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[email protected] attacks on Aircraft

Old 27th Nov 2008, 14:31
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Originally Posted by lambofGod
... I know I should stay away from [email protected] Especialy when I dream to be a pilot. If anything happened at my age, I would ofcourse look back at it and say "damn I was irresponsibe".
Errr... No, you wouldn't.
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Old 28th Nov 2008, 14:21
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Incidents seem to be increasing in the US. Anyway, 18 months of federal prison time for a Fresno woman should serve as a warning:

Lasers worry pilots, officers | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA
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Old 2nd Dec 2008, 10:03
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Planes targeted by laser pointers

At least five attempts have been made to dazzle pilots with [email protected] pointers in the skies over Northern Ireland in the last six months, it has emerged.
This is according to the Civil Aviation Authority.
In the most serious incident on 4 August, the captain of a Boeing 737 was hit in the eye with a [email protected] as he made his approach to Belfast City Airport.
On Halloween night, numerous planes - on approach to the same airport - were targeted by a green [email protected]
Caroline Evans from the British Airline Pilots Association said there have been prosecutions in other parts of the UK.
"The offence, endangering the safety of an aircraft, comes under the Air Navigation Order and carries a custodial sentence," she said.
"We would like to see anybody who is stupid enough to do this, put behind bars and taught a lesson."

Source - BBC
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Old 5th Dec 2008, 08:40
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Another one, I'm afraid.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Edinburgh, East and Fife | Airline highlights [email protected] dangers
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 10:01
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And yet another...

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Edinburgh, East and Fife | Ninth green [email protected] attack probed
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 10:12
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Hey mate, I heard of your [email protected] attack.

Can you describe the [email protected], was is like someone shining a light in your eyes? Or looking at the clouds on a sunny day after wakeing up and you feel your eye muscles retract and it hurts a bit. Or possibly just a green light shining in the distance.

And were you ferrying this 767? I'm sorry I'm just obsessed with aviation and i'm a [email protected] enthusiast aswell so would like to hear the details...
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 13:01
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Boy oh boy. If ever there was a reason to put a lower age limit on this forum, then LegofLamb, or whatever his name is, sure provides it.
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 15:11
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Oh come.... I'm older than you, but I can still remember some of the things I did when I was 16.
Like making gunpowder, and producing some very loud bangs? And messing around with perchlorate and sugar, ditto? Or making tiny rocket engines with tamped-down perchlorate and kerosene? Never launched one, but they whizzed down the garden path on little wheels a treat.

I far prefer to see LegofLamb here, and willing to learn how to "play safe", rather than ban the curious and inquisitive "young generation" from this forum.

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Old 11th Dec 2008, 08:23
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If anyone has questions, i have one of those [email protected] which is stronger than those average [email protected] used on attacks. How do i know this? It's because i know a lot about [email protected] and bought it from a trustable source thus i know not to shine on anything but the open sky and sometimes bigger buildings without windows. Mine costs much more than those used with [email protected] attacks. Those cheaper [email protected] are a bit more dangerous than mine since it leaks a lot of "IR".

I'm a member at this site.

However! I've stopped using it because the more i read and learn, the more I understand how dangerous they are. I know that they were dangerous before i bought one but it seems as if they are more dangerous than i expected. If i shine on a wall 6 meters away, the reflections (dot) can be dangerous to look at! How about that!

I've seen people shine a [email protected] through a window from the inside of a car! Thats dangerous if you use a stronger [email protected] like 100mw!

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Old 13th Dec 2008, 18:20
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L+ser attack

I have posted here before, but was struck by the post " what does it feel like? "

I am a technical photographer, and years ago worked on test ranges recording the results of [email protected] designated bombs.

I had eye protection and a l*ser detector ( from inside a 1950's plywood caravan rather close to the target ) ! -

Snag is, such protection has to be tuned to the frequency of the expected bad guy's kit.

This is a lot different compared to some idiot kid playing with things bought on the 'net - BUT ! this thing was not a weapon, just a designator, but it had a BLINDING - not dazzling - range of 9 miles.

The expert who briefed me had one eye, after a l*ser lab accident - he descibed it as the most unbearable pain he'd ever known, as his eyeball literally exploded.

