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FlightDetent 11th Jun 2021 11:44

Frontier DCA Excursion [A320]
(since the original thread looks locked on my device...)

Some media coverage:


The airplane, airport and passengers with crew alike are reusable almost immediately, no metal bent. A safe outcome after all yet somewhat unusual.

Each manufacturer A and B have a workhorse type, the two of which combined make up for the majority of worldwide public air transport traffic on per movementbasis.

Both models are perfectly safe leaving the production lines. It's only when the aircraft itself (a) becomes part of the daily pentagon joined with (b) operator's culture (c) crew competencies (d) maintenance practices (e) indigenous hazards when eventually news and statistics are made. And then, some events repeatedly just smell of duck.

It's empirically visible they are independently over-represented in two separate incidents types:
(i) severe weather trauma, sometimes resulting in engine problems for the worst cases (even dual);
(ii) runway overruns.
[Sadly the score from human-to-flightcontrols interface inconsistencies is a tie.]

The one reported above is an A320, but they were supposed to stay with the other team!

Other than that, Occam’s razor suggests it will be an ordinary one. With established best-practices from ALAR broken at some point, predicted thus preventable.

Not the brightest day in the industry :suspect:.

FlightDetent 11th Jun 2021 12:30

some numbers to crunch


ManaAdaSystem 11th Jun 2021 13:34

Crunched! Stable approcahes are more dangerous than unstable approaches!

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