to apprehend those on the ground.
In our judgment the learned judge was right to make it clear that custodial sentences will usually follow when offenders committing this offence are caught."
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Old 15th Sep 2008, 11:51
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The Muppets are still at it!

A police investigation is under way after a [email protected] beam was targeted at Aberdeen Airport last night. An airport spokesman told the Press & Journal: ‘There was a report of green [email protected] light being directed onto the airfield from the Overton Garage area.'
Two airport employees reported seeing the light yesterday. Police and airport security staff swooped on the site where the [email protected] light came from – a mile to the north-west of the runway.

A police spokeswoman said: ‘I can confirm we are investigating an incident involving a [email protected] light which occurred at 22:00. Inquiries are at an early stage and are currently on going. But the light was not shone at any aircraft or vehicle.’
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Old 16th Sep 2008, 01:43
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I thought the end of this video was something of relevance to the thread - along with lighting things.

Complete watching is encouraged.

YouTube - Green [email protected] - Hulk hand held [email protected] - what can it burn???
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Old 16th Sep 2008, 14:19
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The One Your Mother Warned You About
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Fascinating to see the side bar ads all trying to sell us [email protected] on this thread
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When you sell your soul to google, there will be pain.
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Fascinating to see the side bar ads all trying to sell us [email protected] on this thread
Yep, this one was beside your post on my browser:

Ads by Google

World's Most Powerful
Handheld Green [email protected]! Beam Visible For Miles, Burn Through Plastic
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The MVPS Hosts File prevents any of these ads displaying. All the pages look normal to me.
(Darn. Now I won't be in the know if I ever want to buy a [email protected])
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The Texas Method

Assume that the little green dot is part of the targeting aid on a firearm. Return fire immediately. Self-defense.
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Old 17th Sep 2008, 15:18
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And of course a small moral victory will be achieved if everyone reading this thread clicks on a few of those links for companies selling these [email protected] These companies have to pay Google for every click through to their website, and PPRuNe then gets a share of this money from Google ....
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There are safety goggles.
Protection Safety Glasses Goggles for 532nm Green [email protected] - eBay (item 220281822768 end time Sep-22-08 07:05:29 PDT)

I guess all cockpits will be equiped with these in the future.
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Oh dear!!

This is how dangerous it is!!

ImageShack - Hosting :: [email protected]

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Thumbs up

Good one theothersimon, thanks for the headsup on [email protected]
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Just curious about [email protected] attacks.
Would take one good sniper to put (what distance are we talking about) a beam into the pilots eyes? 500-1500m. Please don't crucify me on this post,

I can't comprehend some kid using a 'pen pointer ' causing all so much disruption.
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You have totally missed the point, as have several other posters here.
These are NOT "pen pointers", but [email protected] with over a hundred times the power.
We're talking about the kind used for "[email protected] light shows", and for professional applications, such as [email protected] marking, and industrial [email protected] cutting.
They are feckin' dangerous when not used under controlled conditions.

Unfortunately, they are still being sold as toys!
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A local gentleman here has just been fined $1,000 for playing with a [email protected] He pointed it first at a Jazz flight (Dash 8), and then at a police helicopter that was sent to search for the source of the [email protected] Didn't think that one through very far. This one wasn't on final approach, but the Dash 8s do come over here relatively low.

Calgary [email protected] flasher gets $1,000 fine

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On the face of it, this would "appear" to be a new report today of 2 fresh incidents at Edinburgh....
Exclusive: Police hunt after pilots are blinded with [email protected] at Edinburgh Airport - The Daily Record
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Unfortunate foresight

I am hardly blaming the chap for being ( for me ) a generally great author, but it's a sad fact that Tom Clancy foresaw both using hijacked airliners as weapons, and deliberately crashing airliners with a Pilot Incapacitation [email protected]

I was going to say the 'authorities' had better start thumbing through his backlist to see what other ideas the nutters think worth a try.

Then I remembered ' The Sum of All Fears' ... For those of you who haven't tried it, the story of acquiring a 'mislaid' aircraft Nuke and transporting it by land to a major stadium & population centre.

I doubt the nuts, be they misguided idiots high on cider, or terrorists, are going to find that one easy, so might be worth looking what other schemes Mr.Clancy thought up.

The ironic thing of is course he is a really patriotic guy, I suspect he'd shoot himself rather than influence one attack; his whole message is pro-defence - also though the lack of political will to supply it until too late.

Just pointing out a trend ?

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The man.. (ok he was 19 but so are many soldiers) aimed a [email protected] at an aircraft. he then tried to blind the crew of the police helicopter who were dispatched to try to find him. This isnt high spirits hes an arsehole who knew exactly what he was doing. He also has not had a job, ever... so he just thought he would liven things up by trying to cause an aircraft crash. Hes in court next month and I hope he gets a custodial sentance.
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How about putting him in a sim, set up for landing, then at the approriate moment, 'blind' him; if he lands perfectly, halve the hopefully stiff sentence; if not, double it !

Also introduce him to families of crash victims - I suspect they'd be only too willing to help educate.

That might give him something to reflect upon, pardon the pun.

And no, don't care if he can fly so much as a PC...
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