I suspect the kiddies' version will just give a dazzling effect, if one can resist the instinctive reaction to look towards what's bothering you.

I still don't fancy that on finals, and just to boost your blood pressure a little more, there are deliberate anti-fighter Pilot Incapacitation L*sers ( P.I.L's ) which can seriously dazzle or blind the pilot as set ( seems the same end result to me in a low level aircraft )- even Admiral Sandy Woodward mentions having them on some ships in 1982, but the story goes that they never had a chance to use them, then they were found to contravene the Geneva Convention so binned.

I am sure people who use a gullible 13 year old with a wheelbarrow full of explosives share the same scruples...

Countermeasures are being developed, in the meantime it's up to you guys - I'd have the first officer under something like an 'instrument training hood' for now, whether approaching Birmingham or Basra.
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Old 15th Dec 2008, 10:57
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Rescue Helicopter laser attack

A Bulgarian immigrant has been charged with shining a hand held [email protected] at the Rescue Helicopter while flying over Caol Fort William en route to refuelling base.
Case will be called in February,suspect out on bail.
Will follow up with court dealings.
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Old 4th Jan 2009, 16:20
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RTÉ News: Pilots call for handheld [email protected] ban

10 reported attacks in DUB since September!

For my own clarification, are we talking about the stronger green [email protected] here in general, or just those tiny red ones?
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Old 4th Jan 2009, 16:49
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Originally Posted by dubh12000
For my own clarification, are we talking about the stronger green [email protected] here in general, or just those tiny red ones?
This is discussed earlier on in this thread, but you're excused from reading through all 11 pages!

In brief, the 'tiny red ones' used as handheld pointers during lectures are limited to something like 1mW and are considered safe. Much the same applies to the slightly more powerful ones sold for jobs such as levelling a structure on a building site, as they're normally used under controlled conditions.

So yes, we're talking about the stronger green [email protected] which can be up to 100 to 300 mW, yet be still handheld.... They seem to have a few legal uses, but most now seem to end up with chavs and yobbos using them to burn legs off chairs and put the resulting video on YouTube, or indeed to target aircraft.

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Old 5th Jan 2009, 05:08
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Those offenders stupid enough to target police helicopters are the most likely ones to get caught, like this one here:

Man charged after [email protected] directed at police helicopter | | Star-News | Wilmington, NC
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Old 5th Jan 2009, 11:36
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Just been on BBC radio 2 in North East England has been jailed for one of these stupid attacks.BBC NEWS | England | Man jailed for 'blinding' pilot

I had to trawl through the BBC site to find it....obviously, the Wedgewood factory's financial problems are far more important
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Old 5th Jan 2009, 12:17
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A lot of the Trolls using [email protected] are using these which are not the Cheap low power pointers nomanly thought of by the public.

These can be seen for over 15 Miles they can burn plastic at 100s of metres distance and are a real hazard to any one flying any where nere these idiots.
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Old 5th Jan 2009, 20:16
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Man jailed for 'blinding' pilot

Its about time action was taken on these incidents.

A Teesside man who shone a [email protected] pen into an aircraft, temporarily blinding the pilot, has been sent to a young offenders' institution for four months.

Man jailed for 'blinding' pilot
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Old 6th Jan 2009, 14:50
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"I had to trawl through the BBC site to find it....obviously, the Wedgewood factory's financial problems are far more important "

Give your head a shake
If you'd turned on your telly instead of surfing you'd have seen it had plenty of prominence in the News programmes. I doubt the people at Wedgwood would complain if they weren't on the News either
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A lot of the Trolls using [email protected] are using these which are not the Cheap low power pointers nomanly thought of by the public.

You mean these??
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Old 6th Jan 2009, 16:10
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Red face how can this be . . . . . . . . ?

It is truly outrageous that more adverts for these devices are being permitted here, as in the commercial link in the post above. The same link has now been in place in post #217 above for well over 24 hours. After all the problems there were a couple of months ago with the Google ads, how can PPRuNe leave these links in place ?

In the Medical forum "commercial links" get deleted forthwith, even when it is just a link to physician information on a medical product. There's double standards somewhere here.
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