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[email protected] attacks on Aircraft

Old 19th Mar 2014, 20:14
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Usual scum with nothing better to do it seems, not being from the UK and knowing the Police there are relatively quick with Chopper deployment have you heard anything?
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Old 19th Mar 2014, 20:17
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not hard anything as yet but I have heard and watched the plane land via ATC and flight radar, the phone thankfully landed ok. I am expecting the police helicopter to be up and about shortly.
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Old 19th Mar 2014, 20:19
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Man gets 14 years for pointing [email protected] at helicopter

At least they're getting serious about it over here. Hope they catch whomever did it.
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Old 19th Mar 2014, 20:25
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I saw that report about a 14 year sentence. What concerns me is the potential for someone to have the book thrown at them for accidentally lighting up the belly of a plane.
18USC39A says:
(a) Offense. Whoever knowingly aims the beam of a [email protected] pointer at an aircraft in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States, or at the flight path of such an aircraft, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

If it's really accidental you're OK.
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Old 19th Mar 2014, 20:29
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Happens all the time!
Worse on the continent!

Best I heard was the idiot who got reported and then shone the [email protected] at the police helicopter that was sent to chase him.
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Old 19th Mar 2014, 20:37
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He got off with probation:

Man Sentenced to Probation For Shining [email protected] at a Plane


Published: February 18, 2006

A man who pleaded guilty to shining a [email protected] beam at a passing airplane, temporarily blinding the pilot and co-pilot, was sentenced to two years of probation in federal court here on Friday.

The man, David W. Banach, 39, of Parsippany, N.J., could have faced up to 20 years in prison under the Patriot Act but reached a plea deal in which prosecutors agreed not to pursue charges that he lied about his actions when questioned by federal agents.

Mr. Banach's lawyer, Gina Mendola Longarzo, said her client was in his backyard with his 7-year-old daughter on Dec. 29, 2004, using a handheld [email protected] pointer to illustrate the stars, when the green beam shined into the cockpit of a passing charter plane, a twin-engine Cessna Citation. It was flying at 3,000 feet at the time and carrying six passengers en route to Teterboro Airport.

Two days later, one of the Cessna pilots was joining federal agents in a police helicopter to search for the site of the [email protected] appearance when another [email protected] crossed near the cockpit. Mr. Banach was arrested soon after.
Man Sentenced to Probation For Shining [email protected] at a Plane -
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Old 20th Mar 2014, 01:51
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I heard Snake 47 report a [email protected] attack over Fareham last night. Had to smile when, after receiving co-ords, ATC advised that ground units were on the way to the location. Hope the get the book thrown at them!
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Old 20th Mar 2014, 20:47
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I've never heard of a toy [email protected] blinding anyone. If these [email protected] were dangerous they would not be sold to the public. You only have to watch the Spanish La Liga football on a Sunday night and everytime there is a corner, the forwards faces get hit with [email protected] You don't hear the footballers complaining, and the players themselves cost about the same as a brand new 737.
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Old 23rd Mar 2014, 21:35
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So you would be happy for a pilot to be distracted by a [email protected] at a critical stage of the flight if your children were sat in the cabin? It isn't about the cost of the aircraft, it is about the lives of those in it.
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Old 25th Mar 2014, 14:10
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algiers looks like a [email protected] show, got hit by 2 [email protected] from diferent spots, and a 3 one on final...
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Old 18th Apr 2014, 12:12
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East Midland UK

Three morons sentenced for lasering planes on approach
Article at
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Old 18th Apr 2014, 19:36
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Three jailed for using laser pens at East Midlands Airport

BBC News - Three jailed for using [email protected] pens at East Midlands Airport
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Old 23rd Apr 2014, 18:38
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Irish coast guard helo returning from a call-out in donegal on monday evening had [email protected] shone at it. They tracked culprit using flir he jumped into a vehicle and went into other jurisdiction !!!
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Old 4th Jun 2014, 23:21
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FBI expands [email protected] program

"The FBI today said it was making national a pilot program it tried out in 12 locations earlier this year that offers up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of anyone who intentionally aims a [email protected] at an aircraft. According to the FBI, the pilot locations have seen a 19% decrease in the number of reported [email protected] incidents. Those locations included: Albuquerque, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia."

FBI ? Protecting Aircraft from [email protected]: Trial Program Being Expanded Nationwide
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Old 10th Jun 2014, 19:50
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One captured

Teen suspected of pointing [email protected] at police chopper arrested| Latest News Videos | Fox News
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Old 10th Jun 2014, 21:05
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Another report on the Miami incident
"Ragno told authorities he did not realize shining the [email protected] at an aircraft was so serious."
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Old 31st Dec 2014, 14:06
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Major online retailer to stop shipping lasers over 5mw

Last day to order a powerful handheld [email protected] from one of the larger outfits ...

Wicked [email protected] | Blue, Red, Green [email protected] Pointers
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 13:12
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$900 anti-laser glasses?

Are these the answer to the [email protected] strike problem?

ST Laserstrike AVIATOR series | ST Laserstrike
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 13:26
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With the right coating, you'll block the wavelength of one particular [email protected] Unfortunately, if you want to be on the safe side, and block all possible [email protected] wavelengths, you'll severely impair your vision. You might as well keep your eyes closed
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Old 20th Jan 2015, 21:07
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A bit of PR advice

A bit of PR advice: Who controls the terminology controls the conversation. Consistently referring to them as "[email protected] Blinding Weapons" rather than as "[email protected] pointers" or simply "[email protected]" might gain some traction....
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